13-06-2007 20:21:06

Hello everyone, I'm new here at the DJB but I'm catching on quick. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to my fellow house-mates. I dont really have any Star Wars games for my PC other than KOTOR and KOTOR 2, but I downloaded Allegiance so I would be happy to play that with anyone.

Also, my computer did not allow me to download IRC, so the only other form of instant communication I have is AIM, where my screenname is legorii47. If anyone would like to chat just add me and I would be happy to talk.


13-06-2007 21:00:41

Welcome to the house, Legorii! I'll be in touch over AIM shortly. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help you out, likewise Etah and Malidir are also ready to assist if you just give em a bell.

Kor VanTil

13-06-2007 21:19:15

Hey Hey

Welcome to House Galeres. I'm ACO Kor VanTil, and I'm relatively new to the House as well. However, I'm not that new to the DJB as a whole. So, if you need any help or have a question, feel free to ask away.

Also, if you really want to try to get on IRC, you might want to consider using Trillian. It's a messenger client that allows you to connect to AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and even IRC all at the same time. It's definitely not the best IRC client out there, but it'll work if you really need it.

Just keep busy and you'll do alright.


14-06-2007 00:21:52

Welcome to Clan Arcona mate!

I'm JH Kel Antar, you can ask me questions too! (but you better bother Etah and Sashar about it :P)

You can connect to IRC in many ways. Including this one:

It's the webchat of the DB, if that doesn't work, try searching for IRC client over the net, you might get something

good luck


15-06-2007 07:16:11

Ok, I got the download of mIRC working somehow, but thanks for all your suggestions and help. I look forward to chatting and having some competitions with you guys in the future. If I need any help I will be sure to ask, thanks.


15-06-2007 23:31:34

Sweet, our two awesome new people are talking to each other.

/me waves


22-06-2007 14:03:53

Haha Etah, its great to be part of Galeres.


22-06-2007 17:23:58

As you will soon learn, it's spelled "Gayleres"


22-06-2007 23:06:08

*Etah smites Debric


23-06-2007 09:25:17

:P I do agree with Debbie. I mean you guys ot wolvie :P


23-06-2007 19:10:58

Wolvie, the guy who won the JA section of the RoS. Wow, he sure is useless :P


24-06-2007 07:38:46

Kinda lost here...and Debric if thats what people call us its probably your fault. :P


27-06-2007 15:11:48

Pwt >.<