Test Corrections


26-10-2007 13:28:27

Is there any reason that the shadow academy instructors aren't correcting our exams? Are they busy? Because I submitted like 2 exams like 2 days ago and they aren't corrected. Usually, they correct them like the next day.


27-10-2007 05:45:00

which exams are you waiting on? It can take up to a few days, but you shouldn't be waiting more than that, so tell us which you're waiting on and we'll get you sorted out.


27-10-2007 09:24:50

Yeah, usually it depends on which exam, and who is grading it, I know Anshar is on LoA at the moment, Just make sure its not History of the Sith I otherwise I'm gonna look stupid :P


27-10-2007 10:25:10

you always look stupid :P


27-10-2007 11:09:47

Love you too honey :w00t: