Anyone Alive?

Talon Jade

12-10-2007 18:41:55

Anyone still use these things?

Draco Maligo

13-10-2007 01:55:41

From time to time. It helps to start a controversial discussion that people will chime in on.


13-10-2007 02:21:47

Most people watch these. But since this house is just newly reborn and lacks a summit just yet, it isn't that active. This also should be cleared out. I know some of these old threads can be archived or deleted, depending on the DJB board policy.

Xander Drax

17-10-2007 12:24:32

Now that Etah, Drodik, and myself are getting thigns cooking here, I'd assume that there will be some more folks alive around here. >:)

Kaine Mandaala

17-10-2007 16:40:28

No.. in about 2 days it'll all die down and go back to being stagnant.

Such is the way of the DJB.

Xander Drax

17-10-2007 17:09:09

Crap, the secret is out!

Kant Lavar

18-10-2007 14:17:27

Curses. Foiled agian.

Also, Slag4QUA. :P