Ylesian Twilight


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Talos Annedu, Sith Commander and Adjunct of House Galeres, stood by Krath Priest Orv d'Tana, the man who would soon conduct the ceremony. "Never thought you'd settle down friend" said the Priest, garbed in black and purple robes and holding a simple book, bound in purple leather. "Honestly...me neither. I guess the Jedi do have their advantage" responded Talos. "Haha...don't get attached sir" said Legorii, his best friend and best man. "Can't promise that Leg" the Sith responded. "Shh!" said Orv and the doors at the back of the room creaked open. A stunning young women in a floor-long white dress appeared with Mejas Doto as her escort. Talos lit up like a lightsaber as he saw his soon-to-be wife walk down the aisle. Mejas, the Consul of Arcona looked slightly awkward as he found himself walking down the aisle then splitting away when Jade went up to stand across from Talos. "Dark Jedi of Clan Arcona! We gather here this night to rejoice in the union of Sith Commander Talos Annedu and former Jedi Jade Tokim! When Jade came to us just under a year ago, we looked upon her with distrust and now I say, anyone who has met Talos' lover in the Eldar City can say...she is welcome! So now let us begin the ceremony!" said Orv and he nodded and the Troopers of Blue Mist and Soulfire Strike Team dimmed the lights and then in a echo of 'vzzzm' lightsabers activated all through the halls. Blue, green, red, purples and all other colors illuminated the halls. Up on the stage, Legorii had his green saber activated and down below, the re-assembled Blue Mist Troopers all had their ceremonial blue lightsabers ignited. Jade looked around in wonder then met her lovers eyes. "We will now begin! Jade Tokim, do you accept Commander Talos Annedu as your husband? Will you love him...through life and death...even if the actions he commits in the name of Galeres may disgust you?" asked Orv, looking towards the woman. "I do...I will love him always" responded Jade, her eyes never leaving her husband-to-be. "And you Commander! Do you accept Jade Tokim as your lover, wife and supporter? Through life and death and through the Force do you promise to lover her always?" asked Orv, turning to his friend. "I will and I swear" intoned the Sith. "Then I do pronounce you husband and wife!" shouted the d'Tana. Talos and Jade came together and kissed, possibly the happiest moment in both lives. "Arcona Clan! I now give you Commander Talos Annedu and Jade Tokim Annedu!!" announced Orv, activating his own lightsaber. In the first row, Zandro Erinos was possibly the only one not smiling, though he was happy for his Commander....

Talos and Jade were both sound asleep in their large apartment in Eldar city when Talos' commlink went off. Jade stirred next to her Valheru husband and he rebuffed her attempts to rise. "Shh love, I'll get it" he whispered then rolled out of the bed and donned a simple robe and strode out to the kitchen were his comm. had gone off. "Damn thing...need to get a quieter commtone" he said, rubbing his eyes. His current tone was that of a loud 'bingbingbingbllingbring' and it was annoying. He picked it up and answered it. "Commander Annedu here" Talos said. "Talos I need you in my quarters by 0730" came his Quaestors voice. "Sir...it is..." began Talos. "I know but this is an order Commander" responded Zandro rather sharply. Talos gritted his teeth and answered "It will be done sir" then clicked off before the Erinos could reply. Mumbling to himself, Talos walked down a hallway and clicked a switch and a locked door opened. Stepping inside, Talos walked over to the rack where his armor hung. Putting on his black undersuit he strapped on his greaves and chestpiece of his light beskar armor then slid the gauntlets over his hands. Sitting on a wooden chair he pulled on his high black boots then had the house-droid attach his cape for him. Fully armored and still fuming, Talos attached his belt with his rifle and lightsaber and his action equipment and walked back into the bedroom where Jade had fallen back asleep. He bent down and kissed his wife lightly on the lips and then took a sheet of flimsi out of the bedstand. He wrote "Off to go see Zandro...hope to be back soon". With that done Talos exited the apartment and walked out into the cool Eldar morning and mounted his swoopbike and gunning it to life, he sped towards Galeres HQ.

