Arconan Gmrg


20-05-2007 21:59:45

I just thought of something . . . . the GMRG is in flux, where it exists but it doesn’t and has no leadership, but some of us are still members. I have brought the GMRG up a couple times with different DC members and they all responded basically the same “We’ll get to it when we get to it”. What about the GMRG in the clan Arcona coming together and organizing ourselves until such a time as the DC recreates the GMRG or whatever it might become in the future? We can organize ourselves into groups and run our own GMRG based RO’s and Comp’s and whatnot. It’ll justify the ID like filler we all have >.<

Um . . . Discuss! . . . . :


24-05-2007 04:38:29

I take it no one is interested >.<


24-05-2007 07:11:46

Clan Naga Sadow has thier Black Guard, which in a way are thier own version. But these people are like Praetor's to AED's, QUA's, PCON's and CON's.

You should talk to Strat and Tim about it, and Khobai, as he was the last CoG. :P

Although i think Soulfire would be pretty much it already. It'd be cool to just have one active battleteam, instead of four, where we have some kind of concentrated leadership and activity for club wide competitions.