Operation Eclipse - Feedback!


06-03-2008 14:38:59

Hey guys, your friendly neighbourhood Zandro here.

So, the Feud has come and gone and results are imminent, but what I want to know is what you thought of the Feud as a whole. Was it fun? Was it not? If you participated, why and if you didn't, why not. Noone is standing trial here, but this was run for you guys, so your input and feedback will be taken on board and will hopefully make any future competitions better and more enjoyable for the people who it's run for, a.k.a you.

So yeah, thoughts people!


Zandro Erinos
Teh Awesomer
Member of the Pwn Stars


06-03-2008 16:08:06

It was teh secks.

But really, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Per fun level, I would say it was average at best. I didn't participate to have fun though. I was sort of looking forward to taking on some higher ranked guys in Qel-Droma in the area formerly known as the ACC, but that didn't work out for perfectly understandable reasons.

I tried to do everything I could, and I liked doing it. I am eagerly awaiting the results. I would also like to say that I think it was well run, with the exception of Orv being busy or some mishap with Chapter V. The puzzles were great, wasted a good part of my day.

Best of luck to the opposing House...nah.


06-03-2008 16:23:40

I thought the puzzles timed out too soon, and I could have enjoyed some gaming, but beyond that, all went well from my perspective :) I even got to do some writing and graphics!


06-03-2008 17:11:09

Just for future reference, make sure more than one person can access the Arcona homepage to get the results from the puzzles. I don't want to think I wasted my time doing those.

Also, just some ideas for future events:
-actual trivia. Not unscramble trivia.
-acrophobia (Dash and Zandro know what I'm talking about)

Maybe get rid of the journal thing for next time, seeing as only one person participated. Also, repeated fiction events can take a toll, especially when there's a journal, ACC, poetry, and a run-on already asking people to write.

I liked the multiple graphics events. Although I sick at graphics, the whole demotivational poster idea was cool.

I don't mean to sound like an ass or anything, I'm hoping these criticisms will be taken as constructive.


06-03-2008 19:03:17

I thought the journal competition was good...

I also disagree with the repeated writing competitions. For me, that was crucial, as writing was where I tried to pound the points home. I am terrible at graphics, so those were really just little things I threw together in MS Paint.

My only real criticism would be the lack of actual real-time events. I would have liked to see some trivia over IRC, maybe a Live! battle in the area formerly known as the ACC. For me, a lack of fast paced competitions really hurt me. I'm not talking timed puzzle, I mean an actual back and forth competition.

If that makes sense. I still think it was a stupendous competition and you're all awesome, just my opinion.

Draco Maligo

07-03-2008 11:04:49

I thought the competition was great, except the puzzles were a little hard. And apparently Qel-Dromans have a very short attention span, so maybe the plot should have moved a little quicker to get to the actual fighting with Galeres.