Arcona: Mind Games


08-11-2007 07:12:16

So I've had this idea floating around in my skull like a game of Pong for a few weeks and as my last competition didnít get any participants Iíve come up with a little something that you all should be interested in, Arcona: Mind Games is (to my knowledge) Arconaís first very graphic novel, and you ALL get a chance to participate!!

Next weekend I will be posting part one which will be around 3-4 pages long, what happens next is up to you!! For example:

At the end of a part Rho díTana is sat in a bunker, scanning the area through his sniper scope when suddenly he realises his cover has been blown, an attacker is getting ready to hurl a grenade.

Then Iíll put up a poll with the following;

A The grenade is a dud
B The attacker successfully takes Rho out
C Rho shoots the grenade with his sniper rifle, blowing his attacker to smithereens!

The choice with the most votes will be drawn up in the following part of the graphic novel, get my meaning? Bear in mind each decision you guys make will hold some sort of consequence.

The plot involves our psychotic Consul putting four of Arconaís members through the ultimate test of survival, these four members will have to survive a day on Arconae Prmus being hounded by every single Battleteam Arc has to offer, whatís more there every action will be noted by probe droids.

Iíve included a little teaser of the cover here;

This poll will be valid until Sat 10th as I want to get started right away, the first page is complete I just need to add the blanks, so get voting :w00t:

*hugs and kisses* Juds

P.S: Because everyone who is in a Battleteam will star in the comic at one point or other, I had to find members who werenít in a BT to be the original four, I hate Blue Mist as they have half the roster :P Also the #Arcona webcomics will be put on hold once again as this project will take a hella amount of time from my behalf.

Kant Lavar

08-11-2007 16:19:35

Waitaminit... I got a vote? How the hell did I get a vote?


08-11-2007 17:03:17

You must be popular :P

Kant Lavar

09-11-2007 12:22:52

No I'm not! Now go post in our ACC match so I can gradumatate and then work on getting my training saber. :P


09-11-2007 12:54:03

Poor Dorn has no votes at all.



09-11-2007 13:05:35


Well fellows, using the votes so far I've been working on this all day yesterday and today and can safley say that the first part will be up on Sunday, a week before scheduled, thats progress for ya!!

I also came across a problem involving the polls, I have no idea weather I can add a poll to this topic or have to open another topic, I don't want to do this as I don't want to flood the Arc MB's each week with my feeble comic. I've had a chat chit with the Seneschal and if we can't get around this minor problem, I'll have a forum folder for Mind Games polls and any future graphic novels I'll work on.

Kant: Working on it :P