Eclipse Ro Ooc


08-02-2008 00:05:29

Come here and discuss strategy and where we will go next, how we will work it all together etc.


09-02-2008 22:45:45

Can you give me a basic rundown of where this is going? I dont need details, but I just kind of want an...outline. Or is it to be a surprise?


10-02-2008 00:36:18

I agree with Legorii. Just a basic outline would be good. Judging from where the RO has gone, you've called a meeting, where do we go from there?


10-02-2008 07:37:16

I never intended nor wanted to call a meeting, but thats niether here nor there now as its already been posted.

I wanted to put you all on alert because i had a sense that something was happening, but had no idea what or when, thus calling a meeting would have been pretty redundant.

As for a general could always read the chapter 1 bit thats on the site and was emailed out, it sets it up nicely. For the moment though, wait until next week when it will all become a lot clearer. might help rp-ing if you are as clueless about the eventual plot as all the rest of our characters would be. except for Quejo and Orv that is, those scheming nasties.

Posted by SBM Zandro Erinos


10-02-2008 19:44:37

Oh. Who called the meeting then, I am in the mood to point the finger of blame. And I did read the Chapter 1 stuff, but I wasnt sure if this was gonna be different and whatnot. I will wait patiently (or impatiently) for whats to come.


10-02-2008 20:33:20

Caedes did in his post.

Chapter 2 is out in around 48 hours, not too long now.

Wes Biriuk

10-02-2008 20:41:11

People should actually read posts and let those that are running the story progress it as they wish.

Zandro made no mention of a meeting in his opening post and in the OOC summary he explained to write what you are normally doing every day around base.

All you had to do was post a short paragraph or novel if you felt like it but only saying where you were, what you were doing and perhaps mention a "disturbance" in the force, but as none of those that have posted so far are capable of such an awareness you would feel the disturbance as maybe a slight breeze or less.

This RO is not about who gets the most posts, it is about quality of writing and progression as a team. If you the plot is stuck then a higher authority will move it along (like CC or Rho) not any of us peons.

That is all.


10-02-2008 21:43:13

Thanks Dash. And thanks Xar'Kahn for your kind words informing us of our apparent incompetence. Zandro's OOC portion of his post said we received an alert, thats what my post was based off of. Not a meeting, but the precautions I took as to what this alert could mean, major or minor.

I wrote what I was normally doing (eating lunch) and then what I was doing when I received the alert (gathering the team together just in case). On what grounds does that allow you to point fingers at anyone?


10-02-2008 22:16:53

Everybody calm down. Whats done is done and pointing fingers is gonna piss people off, no more and no less, justified or not. we need to move this thing forward, and it will be done so in a day or so by Zandro. until then, just act as though it's a normal day, albeit with some slight undercurrent of untraceable malice.


Wes Biriuk

10-02-2008 23:00:26

Sorry, I apologize if I have offended anyone. After re-reading my post I can see that my words may have been a bit hurtful, but that was not my intent. I was simply offering my advice. I have participated in many an RO in my time both here in the DB and in other SW groups and sometimes get a bit annoyed when I can't think, so I vent.

I bet right now HQD are sitting back smirking at our infighting thinking this war will be a stroll in the park. Let us put this misunderstanding behind us and focus on the job at hand.

(God that sounds so formal... I just don't know how else to put it at the moment... Damn constipation of the brain)


11-02-2008 16:24:01

Yea, sorry I overreacted. Lets kick some HQD ass in this Feud, and put our differences behind us.


12-02-2008 21:32:02

Here!! Anyway, sorry for any misdirection I caused. I guess I interperted others posts a bit too much. Anyway for Dash I did read the Ch. 1 bits...and it does but I still want to see how its going to play out for Galeres. Xar, your words were right if a bit harsh and we'll see were CC takes this.


13-02-2008 21:09:21

Apologies for delays guys, my internet connection has been dodgy at best over the past 2 days at uni, hence my lack of IRC-ness.

I'll get a post up tomorrow moving us forward a bit, so if you wanna get a post in before then, hurry up! :P


13-02-2008 23:55:47

Yeah, bad internet sucks. I could connect to wireless but no internet was available. Notice past tense meaning its back but that jst means I can post during school and send email :D. But as most have said already:

Let's kick some HQD ass!


14-02-2008 03:00:25

Sorry CC... didnt actually read the ooc part until after i posted... i figured something needed to put an end to this meeting crap and introduce some panic into the whole thing.

Yea my bad guys if i [Expletive Deleted]ed the story up, but we need to keep it moving hey.

Blue Mist is gonna own this [Expletive Deleted] yo ;)


14-02-2008 09:02:40

Don't worry about it Syn, it was a really good post so I can't really complain :P

Anyway, I'll still get a post out later explaining a bit more stuff, but as it stands, you all now know that we are going to war.


22-02-2008 00:25:10

Ok, this is just a minor inconvience but just letting you all know for future posts. My log-in may say Caedes but I am now Talos Annedu and Commander, not Sergeant, of Battleteam Blue Mist. Thanks and lets kick some Qel-Droma booty! >:)


22-02-2008 00:27:05

Come on ppl!!! lets get into this RO like theres never gonna be anudda!

Caedes this mission is yours - I cant really do much with a broken ship (except crash the [Expletive Deleted]) and it would have been unrealistic to hit the shadow and not get hit!

Kieran: if you have a problem with this let me know, but i rekon if Quejo lauches a ground party and im down here also... i have a feeling it could make for an interesting RO :) If you dont like it i can always post my engines coming back online (as poor as that would be) so its in your court :)



23-02-2008 11:25:56

-- Just a little role playing tip for you there guys --

If you read the plot for the comp then you'll see in the latest installment Quejo issueing orders to stablish a perimeter on Eclipse effectively opening the plot up for ground warfare. Now this is our RO, our story, so within the confines of the overall guiding plot we can do what we like with it providing we don't affect what's going on. This is where you win an RO, basically, what can you do with the overall plot .. i.e. what can you add to it? how would you fill in the details? Quejo's assigned someone to go to ground so how do we describe what went on when this happened ..

So as for going to ground we've now got two arenas, people who wanna play fighter jock can play upstairs while us other Dark Jedi who generically aren't amazing fighter pilots through and through do what we're meant to do and kill people with crazy torches :P

Basically guys all you've got to do is tell the story of what went on, elaborate on it, expand, add the detail and the descriptions they didn't have time for in the overall one but always remember you can't change what's happened.

Also, when people post, read them. Pick out bits of other people's posts and expand on them .. lean on them .. you know what I mean. Say someone outlines a plan that they're going to take objective A like so, then you write that you hear them reporting in saying their en route to objective A and that you'll provide cover etc. throughout this you need to pick out names and terms used as they make the physical connections that will tie the whole thing together..


24-02-2008 23:20:53

yea good words of wis big K, but i think you need to listen to them yourself ;)

Also, when people post, read them

its all good tho, its nice to have troops on the ground at last....

i need to know tho, is Retribution crashing still on the go? now im not sure what im doing...


25-02-2008 07:40:15

im not sure how im meant to get you out of there its your character, you've role played yourself into the position so i presumed you had some plan in the case that you dont i suggest you crash and i'll write sending a group out to pick you up

im sorry if i appeared to ignore you its just i had no idea what you were doing with it, as you're involving my character in some sort of plot move you need to explain what you're planning


25-02-2008 17:47:56

sorry chief, miscommunication: i dont need you to get me out, i can handle that. I was confused by the lack of co-operation with the rest of the story line.

Hey its all good bro, i wasnt having a go. Its only that iv noticed you dont tend to post anything else but Soulfire. Me an Talos write a little bit about each other, as does Legorii and Dorn and Sorrow (when hes on). Then all of a sudden its Soulfire and nothing else, so whatever plot lines have been developed tend to lose momentum.

As i said, im not having a go, just providing a bit of return advice ;)

It would have been nice to explore the crashing of the Retribution with a small amount of input from SF, but thats in you're court. I dont need extraction, i was just trying to spice up the story-line.


26-02-2008 05:54:59

problem is the lack of support Kieran has had from the rest of SF in the RO means that he has to handle all the SF stuff himself basically, leaving him little time to push in other stuff.

Hopefully getting a post in later to get the final push started, but keep up the good work guys and lets give 110% now that its the last week to get stuff in.


26-02-2008 15:31:17

read my earlier posts, i already outlined what SF was to be doing .. if you wanted to change that you should have talked to me before posting


26-02-2008 17:17:38

ok now im gettin a little sick of this:

I did read your earlier posts. In fact yours are some of the posts i read most carefuly, cos i think your a fantastic military writer. So i knew what SF was doing from the offset.

With that in mind, all im trying to tell you is you need to co-operate with other NON-SF members a little more in my opinion.

Look drop it, i can see this is going nowhere. Continue with everything as if i never said anything. CC had a good point and im sorry SF bailed on you.



29-02-2008 20:43:21

What if we both love being a Fighter Jock and a Ground Trooper? My purpose is muddled. Syn, thanks for the vote of confidence. We can see were CC guides us and we will build around that! Remeber its Talos! Oh and Kieran, you are doing a good job writing for the rest of your Team...just thought I'd put in my 5 cents.... :P