Mind Games Part 1


10-11-2007 14:37:23

First off Iíd like to apologize if I havenít done your character justice, I get frustrated with my own characters when they donít look right, let alone someone elseís, so for that Iím sorry :P

Secondly, this graphic novel is in no way cannon, and shouldnít be looked at as if it is, so if your character just so happens to get his head blown off, donít take it too literally or personally, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. :w00t:

With that said, here is the first part of Arcona: Mind Games. Please comment on what you all think, do you hate it or love it so far? What would you want changing, what do you want to see in future parts?

Click Here For Comic

(I tried to get the layout as best I could for internet viewing, but if you canít see it properly or canít save it and zoom in let me know and Iíll post each page separately.)

So now youíve seen it, itís time for you to play divine intervention, are you gonna be cruel and have Xander take a hit? Or are you gonna save him from Rhoís sniping skills, the choice is yours, :blink:

I'll start drawing again on Wensday so get your votes in by then dudles.



So yeah, the layout was causing problems so I've cut it up, click below for the relevant pages.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

*Phew* Hope that sorts it out :P


12-11-2007 10:27:51

Bloody hell man, I love these, even if I'm only mentioned a lil bit :P

Lets hope we all get an appearance of some sort. Keep it up, cause these be sexy


12-11-2007 12:41:49

This is cool man! I'm looking forward to as seeing the outcome..... :) Keep it coming!


13-11-2007 11:57:21

shaaaweeeet dude .. love it!


13-11-2007 18:53:18

Yea no [Expletive Deleted]... that be some fine art my friend!

Cant wait to see where it goes!!

-If the shadows ever whisper to you in a child's voice run, run and keep running and *NEVER* look back-


14-11-2007 06:06:19

Thanks for the comments dudes, well, votings over and I start drawing today, part 2 will be up as soon as it's finished :D


19-11-2007 10:13:56


So, I'm in the final stages of Part 2, just need to draw out a few more frames and touch it all up so it's looking purty for you guys. Expect it to be up either tonight or tommorow.

*hugs and kisses*