Welcome New Members

Mayda Ferium

11-10-2007 12:08:54

We are having an influx of new membership, and one of the requirements of promotions is to register and post on this message board.

New members - feel free to post here and introduce yourselves or ask any questions.

Mayda Ferium, Clan Envoy of Arcona


17-10-2007 00:00:33

Jedi Hunter Illian Syn. Formerly of Taldryan, now of Arcona.

Incurably insane, completely psychotic, sickenly sadistic, and looking forward a great deal to removing intestines for my new clan.

As always, in Darkness:


29-10-2007 09:50:36

Hey I'm new joined while ago... i think thats all i needed to put but yea so how's every one doin'???


27-11-2007 20:37:45


hello, I'm new here, and i already love this place.


28-11-2007 07:40:50

Welcome to the good fight Eeptog, any questions, don't hesitate to call ;)


30-11-2007 02:31:59

Earnest here. And if that's not an easy enough name, Nes works too.

I pretty much stick to lurking and writing, but I'm branching out. :P


08-01-2008 21:25:23


Anubis Wrath here. Joined Jan 6th. Formerly of Tal, CNS, and Rogue. Love writing, gaming, and most of all fiddling with GFX.

Peace out,



20-01-2008 01:26:43

Welcome to the good fight Anu


22-01-2008 16:48:52

The good fight? Is that our unofficial slogan? Or just the most creative line you can come up with to greet new people? :huh:

Wes Biriuk

22-01-2008 20:25:25

It's just a saying. Nothing more.


22-01-2008 20:36:30

Ah. Its good to be part of the good fight then.


18-03-2008 19:50:51

I haven't posted a hello on the message board yet... so here it is. Good to be in Arcona!


22-05-2008 14:17:20

Even though ive been here for a while, this is my first post, so...
Here I am!


23-05-2008 16:42:40

Heya Fajhal! Good to see that you've found you way to the Forums, and I look forward to this run-on with you.


05-06-2008 15:04:46

Hey all I'm new, so I'm just stopping in to say what's up. I've met some of you on IRC, but for those who I have yet to meet, I'm Aeron of House Galeres. Look forward to joining you all in our pursuit to master the dark side of the Force.


25-07-2008 23:06:43

Hi, I'm new, and I thought I would just say hello.


25-07-2008 23:11:47

Hey, welcome to the Clan!


15-08-2008 10:59:08

Hey guys, I'm new here. Completed my 4 exams, waiting on my Lightsaber and ACC to be graded, and this is the other step to reaching my next rank.

So, heyo, I'm on IRC as `Wally, feel free to pm or talk to me!


21-08-2008 20:43:32

Hey guys, I'm new here. Completed my 4 exams, waiting on my Lightsaber and ACC to be graded, and this is the other step to reaching my next rank.

So, heyo, I'm on IRC as `Wally, feel free to pm or talk to me!

Hi Marick. Im Krath Protector Miroya. Member of House Galeres and loyal trooper to Blue mist Battle Team. Welcome to Arcona.

May Darkness guide you threw your studies.


07-09-2008 16:04:44

*huggles the little Arconans*

Ok. Feminine moment passed. Welcome to Arcona.


18-10-2008 06:21:54

Welcome to the fight.


15-12-2008 04:13:12

Not a lot of activity on the forum eh?


21-12-2008 16:28:26

Not really :P


29-12-2008 04:09:59

damn...ah well :P


31-12-2008 00:49:32

What are you guys talking about? :P


08-01-2009 11:35:23

low activity I guess

Van Trayus

23-01-2009 00:10:31

I just wanna say that I feel new sometimes but Im really old here so Greetings!!!LOL


23-01-2009 05:42:03

greets mate :D


23-01-2009 05:42:04

greets mate :D


09-06-2009 12:13:58

Hey there! here is Ruluk, former pal from CNS, now pal from Arcona! Ruluk of Arcona sounds better then Ruluk from Naga Sadow :P

Anyways hellooo to everybodieee!! :D


10-06-2009 22:19:09

Hey man, welcome to Arcona.


13-06-2009 17:21:56

Welcome to the House and Clan! B)