Into The Jungle...


21-10-2007 02:02:01

Castle Gothengromer was a menacing structure that overlooked the Isu'Pang Jungle, constructed by Avarus Monatcue Xyler. The Isu'Pang Jungle was evil, cursed by the Sith Lord Sharkelli Fangoru Xyler. It was here that the Count of Gothengromer overlooked the Xyler Dynasty, Ktulu currently away leaving the Family Representative Quejo Drakai Xyler in charge until his return..

Recently re-joining Clan Arcona, Quejo studied the many members that trained within the Clan, one such member catching his attention while watching him spar with a fellow Qel-Droman. The Sith was a wise man and took pleasure in gaining followers..He didnt referr to his Students as Apprentices, rather Disciples who would swear their allegiance and loyalty to their Teacher.

Remaining in the Shadows, Drakai left a message for Aidyn Wolfwood, the Arkanian whom caught his attention prior to his departure to Mantessa.

Resting in the Throne of the Count, Drakai's gaze fell upon the cursed Jungle at the base of the Castle. He was eager to see if Wolfwood would follow the coordinates left in the message and was eager to see if he would be willing to accept him as his Master....To become a Disciple of Drakai...A Warrior who's skill would only be honed with proper time and dedication.

The living Jungle was silent as he patiently rested in the Throne, his eyes closing as he cleared his mind, waiting for the Guardian to arrive. The purpose of this meeting was unknown to the Arkanian however he would soon be enlightened.


21-10-2007 02:22:11

The Ghtroc Light-Class Freighter known as the Ryvius, Aidyn's personal ship, pierced through the clouds high above Castle Gothengromer beginning its descent around the castle. The front entrance of the ship slowly opened, Aidyn calmly stepping out onto it. The wind forcefully blew his black and white trimmed robes around, his hood narrowly remaining on his head. A small droid flew over next to Aidyn, connected to a railway on the celing. Aidyn shook his head some, looking at the tiny droid.

"Don't worry, R9...I'll be fine. Keep the ship in close orbit, I will be back soon." Aidyn spoke with a calm tone, trying to speak over the wind as it blew all around him. The Ryvius cuts down close towards the main Keep entrance of the Castle Gothengromer. Aidyn lept from the entrance, landing several feet below onto one of the ledges on the Castle's upper level.

He knew something was strange...he could not understand it. A dark force surrounded the message he felt that had lead him to this place, however he knew it was not Drake. The dark force seemed...calming, in a way. Aidyn looked to the sky as the Ryvius took off back into the sky, turning and walking into the castle as it disappeared in the distance.

Feeling as if he had been here before, Aidyn walks through the main level of the keep eventually reaching the Throne Room of the castle. It seemed far too guards, no evil demons waiting to jump him from the darkness. Slowly entering the room, Aidyn pulled off his hood as he glanced around. The top of his head was mostly bald, white hair around the sides and the back of his head. His eyes were solid black; pure white pupils in the center that were clearly visible as he examined the room. In the far shadows he notices a strange figure, and shortly afterwards stops at the middle of the Throne Room. His ability to see in the darkness was a strong advantage for him, as it had been for a long time.

Aidyn stood there quietly, his hands at his sides as he watched the man in the shadows.


21-10-2007 02:59:04

"We all seek power, do we not?" The lone figure spoke, his voice booming from the Shadows which cloaked his appearance. "We all wish to better ourselves in one way or another...The Sith are no different then the Jedi or any other Sentient in that respect.." The man rose, his hands raising, the candles which burned out, lighting as he stepped down from the Throne..

"You've seen many thing's, that, I'm almost sure of, but do you know the path to greater power my Brother?" Drakai continued, walking towards the Aged Man standing at the opening of the Castle. The Arkanian tilting his head slightly as he heard the heavy footsteps of his Comrade echo within the Sanctuary of the Xyler Dynasty...

"I'm sure you're probably wondering why I've asked you to come here and rightfully so. The truth of the matter is this...I've been studying you...Watching you as you train with the Qel-Dromans who each try proving themselves to the Equites and Elders that stalk the halls.."

The hair of the Warlord became trapped in the wind which whipped throughout the Castle, his cape caught in the persuasive touch of the cooling breeze flowing around the Mountain on which Gothengromer rested.

"Tell me friend....What do you seek?"


21-10-2007 03:29:46

"What I seek is of my own." Aidyn spoke with a firm voice and tone. Despite his age, his devotion and strength seemed much younger. "What I seek is to complete my agenda, and return to whom I was. Nothing more, nothing less."

"..there is more than that, my friend." Drakai spoke in response. His footsteps ceased directly in front of Aidyn. "You desire much more than that."

Aidyn dimmed his eyes, looking straight at the man. "As does anyone. Just because you watch me, does not mean you understand or can comprehend what it is I want and do. Why do you think you are so powerful?"

Drakai shook his head slightly some, a small laugh coming from his lips as he slowly began to circle Aidyn. "That is partially why I have brought you here. You have shown that you have much more than most...which is something I can understand, concidering your past. There is much more to you than you or anyone else could possibly imagine.."

"Concidering my past, then you know who I am and what I have done to your kind...if you brought me here to chastize and interrogate me on that then I have no further business here with you." Aidyn spoke, following Drakai with his eyes.

Drakai stopped directly behind him, having raised his head upward slightly with his eyes still locked on him. "I did not bring you here to question your past, or anything along that line. I merely want to know why you walk the path of darkness to return to the light."

"...because I have come to understand that the only true way to beat a Master of the Darkness, is to walk the same path and understand it. I do that I may defeat my brother and my former apprentice, and then avenge my wife and my murdered daughter. And one live a simple, happy life with my missing daughter." Aidyn spoke quietly as he turned to look at Drakai. "That is what I seek."