Question On The Test Of Endurance


29-10-2007 13:17:57

I have both BF2 and republic commando, but not the pc version, so could I just take pics with my digital camera of the screen and send it in?


29-10-2007 16:07:36

In short, no. The Test of Endurance and Test of Agility both have a two fold purpose: ensuring that you are familiar with the basic concepts of the game(s) and getting you introduced to the DB gaming system. Right now, it is all PC based. As the Brotherhood advances more and starts to incorporate things like Xbox Live, the SA will change to reflect that.


30-10-2007 12:58:59

Well then I guess I can't make that deadline u guys placed on apprentices since one of the requirements is that we have to participate in online gameplay.

Wes Biriuk

30-10-2007 17:19:09

If you are a writer, you then can write instead of play games.

If you are having some troubles understanding any of the Shadow Oath, then email Rho d'Tana, the Arcona and Galeres Envoy. He'll explain what you need to do.


30-10-2007 21:21:28

yup, Xar is right

I read in
For basic activity, you can either participate in gaming MP OR submit to competition, clan or DB-wide
here's the competition list:

oops, I almost forget, please cc your QUA when submitting to competition :D


01-11-2007 14:29:31

Yes, cc'ing me makes me happy :P


01-11-2007 14:45:27

Easy to please =P


02-11-2007 08:59:30

like master like apprentice :P


05-11-2007 09:44:41

that would implicate you too :P


06-11-2007 04:29:24

Buh-zing! :lol: