New Ro Ooc Board


14-09-2007 05:20:22

So yeah, any problems or if you just need a lil help with things, heres the place to ask it! :w00t:

Mayda Ferium

14-09-2007 13:29:26

I have issues with this, as I said 2 days ago. I said I didn't like it so unequal, and takes away from the mission of being a training RO, with journeymen under the Knights.

eta: Juda will be away for a couple days, unexpectedly, and asked me to redo it.

ETA: ANY decisions will wait for Juda. Though people are already continuing in it, I doubt I will be, as the rules have changed.

Good luck and have fun!

Mayda Ferium

15-09-2007 05:36:49

About Naboo:

From rho:
Just wondering, are we just supposed to guess what the coordinates are that are in the datapad? or are those coming later? Like, do we make up where you are sending us, Juda?

Other side of Theed... do we have to take the path they did in Ep 1?


15-09-2007 08:31:03

just a note, why am I no longer in any teams? Am I so good I've been banned or something? :P

Mayda Ferium

15-09-2007 10:21:34

sorry CC, i was dreaming of you but called out the wrong name - Kieran. :P
Its all changed again anyways.


15-09-2007 14:27:29

Dreaming of me is acceptable, screaming out Kieran's name isn't :P

Thanks for sorting it.


16-09-2007 01:41:37

heh, Kieran on the brain :P

And anyway, I was under the impression that one team was meant to be an elder squad in order to demonstrate for the Journeymen the correct way to role play .. learning from observation as well as instruction as to be frank there's only so much you can say and teach.

Mayda Ferium

16-09-2007 07:41:51

THat surprises me and is NOT what the basis was.

Yeha, I just heard that from Dash. I guess you all had that talk with Juda and I was left out of it, and I don't know that's the best thing or not, but it was not what this RO was set up to be, as the idea of Juda and I with the intention of it being:
1. Trainee focused
2. Non-intimidating
3. not a "proper RO' with long posts
4. meant to have fun with
5. Made of teams of Knight+noobs to compete, so that teams would get medals

So, if it doesn't stay with those 5 points (which i now see that some of you werent aware of, tho most of that was in the first Signup post), then what is the point? I was hoping that you could work in pairs, with a noob or two, to have them learn that way.

I see the benefit of us all learning what is best by reading how you do it, but that can be done in any RO, or by reading a previous one you all have done. Or, if you 4 want to be together, in this, and not have noobs, then perhaps you are merely excluded from winning medals/the competition, and we still need enough experienced ppl to lead the "noobs" tho some of them have RPd a lot or a little before.

I also am glad that you all want to participate and have fun and be a team, but I don't think this is the right forum if its just 4 elite RP'ers kicking our ass. BUT, I think we can accommodate that in an RO following this one, especially if we can involve teams outside of our clan, which was my next idea.

ETA: Ok, seems there was confusion over this and the setup changed. We will wait for Juda to make decision.

Mayda Ferium

16-09-2007 14:53:56

I'm out on this, sorry. And probably most other things as well.

And its NOT because things didn't go my way, but if the rules changed, I have the right to opt out if I didn't agree to it. But more importantly, RL changed, and while I would have continued with this if I were essential or was as originally, its just not worth it, and I'm sure you'll all be fine.

I'll write it out so that the RO story isn't messed up, godforbid.