The Sith walked into the antechamber of the Quaestor Chambers, ignoring the receptionist droid as he used the Force to push the doors inward. Zandro was waiting in the office portion of his quarters. "Take a seat Talos" he said, the cold edge gone and a sad one replacing it. The Commander sat down heavily on one of the comfrotable chairs and faced his superior. "Talos, I will get down to the point here" he began. "It would be apprieciated" answered the Annedu. "You may hate me...but I am sending you and Blue Mist out on a campaign" Zandro said. "YOUR WHAT!?!?!" thundered the Sith, rising so fast that his chair fell backwards. "With the victory in the Feud, we need more allies. Soulfire is protecting Mejas at the moment and I know you can do this" explained the Erinos. "You would ask this of me and my men on this day...this day?" seethed Talos. For today was when Talos and Jade were to leave for their honeymoon. "Yes I do. I wouldn't if it needed to be done. Will you accept?" asked Zandro. "Yes. Only because you are my superior...not as a favor" snapped the Commander. "Very good. You all deploy at 2330 tonight" replied Zandro. "Yes...Quaestor" the other Dark Jedi answered and strode out of the chambers and to the hangar.

"Control, bring down Galeres Blue" ordered Talos. He was now standing in the hangar with the rest of his Battleteam. "Yes sir" responded the control person on duty. A minute later the Galeres Blue, Blue Mists mobile base was lowered from the racks and put down in its usal spot. "Load my ship into the cargo bay" he further ordered. "At once sir" responded the same controller. Talos watched as a lifter carefully put Talos' personal fighter, Dagger Moon, into the cargo bay. "Alright men, stock up on provisions, weapons, hygenical supplies, armor and everything else we need seeing as Galeres Blue is going to be our new home in...10 hours" Talos said. His Troopers scrambled to and the young Valheru strode onboard the ship and to the cockpit where he would have to tell his wife that the honeymoon had just been postponed.

"Can't you refuse?" pleaded Jade, standing by the apartments holo-reciever. "I can't without losing my position" came the voice of her lover. "Damn. They'll hunt you down if you go AWOL?" she asked. Talos merely nodded, his holo-image wavering as he did so. "Well...you just stay safe and get back here alive!" commanded Jade. Talos nodded again and killed the transmission.

Inside the Commanders quarters of the Galeres Blue, Talos knelt by a portable workbench, just finishing up the body of his new armor set. Since returning to the Sith Order, Talos had felt that his calling was in assassination and as such, he was making a set of armor that suited his new profession. The body armor was painted black with red trim and he hung it on the armor rack in his small closet in his quarters. Kneeling back down by the workbench, the Sith began the final piece of his armor...the piece that would make his name known for years to come.

In the hangar of the Galeres Blue, two figures leaned against the bulwark, talking. "He really is mad isn't he?" asked Illian Syn. "Well yeah Ill, he just got married and the next day he is pulled away for a campaign" responded Legorii. "This won't affect his leadership skills will it?" asked a new arrival, Dorn. "Not at all...but we may see a dark side of our Commander that we are not used too" answered the Anzati Corporal

Talos had finally finished the final piece of his armor...a fearsome looking mask. White with red stripes going down the front and cheeks, with red visor lens, it was a fearsome sight indeed. "Time to test it out" muttered the Sith to himself, as he slid the mask over his head. Creeping down into the Main Area and sat on one of the couches. Nudging Legorii in the Force, he put the thought in his mind that he needed to come to the Main Area. Sure enough, two minutes later, the sleepy Anzati walked in and saw the armored figure sitting on the couch. Reaching for his lightsaber, Legorii activated it and bathed the room in emerald light. “Calm yourself Legorii” said Talos, removing the mask. “Damn…nice armor” said Legorii, extinguishing his green lightsaber. “Thank you…how far are we from Ylesia?" asked the Sith. "JS expects us there around 10 am and it's 1 now, so I suggest you get some sleep sir" responded Legorii. "Very good and you're right. Good night Legorii" said Talos. "Good night sir" answered the Corporal.

