Hello All


01-05-2007 09:10:43

Hello All.

My name is NOV Roche and I just joined the DB lately.

I'm glad to be here in this community.


-NOV Roche


01-05-2007 09:28:17

Welcome :P

Hope you're around long enough to find out why we're so awesome.

Also, don't look CSPers in the eyes. You'll get dumber >.<



01-05-2007 09:49:58

Not only dumber..... impotent too! :blink:

(Welcome by the way! by the way welcome!)


01-05-2007 16:41:22

Don't forget! If you look Juda in the eye you turn retarted :P

Sorry that you got stuck in Galeres :( But there's always room in Oriens Obscurum.


02-05-2007 03:09:01

Callus, Soulfire proved once before that we s*** on Bas Tyra. If you are really up for another whipping, just let me know and we'll get this started.

Also, stop badmouthing my boys. They could eat you for breakfast and still have room for Frosties.



02-05-2007 03:29:21

Agreed. Callus, your ignorance is showing; you might want to see to that. Roche, welcome to the good fight.


02-05-2007 16:35:59

Thanks all, Sure I'll get good time here


02-05-2007 21:45:41

Woah! Slow down tiger. I was just havin a bit of fun. A little friendly jibing never hurt anyone.

And FYI I wasn't BTL when yall beat us. :P


03-05-2007 04:19:26

I get testy easily when it comes to Soulfire and Galeres, especially seeing as we always pwn OO/BT. I'm sure you were in the squad though, but the challenge is still open. Hell, we could invite the other Battleteams too, make it more interesting...

Think about it :P

Wes Biriuk

03-05-2007 05:23:40

CC, that competition didn't even finish. You can't say you pwn us until we actually complete a comp...

PS: I am in no way challenging you, just voicing my opinion :P


03-05-2007 05:43:33



03-05-2007 08:37:48

Seriously Xar, Callus, challenge us. We're quite happy to face you anytime, anywhere :P


03-05-2007 16:00:52

You wanna go? Cause we can go, if you wanna go we can go. Besides it'll keep us sharp before the GJW. Who knows might even be fun.

How would an ACC tourney sound?


03-05-2007 17:10:42

Bring it! :w00t:

/me busts a cap in yo' asses


03-05-2007 17:27:03

I was thinking something more rounded. Gaming, Fiction, ACC and Graphics perhaps? That is if your boys will actually game this time :P

Wanna let the other squads in on this or just keep it between us?


03-05-2007 22:18:43

Hey sounds like a good idea, get activity up.

Sure why not? I guess the other teams should get a peice of the action might liven things up a bit, because outright PwNing is only fun for so long :P

so I'll shoot out an e-mail or 2 and we'll see if we cant get the ball rolling on this.


04-05-2007 02:39:21

Sounds like a plan

Also, hey Roche :P

Wes Biriuk

04-05-2007 04:53:43

Oh, god help me...

Now he's on my side, you are all gonna get wtfPWND!


04-05-2007 12:44:00

I would just like to say welcome, I am just getting back from a temporary break myself.


07-05-2007 07:39:48

/me twists Xar's nipples! X-)

Wes Biriuk

07-05-2007 23:29:16

It's on now Juda... Just you wait 'til I get home and am on my new computer... You will die...

From too much sexy time... That Dash can't be in on


Oh, and hi Viktor, make yourself at home


09-05-2007 19:50:49

Results of the upcoming BT war:

Pendragon wins ACC and Fiction (thanks for throwing off the curve Timmy!)

QD wins all the top spots for graphics, participates in nothing else.

SF wins gaming, does ok in ACC and well in fiction.

BT wins caption comp out of pity :P


09-05-2007 19:56:41


BT PWNS in ACC and Fiction

Pandragon finishes right behind them

Then QD wins Graphics

Then gaming is just an all out slugfest (But BT wins duh)

We might let SF finish 4th in the Graphics... oh wait :P


09-05-2007 23:57:36

Mouth shut, feet in motion !


10-05-2007 02:40:33

I think you underestimate my boys Etah, if you were in a Battleteam I'd be glad to show you how wrong you are :P

Wes Biriuk

10-05-2007 05:11:09

Ok... Here 'tis... BT War preview:

Pandragon: Made up of predominately new members of Arcona, Pandragon can still pack a whopping punch in the Fiction and ACC arena.
Star Players: Timeros, Desdemonea, JScumm
One to watch: Kant Lavar

Bas-Tyra: The oldest and most active team of Oriens, BT has the ability to place well in most events, if not all. No really huge stand-outs but still formidable.
Star Players: Callus, Keno, Dorn.

Soulfire: This team is perhaps the most rounded outfit going around and without a doubt the most tight-knit of all Arcona's battle teams, perhaps even the entire Brotherhood. SF will defiantly place in every aspect of this competition, no matter what.
Star Players: All of them.

Qel-Droma: Is full of sleeping giants. If they can be stirred into activity this is the only team capable of beating SF and could very well do it.
Star Players: All of them.


And my tips:
1st - Soulfire
2nd - Qel-Droma
3rd - Pandragon
4th - Bas-Tyra

Let it be known that I am in no way biased toward any team other than Bas-Tyra. I have based my opinions on what I know of others. This is purely fictional as of yet, but don't be surprised if it turns out this way.


10-05-2007 06:31:09

You're in for a rude awakening, Xar :P


10-05-2007 08:32:48

Well, all my games are now installed so I'm ready for all the events. Should be good :)

Orv Dessrx

10-05-2007 14:23:20

Qel-Droma: Is full of sleeping giants. If they can be stirred into activity this is the only team capable of beating SF and could very well do it.
Star Players: All of them.

Do I sleep that much? :D


10-05-2007 15:49:53

Cool a competition! Thanks all for the welcome :) I'm Kel Antar now, changed it since Ryan Roche is not a proper name for a Sith, you will agree right? :P

Wes Biriuk

10-05-2007 18:28:05

You're in for a rude awakening, Xar :P

And what would that be?

Well, all my games are now installed so I'm ready for all the events. Should be good :)

Give me a day or two and I'll have my new computer, a few more days and I may have some working SW games :P
The day of teh n00b is approaching!

Orv: I was referring to the team in general :P


10-05-2007 18:57:43

CC: All Iím saying is that with Timeros and Desdemonea, Pendragon has a good shot at fiction and with Mejas, Orv, Drax, and Kel, Qel-Droma have a good shot at graphics. These are giants that the bigger, more active BTís like SF and BT simply canít ignore.