Cabal Cronal

Orv Dessrx

12-06-2007 10:26:12

Here's Cabal Cronal's Messageboard thread. Yay.


12-06-2007 15:06:20

Reasons why we rock (Cabal Cronal)

1. We are the best graphic making BT
2. We are one of the best active BTs in the DB
3. We have some skilled writers (not including me cause I suck)
4. We have some skilled gamers
5. We just rock.


Orv, should I write a story how I got into Cabal and what's my connection to it? So we can add it to the wiki. I just noticed your report :P

Orv Dessrx

12-06-2007 22:31:58

Orv, should I write a story how I got into Cabal and what's my connection to it? So we can add it to the wiki. I just noticed your report :P

Please do. That'd be awesome.


13-06-2007 09:28:09

Yes, we should also remind Debric to write his admittance into the Cabal and how that came about.

I'm very pleased as to the level of activity thus far... w00t!!!


18-06-2007 11:40:17

I actually have to do that? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!

Also, welcome to the new people. I've spoken to them on IRC (mostly Legorii) and they seem to be decent chaps. Welcome aboard!


22-06-2007 14:02:17

Yes I've spoken with Debric, and I'm glad to be a part of Cabal Cronal. If there is anything anyone would like me to do just send me an email ( or if you see me in IRC talk to me about it then. I look forward to being a faithful member of Cabal Cronal.


22-06-2007 17:23:03

I am teh ownzor.


24-06-2007 07:40:17

Yes I know that.


25-06-2007 05:31:14

He isn't really Leg, don't worry =P Oh and Cabal Cronal, I'd like to see more from you guys in the RO. Come on, make your name ;)


27-06-2007 14:56:15

RO? Forgive me for my ignorance, but whats that?


27-06-2007 20:17:24

RO = Runon. It's basically a character based chain story, similar to play by message board role playing.


28-06-2007 03:05:20

A little more detail:

Run Ons collaberate the works or a group of Authors role playing their character in a certain scenario (i.e. the mission). They're given objectives which they are to complete within their group (in the case of this Run On). If you hop over to the thread and read through Sashar's introduction you'll get the jist of what's going on. As you're in Cabal Cronal it is expected that you're working alongside those in your battle team.

If you wanted to participate, you can write yourself in alongside any of your Team members and play along with them working 'fictionally' towards the objectives set by Sashar in his opening post. A brief tip is cohesion, write an email or talk to your team mates on IRC to coordinate your posts, such as going:

I'll write up to reaching Objective A, whilst you write what happens when we take objective A then whats-his-face can write the next phase which is travelling to Objective B.

Yes it is rather rough, but I'm sure you get the general idea, if you've got any further questions grab me on irc I go under the Nick of Towelie and can generally be found lurking in #arcona .

Keep It Tidy



28-06-2007 10:32:16

Ok thanks, I'll head over there now. I have a lot of experience roleplaying, so I should be fine. Just let me get my rhythm going, and I'll be glad to help out.


29-08-2007 00:30:19

What would I have to do to join the BT?

Mayda Ferium

07-09-2007 13:49:39

Rage - did you send Orv an email? If you are active, email me or PM. :)


12-09-2007 11:45:33

I am the Second in command on this Team.. If Orv can not reply to this request, I can do it also. I am here to fill in when he's not able to. Let me know if you are still interested in joining.