The Blue Mist Battleteam stood infront of the boarding ramp as JS brought the Galeres Blue down on their designated landing pad. A moment later, JS joined them. "Alright boys, lets do this" said Talos, depressing the button that lowered the boarding ramp. Talos, dressed in his Assassian armor, led his men down the ramp to the single person awaiting them. "Ahh! Greetings Blue Mist" said a man in brightly colored clothes. Though his outward appearnce showed differently, the man was obviously nervous in the Force, no doubt because of the seven armored men walking towards him. "Greetings" responded Talos. "Yes, welcome to Boro City! I am Votok Lir, steward of Chief Korivas. He requests your presence immiediatly" explained the steward. "Very good, we will see him. Lead on" said the Commander. A few minutes walk and the Battleteam emerged into Boro City, a mix of modern technology and ancient artitechure. The highest building was their destination explained Votok. As the warriors entered their building, Votok told them to take a turbo-lift to level 31. Finding the 31st floor, they entered a richly decorated antechamber. "Ahh...Commander Talos Annedu isn't it?" asked a rather attractive secertary. "Yes ma'am" responded the Sith graciously, removing his mask. "Of course, the Chief is waiting for you" responded the Secertary, depressing a button that opened the doors into the Chiefs suite. Talos smiled again and walked into the expansive office. "Greetings Commander!! Good day to you! Now, please take a seat and let us discuss buisness shall we?" greeted the Chief Korivas. The Sith was pleased with his polite yet 'cut-to-the-chase demeanor' and gladly obliged him. "Korivas...the planet Eldar would like to purchase Boro City in the name of Eldar and give you 10,000,000 credits in exchanges. You would remain in charge and Boro would operate normally but 50% of your profits would go to Eldar each year. Is this agreeable?" asked Talos. "Hmm...it is tempting. I must think about it. Please come back tonight...at 8?" considered the Boro Ruler. "Of course sir. Where would our accomidations be?" asked Talos. "I would be honored if you'd stay in the executive suite of the Boro Mansion, one block from here" answered Korivas. "We accept!" exclaimed Illian from behind his Commander. Both Korivas and Talos chuckled and Talos said "Well I guess it's decided then?" asked Talos as he took the keys from Korivas. "It would appear so Commander...I will see you tonight" said Korivas.

Talos finished unpacking his sparse belongings and stripped of his armor and hung it on the rack and lay down in one of the luxurious beds, only to be awakened by the butler two hours later. "Commande Annedu, a visitor is here for you" the butler replied. "Thank you sir, I will be there in a minute" answered Talos, donning his over-cloak and clipping his lightsaber on his belt. What happened next filled Talos with a mix of anger, pride and joy. Standing in the antechamber
Jade Annedu. "Hey Talos" she said, smiling. "Jade!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing here!?" he asked."Well...seven really isn't alot for a campaign and I thought I could help" she said. "Thank you sir, Jade come with me" said to the butler then to his wife. Once inside his room, Talos turned on her. "So...my wife comes to help me? After we are just married for just over two days?" he asked critically. "Pretty much" she responded. "I don't know the dangers that could erupt here Jade! I don't want to put you in danger and I can't look after you!" he explained. In response, she came close to him and whispered in his ear. "Then don't. I can handle myself y'know" she said, exposing her two lightsabers on her belt. "I can't tell you to go home...you'll say no" the Sith said ruefully. Jade smiled and nodded. "Well then...welcome to the Ylesia Campaign" the Commander said. "Thought you'd agree" his wife said. "Now...I need to grab some winks before my meeting with the Chief so if you'll excuse me" Talos started. "I just get here and you're going to sleep on me? I think not!" Jade exclaimed. So Talos and Jade fell into the bed...

