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05-03-2008 18:07:15

*Commander Talos Annedu Xyler stood in the Blue Mist meeting room of the Bothan Assault Cruiser 'Darkest Night'. He stood in his new, full Mandalorian armor except for his helmet which was still under construction since the original had been lost in the House Feud. Talos looked down at his gauntlet and his chrono 'binged' and he hit a button on the table. The door to the meeting room slid open and his Troopers filed in led by Corporal Legorii. "Troopers, the reason for this meeting is so to give everyone a chance to voice their ideas about future Blue Mist activities such as competitions and such. "So, let this meeting begin" the Sith finished. Talos sat down in his chair at the head of the table and so the meeting began.*

Alright men as the 'in-character' description stated this is a place for Blue Mist Troopers to come and post ideas about future stuff, whether it is comps, wiki ideas, armor schemes, the like. So thats about it so lets get to it!
[Please note that this is Blue Mist and House Summit of Galeres only. If anyone else thinks they have an idea for the Battleteam, you join or give it to a current Trooper, thank you]


05-03-2008 20:42:59

Right then. There are some cool plans for Blue Mist coming up, which Talos and I have been brainstorming and running stuff by the Summit during the Feud. First up, the fiction. It will be run from March 10th to March 24th, two weeks. A minimum of one page, and it is encouraged to be humorous. I laugh at anything, so don't sweat it if you don't think yours is funny.

Talos and I hope to get at least three submissions for that. Maybe if Illian could get a submission in for a Blue Mist comp, and maybe Zandro can encourage Dathka...but really guys, show that you are part of this team in all areas, not just your specialized fields of interest.

Now I will let Talos disclose our plans if he sees fit.


05-03-2008 21:22:15

Thank you for bringing that up Legorii, we do have some good ideas but as the Corporal said, we want to really focus on Legorii's comp 'Disrupted Patrol'. At this point I really want to stress what Legorii posted, it would really put us in good light to get activity from everyone in all areas!! Just some upcoming things are:

Possible Specality Positions

A Blue Mist Run-On starting the end of March and going about a month.
NOW!! I know from Broken Saber and Galeres RO portion of the Feud that not only Legorii and I can post so I want others! Its not hard to write about others but we can really make it better if we have more than two people posting for 6 others. So Dorn and Illian, defenitly know you two can post so please do.

A possible ship for Blue Mist, like a Troop Carrier. This is a bit off so don't get excited yet...though I am!!

I am asking Orv d'Tana if he can make us a Blue Mist portrait to put on the Wiki page.

Wiki help is needed, however I ask that all people who wish to help layout their ideas here first.

Thats all for keep up the good work!!!


05-03-2008 22:02:18

Illian sat in the shadows at the back of the briefing room, activating and de-activating his sabre in a highly irritating and unrelenting strobe of *buzz-hiss, buzz-hiss*

Yea sorry my brothers of the blue, iv been meaning to get back into actual fiction wiriting but time for me is a luxury. between work and [Expletive Deleted] i got enough time for posts but the effort in fictions can be a little much.

Im actually going to find "he of the leg (orii)"s comp now, and hopefully have a submission by tomorrow. that should keep all you crazy trippas happy for a while ;)

ideas-wise: a good exercise for everyone in the BT would be to finalise our roles. I know SF do it to a fault, but given our BT mission statement, i wouldnt mind knowing what we do best. ie. i use the Retribution to deploy a lethal payload of A-9's at point blank range making me a potential for a rapid deployment specialist in air/space combat, while my affinity to tearing ppls faces off makes me ideal for close-combat specialist on the ground. all of that being examples only, i dont claim to be any of that yet.

If we did define our roles in a separate forum, refine them through discussion, it would allow each of us to write a lot better for the others.

peace mah furry friends


05-03-2008 23:37:19

I agree!! The newest Knight is right! (Osik! That was not supposed to rhyme). I want you all, meaning Blue Mist, to come up with a role that you think suits your Battleteam character. Illian is Rapid-Deployment so you can't have that one. I am not sure what a Mandalorian would fit as since we are seasoned in a bit of everything but for the time being, I will take, besides being the overall Commander, the Blademaster. A list of possible slots and names are listed below and names are subject to change.

They are:

Rapid Deployment Specalist- Dark Jedi Knight Illian Syn

Blademaster- Jedi Hunter Talos Xyler

Assault Chief- (again only a possible name but something like this will be in the final go)

Flight Captain- (Suits someone who enjoys flying)

Communications Specalist- (someone who can move fast and llikes going behind enemy lines)

Ordance Master (y'know, a fancy title for someone who likes to see things go...boom!!)

