Mind Games: Part 2


21-11-2007 15:04:38

Well, finally here it is the second part of Arcona: Mind Games

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Part 3 is where everything starts to get a little messy and the plot starts to sink abit deeper, it's your job to choose which direction we take this, I'm off to Ireland this friday so you'll be getting a whole week to vote before I start drawing again. As always please leave comments, thoughts etc etc, and I apologize if I screwed up your character. :P

*hugs an kisses*



21-11-2007 16:25:50

Dude, this is really cool.... and it's getting juicy! :D


21-11-2007 16:42:28

yea, lovin the intrigue... damn soulfirians! give blue mist some air time ;);)

still awed by your style man -exceptionaly high kudos from aus :D


21-11-2007 19:16:19

ooo, the results are close

This is amazing, I want your manbabies Jay

Wes Biriuk

22-11-2007 02:48:54

I <3 Juda... You make me so happy in the pants...

And you made me pwn with mah bazooka! :P


22-11-2007 03:33:30

i have an erection .. sweet work jay!



22-11-2007 07:46:00

It's kinky, as Muz would say!

Orv Dessrx

23-11-2007 16:42:28

w00t! I was killed! Great work so far, Juda.

Drodik alTor

24-11-2007 01:14:19

damn thats cool, good job!


01-12-2007 08:14:57

Well I'm back :w00t:

Thanks for all your comments, I appreciate it. I'm gonna start drawing the next part tommorow but I'll be heading off to good ol' London on tues for a job interview and returning on sat, so don't expect part 3 up for the weekend, but I will work my lil arse off to get it up as soon as.

Once again, I thank ye.