Dajorran Consortium


14-05-2007 19:01:03

I started brainstorming, and here is what I came up with.

Dajorran Isolationist League- believes in withdrawing the Dajorran System from the galactic stage in terms of warfare, trade, and any other aspects. They believe that the borders of the Dajorran System should be the legal limits of travel and trade. They have recently been seen in often violent protests against entry into the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Dajorran Liberation Party- believes in separating the Dajorran government and military from Clan Arcona. They are a fundamentalist group that uses terror tactics to achieve their goals. They have claimed that the terrorist attacks will only stop if the Dajorrans rise up against the “Foreign Oppressors.”

Free Trade Association of Dajorra- advocates reduction or elimination of governmental regulation of trade.

And then I also came up with names for some others.

Labor Party-

Reform Party-

Socialist Party-

Libertarian Party-

Anarchist Federation-

Democratic Alliance-

Loyalist Party-


Tinker around with these.