Assassian (Again, someone who enjoys a stealth approach, behind enemy lines and can kill quietly)

Tactician- (Someone who makes the plans but does not do much fighting. By the final go, if this is not filled, I will wip up a NPC).

More to come!!

So thanks for the idea Illian and thanks for getting to Leg'ika's comp, he needs it for promo. So just keep posted (no pun intended seriosuly) and lets see what we can do!

NOTE FROM THE COMMANDER: Its is a requierment of Battleteam Blue Mist that all Troopers love my signature...or your off the Team...kidding!


06-03-2008 16:00:15

If the roles thing goes through, I want Tactician. And Illian, it's great that you are participating. As Talos said, I need as many entries as possible for my promotion to Jedi Hunter, and your submission will give me two of the needed three. It doesn't have to be much, just do your best. I appreciate whatever you come up with.

And Talos, your signature hurts my eyes. I may kill it.


06-03-2008 17:46:26

I deny you that honor! Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg with ideas but all must be run past Zandro so lets pray! Till then, keep coming up with ideas, work on promotions and such and just have fun! Some details on the upcoming RO will be given soon! Probably in the next post or two! And Legorii your TACT if it goes through!


06-03-2008 18:58:07

Yea, the plot Talos has concocted for us is enough to make you salivate :P


06-03-2008 19:41:00

Okay had a bit of time to think about this so bend thine ear-functions in this direction:

We are a fast attack squad and as such we need positions that support that in my opinion. My role is for speeder-bike deployment and A-9 deployment so im set for both, but positions like assassin and ordinance expert dont fit with the speedy aspect of the squad (again in my opinion). Try these:

Rapid Deployment Specalist- Dark Jedi Knight Illian Syn

Scout- advance runner for the rest of blue mist

Mechanic- (with the amount of vehicle use we have, an engines person would be handy for customizations ;))

Flight Captain- Talos this should be you for obvious reasons

Signals/tech Specalist- (someone who can move fast and llikes going behind enemy lines) - we all move fast, but perhaps jamming would be more Blue Mist

Ordance Master - get rid of this one.

Assassian - get rid of this one

Tactician- (Someone who makes the plans but does not do much fighting. By the final go, if this is not filled, I will wip up a NPC). - this one is good. Good for Leg :)

just some more thoughts ;)


06-03-2008 21:29:45

I do agree Mad Knight, but however we are the Galeres Calvary. We do equal amounts space fighting and ground fighting. However those are good suggestions. I agree that Ordance and Assassian can go. Blademaster stays as well as Comm. Comm because we need to keep in contact with the fleet and Blademaster because I like it! >:)


06-03-2008 21:31:48

I see no need for a flight captain. We have a commander for a reason.


06-03-2008 21:37:21

Its true Syn. Its a good idea though. Sith Commander is overall boss and Corporal takes place of FL in this Team so we don't really need that. I am keeping Blademaster no matter what and both Legz position and yours will defenitly make it in the final part. Thanks for the input though I really do like my Troopers putting in their 5 cents :)


06-03-2008 22:38:13

very well Talos. its your bt and if you want blade-master then blade-master you shall have.

i still think we need positions that better define our role, but my objections have been noted. Besides who listens to madmen anyway? :w00t:

i just emailed my large and spikey anzat his comp entry. I chose humour, but dont judge me damn it. Sadistic and violent psychological trauma is more my specialty :$

now... LET GO MELT SOME FACES!!!! oh wait the war is over... congrats to both you kids on the awards: very shiney and pretty...



06-03-2008 22:41:33

Heh, thanks Illian. Your entry really was good, everyone else will have a tough time beating that. And your accomplishment is more noteworthy of late, Knight.

Now Talos have you run the roles by Zandro yet?


06-03-2008 22:43:45

I happen to listen to madmen. Your objections have been noted Ill, and their not thrown out the window by any means. We are filing them away for later use. So right now we defenitly have Blademaster, Tactician, and Rapid Deployment Specalist. Post with any titles you come up with.

'I chose humour but don't judge damn it. Sadistic and violent physcological trauma is more my specality.'