Legorii walked into his Commanders quarters at 7:00pm to rouse him as he had been asked. Instead of there being only Talos, he saw both his superior and his new wife, sound asleep. "Sir, it is 7, the time you asked me to awaken you at" whispered Legorii, nudging him gently. "Ahh...of course" responded the Sith groggily. He rose and walked into the refresher. A half hour later, Talos emerged, dressed in formal black and red robes. "Sir, if I may be so blunt...why is Jade here?" asked Legorii as he and Talos mounted their swoops and roared off towards the Chiefs building. "Apparently, my wife doesn't think 7 is enough to handle a campaign" answered Talos as he and his best friend parked their swoops and walked into the buildings lobby. "She can handle herself I'm sure" said the Anzati. "Yea...she can" agreed the Commander. The turbo-lift dinged and the duo walked straight into the Chiefs office. "Ahh greetings gentlemen...take a seat. I have made my decision" greeted the Chief of Boro. "Most excellent sir" said Legorii. The two Dark Jedi took their seats and began the discussion. "I have decided to agree to your terms and have Eldar as our sponsor" said Korivas. "Most agreeable! Have the credits transfered Legorii" ordered Talos. Legorii hit a couple keys on the datapad he had and it was done. "And Commander...here is a transcript of all of Boro's assests and funds currently" said Korivas, handing him a datachip. "Thank you Kori..." just as Talos pocketed the chip, the Force sent a shiver up his spine and he looked out the wide window and saw a bright flash coming towards him...an RPG. Moving faster than normal Talos leapt for Korivas. "DOWN!!!" he screamed just as the RPG exploded and Talos dove out of the way with Korivas in his arms. "What the hell!" screamed Legorii, already back on his feet, lightsaber activated. "Damn! Korivas is dead!" seethed the Sith, looking down at the corpse in his hands. "Sir...Boro is under attack" reported Legorii. Sure enough, Boro was on fire. "Back to the Mansion" ordered Talos.

Talos and his Battleteam, including Jade, all assembled back at the Mansion. "Guys, I have recieved a transmission from Zandro, we are to leave Boro and return to Eldar with the information handed over by Korivas. Back to the hangar" explained Talos. The Battleteam sprinted towards the Boro Hangar when three armored figures blocked their path. Still moving as one, Illian, Legorii and Talos leapt with their lightsabers while JS charged with Dathka and Raith. The men fell easily and the warriors kept up their charge. Just as they neared the Galeres Blue, it exploded. "DAMN YOU!!! I LOVED THAT SHIP!!" screamed JS into the night. "[Expletive Deleted]...do we have another way out?" asked Talos. For a whole minute, Blue Mist was silent, then Legorii spoke up. "Sir, I noticed a Boat Dock, and the bays looked clear from when we flew in. We can grab a boat and get out of here" suggested the Anzati. "Good as anything. Legorii take point! Weapon ready people!" ordered Talos and everyone's lightsabers activated and Raith drew his longsword. Now backtracking, Blue Mist arrived at the Boat Dock, named 'Boro Boats' and Talos had Legorii bust the door open. Following a sign, the Dark Jedi found the Test Drive Bay and they ran up to a large yacht. "Ohhh! This one! This one! It's huge and has weapons ha ha!" exclaimed Raith. "Right, everyone on board, JS to the cockpit" said Talos as he charged back into the main part of the store to find the release button. Finding it in the Main Office, Talos hit the button and heard a low groan as the boats were released. Using the Force to aid him, the Sith sprinted back to the Test Bay to see the yacht with Blue Mist aboard slowing floating out into the night. "Jump Talos!!" screamed Jade and Dathka and Illian held their hands over the starboard side. Keeping his force-enhanced speed Talos ran and jumped for the moving boat. Grasping his two mens hands, Talos thudded against the hull and was pulled up. Rising, Talos moved out to the bow and looked out over the burning city of Boro. "Get us out of here JS" said a weary Sith.

