#arcona Webcomics


13-12-2007 10:35:24

Well Howdeh,

As most of you know I've been appointed as the new DCM :w00t: this along with my mother barking orders about getting the house ready for xmas means unfortuanatly the Mind Games comic has been put on hold until the new year.

However, I've found time to bang out an #Arcona webcomic and seeing as I have this forum i'll post future #Arcona webcomics here! :P

#Arcona 11

So yeah, have no idea what xmas has to do with 300 refrences but there ya go :P

Wes Biriuk

13-12-2007 20:53:19


Maybe Mejas should have been Santa :P


14-12-2007 07:58:08

Yes. That would have made more sense :P