Operation Eclipse: Ro


08-02-2008 00:10:41

I set this up so that we could discuss the Storyline and where to go with our posts. Have at it.


08-02-2008 12:36:55

Okay, so what exactly do you want me doing? Should I just get prepared and wait for actual orders, or are there orders you want me to write? Give me a general direction here and I'll spew something good out ASAP.


08-02-2008 17:51:07

Basically you were just notified of your Orders by Anubis. He told you of my Plot. Basically it's still being hidden from the rest of the House until the opportune moment. The secret being abruptly ended later on. I'll post that portion. I want the Leaders focussing on getting the House ready for the War, but remaining inconspicuous about everything. This is basically the preparation stage. So you can work on getting your BT ready for action like I have commanded.

Draco Maligo

09-02-2008 21:57:13

Okay, it's been 29 hours since I posted in the run-on. Did everyone give up? Write something, even if you're just having sex with a gunnery officer or something.


12-02-2008 03:33:59

Okay so we're not in contact with any other clan people but HQDers. I think maybe, Quejo, you should give a comm blackout order. Nobody is to use Arconan frequencies. We should have new encrypted frequencies for the House only. I'll then relay the order by having everyone switch to the new channel and we'll go on with whatever we're doing. As for what we're doing, we're apparently massing our ships and troops near the Qel Droma Temple.


12-02-2008 11:23:20

Actually we're on board the Shadow, moving to Eclipse as we speak. I'll be posting later tonight cause I have some thing's to do this morning.


22-02-2008 19:55:52

Alright...so wtf do I do now?