ALRIGHT ILLIAN!!! YOUR UP!!! JUST SOME NOTES: 2 months have passed, your Act opens with Legorii and I discussing the low rations and how we resort to piracy. Write us well as I know you can and if you need any help with writing Jade, my NPC wife, let me know! ONWARD!!!! ---->


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Ok Trooper of Blue Mist! The Arcona Summit is starting an RO with Clan Naga Sadow on Friday. So that means that Ylesian Twilight is on hold starting friday. Illian, I know your out there so post! So lets remind everyone about Blue Mist!!! Make Naga Sadow love us!!


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Alright. Ylesian Twilight is back up! Illian your still up! GO GO GO!!


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The two figures huddled at the front of the yacht whispering in low tones as their ride ploughed tirelessly through the waves of Ylesia’s vast ocean.

“I don’t know how much longer we can stay out here Sarge. It’s been two months, supplies are low and the rest of the troop is getting restless. We need a plan, and we need one fast.” Legorii glanced back towards the deck where Dorn and Illian were on watch, patrolling up and down the long sides of the ship with their weapons at the ready.

“How long do we have by your estimate?”

“Maybe days, a week at best.” The Anzat shook his head. “We never planned for this contingency sir. The battle team’s rations were set for seven on a short campaign. We could have lasted longer, but with the addition of an eighth…” Legorii trailed off as Talos’ gaze bore into him.
“My wife will be my concern, not yours. If you have a problem with that then speak up!” Talos unconsciously moved his hand to his sabre-hilt as he stepped forward, glaring balefully at his Anzat too-i-cee. Legorii held up his hands defensively.

“Look all I’m saying is unless we do something soon, were going to rot out here.”

“I know Corporal, I know. Dammit, what a mess.” The Valheru slumped back against the railing and raised a gloved hand to massage his temple, eyes closed and brow furrowed.

* * *

“What do you think they are talking about?” A soft voice came from behind Illian as he gazed out across the ocean. Turning, he saw Jade Annedu watching her husband and Legorii continue their discussion at the front of the boat. The knight’s eyes lingered on the girl for a moment before he returned to his vigil of the waves.

“They’re talking about you.” As he spoke he was aware of a ripple in the force around her, an indication of an emotional reaction to the remark that betrayed her impassive expression.

“Yes, I figured as much. It seemed I’ve caused a bit of a headache for my Talos,” She spoke evenly as she moved to Illian’s side, staring out at the rolling blue plain that stretched in every direction. “You’re Illian Syn aren’t you? I’ve heard quite a bit about you.”

“You have, have you?” He said curtly as the proximity of his commander’s wife began to wear on the mad Knight’s nerves.

“Indeed, Blue Mist psychologist right? I wonder if you could help me with something,” She was now looking at him intently he realised, which sent another wave of irritation through Illian. He waved a gauntlet dismissively, his neon eyes never leaving the horizon.

“I’m busy. Besides it’s more of an honorary title,” he said allowing a small smile to dance on his lips.

“Please. It’s about Talos… He seems distant somehow, and I feel like I’ve done something wrong. I know I shouldn’t have come but I can help! I’m not Blue Mist, but surely he can utilise me! I…” she trailed off as Illian’s chemical eyes drilled into her, his face now a mixture of shock and disbelief.

“Wait a moment, you’re asking me for… for advice?!?” For perhaps the first time in his life, Illian was at a loss. Jade was simply staring at him with a slightly bemused expression and he became painfully aware that he had begun to sweat. He couldn’t kill her, he couldn’t maim her, and he couldn’t even walk away as she had blocked his exit from the narrow deck. He was going to have to embark on his most difficult task yet: providing sane counsel for his commander’s wife.

Swallowing hard, he concentrated, blocking out the voices that usually clouded the Knight’s mind.

“Erm, right. Advice. Very good… Okay,” he composed himself, fixing an expression he imagined looked wise on his face and reaching into his bag. “Compare these two specimens,” he said pulling out two of his beloved ‘eye-jars’. “This one I took from a man during a time of war, this one from a man during a time of peace. Do you see the difference?”

Jade stared at the madman in sick horror. Seeing that her ‘advisor’ was serious she leaned forward in morbid fascination, determined to see where this was going.

