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The Dajorra system, within the Clans, is unique in that it has a functioning parliamentary democracy. While some see this as a weakness, the Arconae have decreed it to be thus as it enforces competence and attentiveness among the leadership. Nevertheless, there are multiple caveats in place to ensure Arcona’s perpetual dominance over the system whilst still perpetuating the illusion of freedom among the system’s commoners.

Clan Arcona itself masquerades as a religious order with nebulous beliefs and vague references to both the Tripartite Path, interpreted as a set of divinities, and a superior being ruling the cosmos –often interpreted as the Grand Master- of whom the Princeps is the voice and greatest servant. For more details see Society and Culture.

The Princeps:

The Princeps is the ostensible religious ruler of the Dajorra system and its most powerful figure. While the Princeps is incapable of directly authorizing any laws, he appoints the majority of the Dajorra system’s top-level bureaucrats and as such holds significant sway over the executive branch. The Princeps is commander-in-chief of the Dajorran military, has full control over both its intelligence and judicial branch, and is capable of declaring a state of war or emergency.

The Princeps’s principal means of control over the Assembly is his ability to select the number and identity of the Stewards.

Ostensibly, the Princeps is elected by the Consistory. The reality is somewhat grimmer as potential Princeps struggle to gain the Grand Master’s favor as well as the respect of their peers. The Assembly has, in its history, never elected a Princeps without a plurality of votes once they were so endorsed and as such, the titles of Princeps and Consul are virtually synonymous, although this fact is carefully concealed from the public at large.

The Stewards:

The Stewards are the guardian body of the Dajorra system and are charged with maintaining the integrity of its traditions and adherence to the Abyssal Doctrine, balancing these against the will of the people.

The numbers and identities of the Stewards change regularly, increasing or decreasing on a bi-monthly basis based upon the will of the Princeps. Fully half of the Stewards are chosen by the Princeps, the Principal Stewards. The other half –the Congressional Stewards- are elected by the Assembly.

Typically, the Principal Stewards consist of Clan Arcona’s Proconsul, the Quaestors of both Houses, and the Arconae. In rare cases other members are added temporarily.

The Stewards’ main manner of exercising power is the right to veto any law passed by the Assembly.

Executive Branch

Chancellor: Fill In Information Here

Defense Minister- Advises the Chancellor and Princeps in order to coordinate both military and diplomatic activities. He or she is in charge of the Military Advisory Council along with the Princeps.

Military Advisory Council- This Council is made up of both the heads of the branches of the military as well as their Arconan counterparts. This group advises the Defense Minister and Princeps on all military matters.

Voting Members of the Military Advisory Council

Sovereign Imperator- The Sovereign Imperator is in charge of the Arcona Fleet in times of war. He/She is chosen from the ranks of dark Jedi in Arcona who have shown to be highly proficient in Naval Combat.

Secretary of the Navy- The Secretary of the Navy is the Dajorran Consortium’s political counterpart to the Sovereign Imperator.

Marshal- The Marshal is in charge of the Arcona Ground Forces in times of war. He/She is chosen from the ranks of dark jedi in Arcona who have shown to be highly proficient in Ground Combat and Strategy.

Secretary of the Army- The Secretary of the Army is the Dajorran Consortium’s political counterpart to the Marshal.

Director- The Director is head of Arcona Intelligence and reports directly to the Clan Summit. He/She oversees all of the information gathering sources in Arcona, as well as carries out any espionage or sabotage missions as needed.

Secretary of Intelligence- The Secretary of Intelligence is the Dajorran Consortium’s political counterpart to the Director.

Non-Voting Members of the Military Advisory Council

Tribune- Second in command of the Arcona Fleet, the Tribune is charged with the day-to-day operations of the entire Fleet and is chosen for their military expertise.

Legate- Second in command of the Arcona Ground Forces, the Legate is charged with the day-to-day operations of the entire Ground Force and is chosen for their strategic expertise and combat proficiency.

Inspector General- Second in command of Arcona Intelligence, the Inspector General is charged with the day-to-day operations of Arcona Intelligence.

Centurion- The Centurion is in charge of the Arconan Elite Forces, and personal "bodyguard" of the Princeps. They are chosen by each Princeps for their loyalty and skill.

Finance Minister- He or she helps form the budget, stimulate the economy, or helps control finances.

Foreign Minister- a foreign minister can exert significant influence in forming foreign policy

Education Minister- a ministerial position in the governments of some countries dealing with education.

Interior Minister- responsible for policing, system security, and immigration matters.

Spectres- The Spectres are elite law enforcement agents that report directly to the Interior Minister. They are used in order to maintain system security. They are not the regular law enforcement, so they sometimes work outside of the law in order to maintain system security. They are not assigned to regular cases, but rather cases of extreme importance. Unfortunately, they often come into jurisdictional conflict with military intelligence.

Environment Minister- in charge of a government ministry dealing with the natural environment.

Health Minister- responsible for overseeing the system government's health department

Culture Minister- in charge of national museums and monuments; promoting and protecting the arts (visual, plastic, theatrical, musical, dance, architectural, literary, cinematographic) and managing the national archives.

Legislative Branch

The Consistory:

The Consistory serves as an advisory body to the Princeps, the Chancellor, the Assembly, and the Dajorra Government as a whole. As with the Princeps, there is a difference in the public and true identity of its membership.

Publicly, the Consistory is a council consisting of the highest-ranking members of the Abyssal Church. After a fashion, this is even true, as the ‘Abyssal Church’ is itself a clever ruse to hide the true source of power in Dajorra. The Consistory is composed of none other than Clan Arcona’s full membership, save the Princeps and Stewards, who may still attend its meetings.

The Consistory’s most important duty is voting on, and occasionally re-electing, the Princeps of the Dajorra system. While the Consistory has never failed to re-elect an incumbent Consul, its powers to do so are very real and it is thus of paramount importance to the Consul/Princeps to remain within the good graces of the Clan as a whole.

Another and far more common duty is the Consistory’s duty to comment on laws proposed by the Assembly. This is done through either of its two designated spokesmen.

Within the Consistory, roles vary according to the roles possessed within Clan Arcona. The Consistory’s Chairman is the Knight Class Envoy, while the House Envoys are its record keepers and spokesmen. The Aedile’s act as the Assembly’s ‘Whips’ and are charged with gathering enough members for a quorum. Finally, the Battleteam Leaders head separate committees based on their battleteam’s specialty (ground warfare for Soulfire, space combat for Pandragon, and so on).

The Assembly: Fill In Information Here


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Updated Executive Branch with an elite police force, the Spectres, that answers directly to the Interior Minister.

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Just a quick note, Soulfire are the Spec Forces, NOT the Ground Forces. We don everything, not just ground pounding.

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