Competition: Sith Trivia


03-05-2007 05:55:37

Okay dudles, this is a Trivia where all questions are (Yep you've guessed it) Sith related.

5th level crescents will go to the first 3 people to submit correct answers.

Email all answers to moi at

1. Who is the self-proclaimed “Dark Lady of the Sith”?
2. Who did Naga Shadow compete with to become “The new Dark Lord of the Sith”?
3. What is the name of Darth Bane’s apprentice?
4. Who was created from General Grievious’ cyborg remains?
5. Who killed Alexi Garyn?
6. Who was Ky Narec’s padawan?
7. Who is the only survivor of the ‘Seventh battle of Ruusan’?
8. What year did the final collapse of the Sith Empire occur, following the defeat of Naga Sadow?
9. Who founded the ‘Prophets of the Dark Side’?
10. Who was known as the Marauder?
11.What was Kaan known as by many of his supporters?
12. (True or False?) Flint was the fourth pupil of Darth Vader

And thats it! easy huh? so get sending them answers and remember, don't post them here! thankyou one and all, one and all thankyou!



10-05-2007 05:57:36

-=Competition Finished=-

Congrats to the following people who will have shineys soonish!


1. DJK Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae
2. KPN Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae
3. OE Sashar

/me jiggles for the winners

Oh and if you were at all intrested, heres the answer key;

1. Lady Lumiya
2. Ludo Kressh
3. Darth Zannah
4. N-K Necrosis
5. Darth Maul
6. Asajj Ventres
7. Darth Bane
8. 5000 BBY
9. Darth Millenial and/or Darth Cognus
10. Kaox Krul
11. Dark One
12. True


24-05-2007 14:54:37

New Competition coming tommorow!!!

It's gonna be puuurty :w00t:

Click here for more details!



25-05-2007 06:17:09

Okay dudles,

For all of you Galeres peeps who need a few competitions under your belt here's an easyish one for you :whistling:

All you have to do is send me the name's of these ten Sith Practitioners (Link below) by 05/30/07! First three correct submissions get 5th level crescents.

Send all answers to

Who's That Sith?

Good lucketh!


01-06-2007 17:45:42

Congratz to the following;

1. Orv Dessrx d'Tana
2. Malidir Dinistr Erinos
3. Xayun Erinos

Shineys will be on their way shortly dudles.

Answer Key for those who are intrested;

1. Darth Talon
2. Darth Stryfe
3. Flint
4. Darth Andeddu
5. Dor Gal-ram
6. Githany
7. Carnor Jax
8. Darth Krayt
9. Darth Maladi
10. Ulic Qel-Droma