“No I’m afraid I…” she trailed off as she noticed something about the gruesome artefacts: they were in fact different. The eyes of war were cold, hard, their colour sharp and pained, frozen in the victim’s final moments. Even when detached from their original owner and floating in preservatives, they seemed to glare hatred and suffering.

The other pair of eyes was completely normal, their pupils clouded in as peaceful death as their owner was allowed at Illian’s hands.

Seeing understanding dawning on his companion Illian continued.

“These represent Talos during missions, these when he is relaxing with his loved ones. Do you understand?”

She nodded slowly, a thoughtful expression on her face.

“Yes, strangely that actually made sense… thanks trooper. I’ll give some thought to your words.” With a small bow she gave her leave.
Breathing a huge sigh of relief Illian returned to watching the waves. As his eyes wandered lazily across the water he spotted something moving across the horizon. Pulling out a pair of binoculars he focussed in on the shape, adjusting the scope until he had it in full view. Slowly a smile spread across his face as he lowered the device, a faint glow stirring in his neon eyes.

“Commander, I think you ought to see this: I may have just found a solution to our little problem,” He called out to the two Blue Mist Troopers at the stern.

Within moments the entire battle team was assembled on the deck, watching as the shape in the distance drew closer and took the shape of a large ship, much larger than their stolen yacht (which they had lovingly nicknamed the Galeres Blue II) and bearing unfamiliar markings on its hull.

Talos noticed that Illian was still grinning and rolled his eyes, not in any mood to play games with the insane Jedi.

“So are you going to tell us your plan or am I going to have to beat it out of you?”

“Now, now Talos, there’s no need for violence…yet… See those markings?” Illian pointed to the unknown ship. Commander Annedu nodded impatiently.

“Yes I see them, so what?”

“I’ve seen them before. As we were escaping at the docks, I noticed the same markings on a trade-house by the water. If I were to take a guess, I would suggest that ship is filled with supplies…” The Obelisk trailed off into a low chuckle. Talos smiled.

“I trust you can handle them Illian? Take Dorn and Dathka, leave no survivors. Go.” The Blue Mist sergeant turned to Legorii. “Get the others and set up a defensive line on this side of the yacht. If the boarding team encounters any trouble, cover their exit. Clear?”

“Sir!” Legorii set off immediately to rouse the other members of Blue Mist below deck. Illian turned to Dorn, eyes fiery.

“Hear that Dorn? I’ve been told wild Rodians are quite bloodthirsty… I hope you haven’t become softened by civilisation.” Dorn only gripped the handle of his rifle tighter, nodding shortly to the mad Knight.

Soon Dathka was ready as well, and the three stood watching the ship draw closer. All weapons were hidden, while Talos stood on the canopy of the yacht signalling the universally known SOS signal. Soon enough the trap was sprung as the merchant ship drew closer until it was within easy leaping distance for those who called the force ‘ally’.

Vaulting over the rails of the large vessel with his two comrades close behind, Illian wasted no time before his sabre was ignited, bathing his already demonic visage in a crimson glow. Two security personnel smoking by the bridge entrance let out a cry and rushed towards the three invaders with their blasters raised. Several shots flew towards Illian who, despite the defensive limitations of his primary makashi style, deflected one and spun around the other, bringing his sabre into a spiralling lunge that dissected the man’s weapon before plunging into his chest. Dorn and Dathka had finished off the second guard and were moving systematically through the ship. Letting out a cry of elation, Illian deactivated his sabre and flexed his razor sharp gauntlets before running after his team-mates.

On the Galeres Blue II the other remaining members of Blue Mist listened to the screams of the merchant sailors, occasionally seeing a spray of crimson jet out of the many portholes as Illian’s team executed their mission with deadly efficiency. Several pitifully short minutes later it was over, and the two of the three Troopers returning to the top deck of the merchant ship breathing heavily. Talos recognised immediately the absence of the white-haired lunatic, calling over a query to Dorn.

