Quaestor Intro

Xander Drax

17-10-2007 12:25:48

Greetings fellows,

I would assume that many of you don't know me and are unfamiliar with this leader thrust upon you, though I know some are. The position of unknown quantity is one, in my long history with the Brotherhood and other organizations, I am unfamiliar with, so we are all in somewhat uncharted waters. Needless to say, I plan on changing that. No more flying under the radar, it's time to work to bring our newly reopened house back to it's former prominence, it is after all the reason that all of us, every member of our house, is here.

My goal in the coming days and weeks is to bring a bit of a new perspective on things, as much as an old fossil like me can. My goal, as I hope everyone else's is as well, is to have fun, plain and simple. I see my job as QUA as the guy that makes sure everyone else is having fun and doing what they like. Leadership doesn't mean I'm "running" things with an iron fist, it simply means I'm the facilitator of other people's enjoyment. As such, I've always operated with an open door policy, whether via email, IRC (You can pester me under my Slagar IRC nick), or various other IM sources. Without feedback from all members, I don't get to provide the environment that you want, so I don't care if you're the greenest novice or some one that's been around since before the Exodus, I want to hear from everyone. No one person, especially me, is more important then another. So, give me a poke, tell me what you want to see, or just say hi. I hope that we'll all be having a productive and enjoyable time together.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for things coming down the pipe, one never knows what you might be seeing.