I'm sorry Ill, I just had to do it. >:)


07-03-2008 10:46:40

hey i like it... rapid deployment is ok but try this

TEAM PSYCHOLOGIST!!!!! soulfire has medics, we can be the first bt to have a psych on staff...

lol ok no. but u know, if anyone in the team needs to talk, you know unload some stress after a mission, i have a loverly apartment in Eldar City. Just drop by... itll only cost an eye or two... >:)

sleep well gentlemen... prey you dont see me in your nightmares


07-03-2008 15:14:20

Actually Pysch is an excellent idea. You'd also need to have a combat oriented position though. And we'll wear helmets when we come and talk to you...y'know the whole Anonymous deal. Makes people feel better...not that we are scared of you! B)


07-03-2008 15:21:29

Helmets don't necessarily hide species :P


08-03-2008 16:16:30

I meant to protect my eyes Legorii. My eyes!! I have seen Illian staring at their red beauty and I know he is not gay! He is a Collecter...of eyes! The helmet rule stands! :w00t:


08-03-2008 16:37:42

Alright then Blue Mist, here is the summary of the Run-on. It is tentatively titled Ylesian Twilight, but that is not definite yet. This is the general plotline, but each will be expected to add their own personal flair. As we have not seen much activity from Dorn, Dathka, JS, or Raith in the forums lately, they will be reserved to filler spots should they like to post. This will basically bride the gap between the third Act and the conclusion. Other than that, Illian you will take the 2nd Act (as it is the bloody war Act) and I will take the 3rd. Talos will begin and end the run-on.

Blue Mist: Ylesian Twilight (?)

Act I. (Talos)

Zandro sends Blue Mist to a planet called Ylesia to spread Galeran power, but Talos resists claiming the team would be better off fending off retaliation from Qel-Droma. Two groups are discovered on the planet, one group who fears the Dark Side and obeys and another violently opposed. We work closely with the welcoming group, and set up our operations.

Act II. (Illian)

The enemy faction, the Highlanders, attacks and slaughters the successful group in the night. The town is split into a battlefield, and Blue Mist requests reinforcements. Zandro refuses and orders our retreat. As we make our way back to the transport, it is blown up and we are stuck on the surface. Instead we make our way to a boat on the dock, a small ship. Here the team boards and puts out to sea.

Act III. (Legorii)

Two months have passed, and Blue Mist is low on supplies. We have seen nothing but merchant vessels, so we decide to resort to piracy. We work as pirates for a while, raiding merchant ships and commandeering their vessels. Eventually we find land and come to the grand capital city, ruled by the Highlander Lords. We are forced to go underground, as the Highlander Lords are force-sensitives, and stir up some resistance.

Fillers (Rest of the team)

The resistance movement is growing.

Act IV. (Talos, Legorii, Illian)

We lead the rebel group out and battle erupts on the streets, while Blue Mist races against the clock to assassinate the Highlander Lords. How will it end?


10-03-2008 18:02:50

hey i like it... just to clarify, when you say we have acts each, what does that mean exactly?

So can i confirm that from now on i am the RDS and Psychologist for Blue Mist?

I like the story kids, its got a very dare i say Unreal 1 feel to it: from a space ship to a boat and into a war were not meant to be fighting YAY! so many faces to melt...


10-03-2008 21:06:57

The Acts are the lines at which we divided the Run-on. Basically, you will write that entire segment of the story. Just like a post, but you will cover all that detail in your post. We expect each writer to add his/her (just his :P) personal flair and style to it, but we want to have a consistent story line.


11-03-2008 20:42:45

ok i get it... one more thing tho (iv never helped run an official RO before): Do i sum up the whole act description and then let the story ride out from that point on, or do i start it then guide it as we go?

if its the latter, what time-frame are we looking at per act? just so i know when to prod a little... O-)


14-03-2008 17:11:41



14-03-2008 17:16:36

And to answer Illians question. You include the other men in the posts but its from your point of view. However dont use like "Talos made this cleear" I said...thats a no no. Get it? Just look at my post and then you'll see how it goes.


17-03-2008 18:28:12

Caedes your keeping me in suspense and i dont like it ;)

Give us the rest of the post dammit, im itching to post...


19-03-2008 14:58:53

My plan is working perfectly!!! I mean...I am sorry. Just a reminder, look on my wiki for the armor I wear. Its changed...again. =|

I plan on finishing it today


19-03-2008 15:17:30

The biggest (and only really significant flaw) in a large Act plan is that each Act needs to be written for the next writer to proceed, so they know which ends to tie up, which to leave open, and how to stay consistent. It is like that in a regular runon, but less pronounced, since each post is shorter and (hopefully) more often. So please be patient, everyone, it will work out excellently.


19-03-2008 18:14:15

hey Talos, who drew the work on your wiki? i wouldnt mind some custom art for my own character...


19-03-2008 18:27:28


I am bringing the idea that we forsake the Act thing and just do it normal. Does anyone second this?