“Where the hell is Illian?” The Rodian only shook his head and shrugged. “Damn. Ok team get us moored to that vessel, Legorii find out where that crazy knight is. Move out!” The Blue Mistians obeyed quickly, and before long the Galeres Blue II was tied up alongside the merchant ship, the Deluva according to the transport logs on the main computer. Legorii still had not shown up with the Blue Mist psychopath and Talos began to feel a slight discomfort in his gut, a sensation the veteran warrior new not to ignore.

The Blue Mist commander vaulted across to the merchant vessel from his station atop the Galeres Blue II bridge, the feeling of unease increasing as he grabbed Dorn as the trooper passed.

“Have you seen Legorii or Syn?” The Rodian only shook his head.

“We lost Illian pretty early on. He seemed in a rush to get to the hold, something about ‘people-smuggling’ and ‘lunch’.” Dorn shrugged. ‘I suppose him and Leg might be sifting through the cargo.”

“Very well, continue.” Talos dismissed Dorn and began to make his way down to the hold, presumably where his corporal and Syn were. As he descended the light became dimmer and he noticed several of the interior lights were smashed, no doubt a part of Syn’s hunt earlier. Soon it was his sense in the force alone that guided him as he strode between large crates and containers tightly packed in the black space.

After a couple of minutes’ walk (Talos estimated he was nearing the bow of the large ship) he noticed a glow up ahead, a dim light in the pitch black hold coming from behind a container. Approaching cautiously, sabre in hand, he stretched out with the force. He became aware of the two minds ahead the same time as he noticed the texture of the floor changing, like he was stepping into water. Tense and ready for a fight he activated his sabre and turned the corner of the metal box, illuminating the surrounding area in a neon glow.

Legorii looked up from where he was leaning nonchalantly against the wall, one of Illian’s cigarettes hanging languidly from his lips. Seeing his commander he straightened up immediately, butting the ‘smoke out on the side of the crate.

“Sergeant! I completely forgot to report sir. I got… sidetracked…” the Anzat threw a slightly haunted look to the source of the light. Talos looked down to see Illian hunched over a large fleshy mound illuminated by a small lamp, gouts of blood spurting out across the deck each time the mad Knight plunged his gauntlets inside, pulling out wads of gore. Resisting the urge to retch the Blue Mist Commander braced himself for yet another venture into Illian’s insanity.

“Goddamit Illian now you’re starting to piss me off! I said leave no survivors, not desecrate their bodies once you were done! What in the name of the dark lords are you DOING?!” Illian didn’t even turn as his sergeant berated him, only turning his head slightly to reply, his black metal hands constantly moving.

“Well you see I couldn’t stand to watch all that skin go to waste, and while disembowelling a particularly feisty deckhand I pondered the consequence of our actions here today,” he said in an even tone, almost casually, as if talking about the weather or the state of galactic politics. “And the interesting thing was Talos, if you think about it we have become nothing more than criminals. With no ties to the Brotherhood or our clan, we simply justify our actions as necessary in order to regain that which gives us definition.” Talos watched as Illian stood something red and dripping grasped in both his claws.

“And to commemorate such a wonderful debasement of our previously noble cause, I thought it fitting to make a symbol to which we can attach ourselves until such time as we are re-united with our purpose as Dark Knights.” Finally the madman turned, and Talos Annedu saw what he had made. With artificial dehydration agents, preservatives, and a bit of insane inspiration, Illian had created a flag of human skin. On it the Blue Mist symbol had been etched in blood along with words written in the local language of Ylesia, which roughly translated read: “Here be pirates.”

For a long moment the Commander only stared, eyes narrowed, as he analysed his trooper’s work. Finally he looked into Illian’s force-saturated pupils, a grim smile across his face.

“You are a vile animal Illian Syn, but by the dark lords I’m glad your our animal. Hoist it above the Galeres Blue II and set watches for more ships: If we are going to get off this rock, we are going to need more resources than just this ship.”

