Once More Into The Breach Ooc


25-10-2007 03:26:07

Just a quick tip guys, remember to stay true to your character sheets. If you don't have any points in piloting, don't expect yourself to even think about being able to outfly the Vong. This is just as true with lightsabers, hand to hand or any other skill in the CS that you can get

Happy Posting :D


25-10-2007 09:26:11

Juda loves his maxed out fighting skills... and you CC <3 :D


25-10-2007 16:27:32

Good, Cause there's only one ACE in this Clan, and it ain't you :P

Also, Vong's don't have hangars per se, just an fyi


25-10-2007 20:11:17

yea but they should have the biological equivalent... the vong are pretty new to me so im struggling a little ;)


25-10-2007 20:39:02

granted, during the NJO books to my recollection we didn't see a hangar - they launched their coralskippers from tails or tentacles hanging outside the ship or something. think sinspawn from FFX. Anyway, I've been doing some thinking, and I distinctly remember the Vong having shuttle equivalents - such as in the fall of coruscant, when several Yuuzhan Vong Warrior Caste generals are being shuttled down to accept Borsk Fey'lya's surrender in the Imperial Palace. I'm pretty sure they came in shuttles, and they wouldn't have led the attack on coruscant from shuttles - they'd have led em from big ships. Also, another educated guess is that the shuttles and troop transports would be carried on board the Destroyer analogs internally, as they're not as required for quick deployment...ergo hangar bay. As for technology, yeah they had bio-[Expletive Deleted] for everything, but for a species able to manipulate black holes, I'm pretty sure they could manage something as simple as maintaining atmo in a large room that also needs to be exposed to space. I'm going to allow this - after all creativity is the name of the game here. If someone can find me a source that proves me wrong then we'll deal with that then, however I don't think this should be a big deal when what we're trying to get across is something bigger than a minor continuity error.


26-10-2007 13:03:02

Right then kids (Soulfire) you've got your briefing, let's show 'em what we've got

Kant Lavar

30-10-2007 15:14:59

I apologize if I start screwing up well-laid plans, but since nobody's even noticed me around (granted, I've made one post total so far), I'm basically making things up right now.

Kant Lavar

02-11-2007 12:00:28

Okay, it's been a while since I read any of the YZ-era books, and they're all 1400 miles and two time zones away, so I'm working off memory. Are we far enough along that flicker lasers are known to be effective against coralskippers yet?


02-11-2007 21:45:06