And I'll see what I can do


19-03-2008 20:31:36

ok tal just breathe...

write the act in word or notepad THEN paste it into the RO. The act thing works so dont give up on it!


19-03-2008 21:11:27

*Talos breathes*. I may need to set up a session with you Illian as a physcologist lol. I will do what you say but it may take awhile. Well you'll post soon.


19-03-2008 22:03:14

Contact my secretary for an appointment.

Rates are two pairs of FRESH eyes per hour for the first three sessions, then three pints of blood per hour after that. Up-front payments only.

Free advice: the easiest way of curing psychological damage is not to.


20-03-2008 07:08:43

*Calls Secertary*

Excellent! I'll have your payment ready when you can be made available!

*Takes Raith and Anubis eye's*


21-03-2008 11:06:04

Alright Illian your up! Make it good, melt some faces! If you need any help writing about Jade, my NPC wife, just let me know.

Raith Xderon

01-05-2008 21:31:00

Raith, snoring this whole time, finally awakes with a start. “Don’t kill me!!! Oh, hey guys” He sits up and puts his feet on the floor, rather than keeping them on the table. “Did I miss anything?”

Fillers (Rest of the team)
My eye balls!?! No!!! how could you Talos?!

Hey, sorry guys, about letting the Blue Mist down. It must be odd having only three active members in a team :P . Well i'll try to be (Rest of the team) and ill see if Dathka can make it too. Well sorry for letting our BT down, i'll try harder. FOR HEAVEN SAKES I HAVENT EVEN MET ILLIAN!!!

All i ask is a few more weeks of grace, schools almost over and im panicking to finnish off with good grades, thanks for the grace so far though, i didn't deserve it. :lukevader:


20-05-2008 19:13:34

Oh small frightened creature, u dont have to meet me to loose your eyes... thats what my ever generous BTL is here for ;)

hey dont stress raith. RL is a bitch for everyone at one stage or another.

ok Talos, whos up on Ylesia? id like to see the conclusion :)


21-05-2008 19:52:09

You be up. And Raith, I only let Illian have you if you dissapoint me and so far, your the furthest thing from dissapointment so...your safe for now. B)

Raith Xderon

22-05-2008 18:10:57

ok, thanks. well my two weeks is up and !am! im going to start kicking it in.

GUES WHAT!!-SCHOOLS OUT!!!!! :D for me at least, i feel bad for the rest of you but i sure am happy for my self ;) lol
ok, well i got to get my Mission out of the way before i do anything else, that thing started forever ago!! ok tty all later.


14-10-2008 12:49:34


I'm the newly appointed Commander of Blue Mist Squadron B)
Just wanted to say hi :D


23-10-2008 21:30:48

I really like where you're taking the Team, J. Congrats!!!


28-01-2009 00:18:39


Just thought to stop by and say I have NOT forgotten about everyone here and I had a few fictions somewhere but can't find them and I'm in the process of another (read meh sig).

I'm still extremely busy because of school, more active in church, and I'm getting outside a little more since I have a licence (yes stay off the road now :P) but I'll try my best to keep everyone up to date and the easiest way may be MS (search Forrest Sparks...the one in Roanoke with a default picture) and if ya have a facebook email me and I'll create one.

Since it is an idea board here is one (even though an obvious and probably already known): Keep up the killing hahahaha.

AND on a closing note--> Everytime I check the DB site for news it is down for repairs -.- so if anyone could help me out any with what has been going on and continue to (ask for my other email) because I have missed so much. Thanks for reading and even if I am not on the roster for Arcona anymore I'll send the transfer when I am able to return


30-01-2009 09:10:24

Hey Dorn, the site's currently being repaired from MYSQL database attacks. If you want back in, then you need to email the MAA with your details of which house and clan you want to be put in.



03-02-2009 00:30:04

Lucky me I haven't been sent to Rogues and once I get my home computer up and running again I will deactivate my LoA status and go into a kind of semi-LoA, basically I will be on very little but since I saw the GJW news I am going to do as much as I can to have the computer up and running and mIRC installed again.

But also some bad news: Jedi Academy was uninstalled by someone in the family or hidden from because I can't seem to find it on the computer but oh well....fiction seems to be my interest at the moment.

And this was sent from my school laptop and they have too many restrictions on them. -.- (cmd.exe is blocked and anything to make a program work has been block but I fond out they have unblocked the entire db site so I am pleased that I can look at the forums and wiki now in school if need be. xDD

Now I'm off to bed (I love writing as is shown here)


03-02-2009 08:35:57

Hey Dorn, glad to have you back :)

check your e-mail pls