House Feud Excitement


24-01-2008 23:58:52

Gentlemen and Ladies,

Who's chomping at the bit for this house feud to start?

I tell you from what I hear it's going to be pretty sweet. If anybody needs a hand with fiction etc, I'm a decent sounding board.

Hmmm do I really need to sign this thing

KE Alex


25-01-2008 06:55:37

*Thrusts* :P

Draco Maligo

25-01-2008 22:42:52

I'm ready to rumble!


25-01-2008 22:53:15

I'm ready to rumble!

Excellent I'm thinking 6 days maybe 5.


26-01-2008 05:09:16

it's looking good, and thats considering I've helped write part of it :P

Stayed tuned guys, it's not far away


03-02-2008 23:35:01

My internet access is limited, but ima find a library by my house or something. I'll do what I can from afar.


04-02-2008 16:41:48

I am definitely ready.


05-02-2008 07:15:55

Good to hear it. Not to worry, it'll be out within the next week or so we hope.


05-02-2008 08:53:58

You don't need to hope, it's going to be out this week

cold. hard. fact



06-02-2008 00:38:43