* * *

Over the next few months the battle team plagued the Ylesian Sea, hording supplies and weapons and striking fear into the merchant traders that used the coast lines. Soon other outcasts began to find their way to the dread skin-flag that had become their warbanner, and before long Talos was in command of a large crew of rabble, half of which he kept on board the ‘Blue II with the majority of Blue Mist, whilst the Deluva was captained by Syn, along with the foulest of the flotsam they had picked up during their travels. Another banner of human skin flew from its flagpole, bearing the enigmatic symbol of a pyramid and scrawled with unknown runes, more of Illian’s eccentricity.

At the back of his mind Talos knew the time was approaching in which he would have to contact Zandro, and one day whilst looking out across the water a vision came to him. A great city ran red with blood as soldiers fought and died in the streets, and he was a the centre walking calmly to a mighty tower. As the vision cleared he found Legorii by his side pointing to the distance.

“Land ho Sergeant. Looks like a city of some description…”

(OOC: sorry about the quality, but it was a rushed job. At least the story can continue. I know its a bit too medievil, but iv been playing Oblivion.... what can i do?)


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Freaky but good. I also love Oblivion and Ylesia is a sort of medievil/modern place. Anyway good work.


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Galeres Blue II: Ylesian Sea

Commander Talos Taral looked over the sea of the misty shoreline on the horizon. "Raith! ETA?" asked the Dark Knight. "Sir, with present course, estimated time at 4 days. A crew member reports that the shoreline there is unaccesible but if we go around, we can berth in the main harbour, the trip is about a day and a half to the shoreline, then the remaining for the trip around the island. Sir!" reported Raith. "Very good. I will be informing Syn. Legorii, if you'd please take the wheel" explained Talos as he stepped over to the guardrail, his black cape wipping in the air. Summoning the Force, the Commander lept across the ocean and landed on the deck of the Deluva and jogged up to the top deck, where the Mad Knight was steering the ship. "Commander" greeted Illian, nodding respectivly to his superior. "Syn. We will be docking in 4-5 days depending on weather. Tonight I want you to hand over Deluva and come over to Galeres Blue II for a meeting" explained Talos. "Yes sir. 2000?" inquired Syn. "Make it 1900. See you there" corrected the Sith. Nodding again, he gathered the Force and backflipped into the air, the gasps of the astounded crew barely audible.


1900: Blue Mist Meeting

The entire team had assembled and a hour later, they were just concluding the meeting. "Dismissed. Get some rest, wake up is 1100" quipped Talos, for as pirates, they woke up whenever they pleased, but never later than 1130.

2100: Quarters of Talos and Jade

Talos stripped off his armor and hung it on the rack in the oak closest and climbed into bed with his wife. "Good night love" he murmered. Jade responded in kind, kissed him and fell asleep. Talos soon followed but his sleep called back that vision he had had earlier.


Talos walked down the streets of the bloody city. Just then a man tried to raise himself and extend a hand for help from Talos. Not even stopping, the Sith used the Force to send his lightsaber spinning back, killing the man. Talos never even faltered...never looked back...never had regret.


Talos awoke quietly and dressed himself in his Dark Armor. Upon being Knighted, Talos had constructed this armor along with his lightsaber. The Dark Armor was a visage of tyrannical power, its very sight making non-Force users shake and Light Jedi cower. Taking only his SSK-7 heavy blaster pistol, a VibroCombat Knife, which he put in a ankle sheath, and his lightsaber, he left the room and grabbed a good breakfest of Ylesian eggs and bacon, which were actually quite good. Proceding to the outside of the ship, he gathered a status report from his crew and settled over a outdoor work table, constructing a helmet for himself and a layout for Blue Mist armor. Finally he finished the helmet and marveled at his craftsmanship, the helmet encompassing dark power and his Mandalorian upbringing all in one...and his layout for Blue Mist armor did not look half bad either. Spending the rest of the day organizing supply packs, the Commander retired exhausted but satisfied. With that city growing ever closer...Talos knew his dreams would soon be answered.

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