New Ro!


07-09-2007 12:33:01

Howdeh dudles!!

In the next week, based on how many people sign up, Mayda and my beautiful self will be opening a Training RO specifically for the newer members of Arcona.

Basically, each DJK and above that signs up will get a team of three-four newer Arconans (APP to JH)

Each team thatís made will aim toward the same goal during the RO. This, we believe will get newer members active and used to the RO procedure without being intimidated to join regular ROís with the elder members.

The plot will be something along the lines of all the teams in a race with different locations, and so forth, all just for fun of course :D Depending on how many sign ups we get i'll be able to later post what the winners will get.

So thatís basically it, if your willing to participate in this RO, no matter what rank sign up below so we can get this show on the road!

Also if this is still a bit confusing, feel free to ask any questions! :w00t:

-Mayda & Juda

Mayda Ferium

07-09-2007 13:01:05

C'mon guys, let's make this fun. It will be like The Amazing Race, but not serious.

I want to see funny things happen, and camaraderie!

Who wants in on Team Mayda?


07-09-2007 15:06:31

Assuming any younger journymen sign up Team Etah will crush Team Mayda!

Kant Lavar

07-09-2007 15:37:09

Meh. I'm up for whatever.

Not a newbie to ROs (God knows I'm not!) but I need to get active again now that I have a shiny new computer and don't have to rely on getting into the one in my office anymore.


07-09-2007 17:42:17


But please, newer members sign up for this, it's goin to be killer... and fun :w00t:

*edit* Wow, Kant, I always thought you were a higher rankin member :P

Moloch Argantes

07-09-2007 18:12:27

I'll be joining. Team Mayda thanks.


07-09-2007 18:14:31

I'll sign up, Team Mayda!

Mayda Ferium

07-09-2007 18:29:15

haha. i got 2 already. :P

Etah - you are on. get a team, buddy.

Bran Redmow

07-09-2007 20:16:36

I'll sign up. I'll go with whoever has fewer JH's. Right now I think it's Etah.


07-09-2007 20:38:47

Consider Team Erinos officially entered :P


Kant Lavar

07-09-2007 20:48:11

*edit* Wow, Kant, I always thought you were a higher rankin member :P

I had been, back before the DJB/EHDB split, so I'm basically starting all over again. Once I get everything written out, it'll make more sense, but the EHDB DJK Kant Lavar went on a mission, had his Force abilities burned out of him, then went back to being just a bounty hunter, retired a couple years before the Vong invasion. Lavar, who had been trying to contact people and find out what he could do (he was old, but not that old), and got in contact with the DJB. One thing comes to another, and Lavar found out he could again contact the ol' Dark Side.

It's something I'm really looking forward to getting worked out, both for backstory and current timeline RP-wise. That and figuring out what all he's kept from his bounty-hunting days.

Draco Maligo

08-09-2007 00:34:07

Count me in, just toss me to whatever team needs a body.


08-09-2007 05:24:21

Team Erinos needs people, so if you want in then I'll be glad to have you. I'm nice like that


08-09-2007 05:59:49


Just a reminder, everyone has up until the 13th to sign up as the RO will start the following day.

So far we have four teams, hopefully more by the 13th.

Team Mayda

Team Etah

Team Erinos (AKA Zandro... AKA CC :lol: )

Team Kieran (AKA Towlie)

If it gets abit unbalanced I'll also decide who goes on who's team.

So, yeah, woot :w00t:


08-09-2007 10:08:56

Looks like Team Etah needs another guy. I'm in.


12-09-2007 01:06:13

I'll join, mayda's the one who coerced me into activity, so I'll join her team


12-09-2007 04:27:52


well theres only one more day of sign ups, so if you want in, nows the time to say :D


12-09-2007 11:28:24

Hey peeps... back in action.. at least for the RO...
I want on Team Etah... family sticks together..:P


14-09-2007 23:24:26

Just wondering, are we just supposed to guess what the coordinates are that are in the datapad? or are those coming later? Like, do we make up where you are sending us, Juda?


19-09-2007 18:53:11

This RO isn't progressing very fast now is it? Is there a problem?

Kant Lavar

20-09-2007 17:46:49

Judah had to take care of something for a couple days unexpectedly, and asked Mayda to step in. However, she also had real life bite her on the tush, so now we're mostly waiting for Judah to reappear so we know what we're doing, redistribute Mayda's team among the others (or just say one of us is taking the lead), and in general answer questions.


22-09-2007 23:07:40

Hey Kant.. It's JUDA with no H :P


23-09-2007 14:37:57

Give Rho my team since I havnt posted :P


24-09-2007 05:13:31

Hey dudles, sorry i was away for so long, something unexpected cropped up and wow, this RO sucks huh? :P

But fear not, i shall hug it all better!! If you could all do me a favour and either mail me or post here saying who's still in that would be greaty great.

Once again dudes, sorry I've let you all down, but i'm gonna be around now! so if anyone wants to have a lil chatchit jus drop me a line. Many thanks,


Draco Maligo

25-09-2007 00:40:58

I'm still in.

Kant Lavar

25-09-2007 08:56:54

I'm in, but RL reared it's head and as of 1000 MDT I will be away from my computer until Friday night.


26-09-2007 07:22:16

The RO would progress, but Mayda's spat her dummy out, so I think the majority of us are waiting to see what happens now.

Draco Maligo

26-09-2007 09:50:05

It shouldn't matter, anyone who wants to should just jump on in and post. That's the only way to get the synthball rolling.


28-09-2007 13:37:42

I am here, but I've been extremely busy lately. I should still be able to find some time now though, things have slowed down a bit in real life.


29-09-2007 05:53:16

Ok right, the only changes i'm making is that i'm appointing Malidir to take Mayda's place as Team captain. Your goal is to write yourselves getting from Naboo's swamps to the city of Theed, beware of creepy Gungans!!


03-10-2007 09:33:34

I'm in............ Etah backed out though... Surprise..:P