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21-04-2007 22:34:29

Before role playing my character please reference my DB wiki article, where you should note that until a few short years ago Etah was an aesthetic monastic MONK! Was a Light Infantry and Recon Officer in the Saki Army for a few years where he fought tooth and nail against a group of rebel Hutt’s. Then he joined the Brotherhood.

Etah wiki

Also read my ACC character sheet as it should give you an idea of how my character interacts with others


Note that the section: Sometimes his addiction causes him to act in an atypical manner and when he is at his very worse he can slip into various degrees of hallucinations. This comes from a subconscious rejection of the drugs, stemming from his religious background. Doesn’t mean you can role play him any way you want.

Further note that that in his hallucinogenic state he is still combat effective, he just sees weird [Expletive Deleted]. If you can’t realistically role play someone going schizo then please don’t try.

Lastly read my fiction that is available and take the lead from my posts where I role play my character.

There is only so much “weirdness” in my character that I can explain without alternate dimensions :)


21-04-2007 23:04:31

This isn’t the GMRG, you’re gonna stand out like a soar thumb and get everyone around you shot

I know online, stealth is tactically paramount but IRL in Iraq when were patrolling and kicking in doors we’re most often NOT camouflaged. We move quick, fluid and we win by surprise and momentum. Also remember we are thinking about a 3D environment, which might include streets, sewers, walls and multi-leveled buildings (Military Operations in Urban Terrain), not necessarily just fields and forest.

Additionally, Star Wars is NOT tactical. Camo armor was added to the Stormies in the expanded universe but cannon Storm Troopers (including Sand Troopers, Scout Troopers and AT-AT jocks) wore pearly white and glossy armor, Clone Troopers (including Null Troopers, Advanced Recon Commandoes and all other specialties, ranks and classes) wore various un-tactical colors of armor. Lastly in the expanded universe Imperial Royal Guards including Sovereign Protectors were routinely rotated into field commands wearing their red IRG armor.

it’s not gonna instil fear in anyone if there’s one of you, if it’s gonna do anything it’ll single you out as the only GMRG there and thus anyone with a grudge is gonna be hell bent for killing you and whoever is with you

I don’t see why anyone within the Hutt’s would have a “grudge” with the Grand Masters Royal Guard. But they would likely know who we are or at least believe me to be an Imperial Royal Guard (As noted above Royal Guards were routinely rotated into regular Army commands). They will know that elite personal are present and most likely have a degree of command in the situation.

Lastly if the attack does focus on Etah (which it might), assuming he can figure out how to survive, that will allow friendly forces to flank the Hutt’s forces, attacking them from multiple sides.


22-04-2007 05:14:04


I must apoligize for causing such a caffuful* (spelling?) In my first post I was simply trying to show how Juda is contantly being torn apart by the dark side and being reletively new to the Force is unskilled in how to control it and lashed out at Etah due to this.

So, with that said, lets all calm down, drink some tea and get on with this jolly good RO should we?




22-04-2007 07:36:38

Etah, let me explain this from Soulfire's point of view. We have a way of doing things; we have a set of equipment and gear that we worked bloody hard to create to best suit the squad, and then there's you, a 'guest' to the squad. If you want to roll with Soulfire, you do things our way or not at all.

Simply put, we're offended that you think you know better than us, who've been in a [Expletive Deleted]load of RO's together over the years. It's all past that in the story now, so let's just forget about it, but I'm hoping that clears up why we've been a little hostile to you.

Also, never, ever use colours. Ever.



22-04-2007 09:40:54

I don't mind you being IC hostile to me, what I minded was:

Juda squinted his eyes and as they came into focus he realised Etah was making an explicit gesture with his hand… ‘Thunk’

That is so ridiculously out of character for Etah I couldn’t find a way to explain it.

Also, in my post I wrote that everyone accepted it and moved on (mostly because I didn’t want a fight like this). When that didn’t happen, a continuity error was created >.<

As far as the tactical reality of red armor this is what we roll with in real life:

It has actual camouflage value in the dark and at a distance, everywhere else it sticks out like a sore thumb.

You have to understand, modern combat is not like Vietnam. 75% of all people in the world live in cities and that’s where the fighting will be. I don't see why it would be any different in Star Wars.

Furthermore if you want to get technical jet black armor would provide definite lines even in jungle warfare (ie something the enemy can pick up from a distance) and would stick out like a sore thumb in MOUT (where colors tend to be browns, tans and grays).


22-04-2007 09:50:09

As I said, this isn't just about the camoflague issue - this is about [Expletive Deleted]ting on Soulfire. Now let it go, everyone else has moved on.

Wes Biriuk

22-04-2007 10:22:04

Black is actually a camouflage colour and is used by many special forces around the world. It doesn't stick out, unless your in the snow or desert, and even then can just look like a rock from a distance.

I believe the reason why Soulfire was fighting in the jungle was that the Hutt ground force couldn't exactly land in the starports because they would be shot down by the defensive systems set up for such incidents. Instead they went Droid army style circa Episode I and trekked on foot or using transports to get to the cities.

I am almost certain there will be urban fighting to come :P


22-04-2007 13:09:03

Okay, this subject is growing so old if it was a person it would fart dust.

I've already apoligized for my screwup and I will so again, and concerning your last snipnet took from my post, I'm sorry for reading your joint smoking character's personality wrong. It won't happen again, with that said can we please drop the subject?




22-04-2007 19:32:27

I'm done


23-04-2007 14:00:45

My post was pwnsauce.

It really was.

So go reply and try to best it bitches :P

Wes Biriuk

23-04-2007 22:48:34

/me uberwtfpwnsauces CC... from behind...

Nice post... You egotistical prick :P


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All right guys, correct me if im wrong: We began defending Eldar and now we are going to defend Selen ?

Wes Biriuk

24-04-2007 02:23:16

Correct. The force on Eldar was a diversion so the Hutts could attack Selen. The main force of Arcona is moving to defend Selen leaving behind a rear guard (NPCs and stuff) to finish off the remaining resistance on Eldar.

The main Huttese force is attacking Selen so far as we know. Twists may happen that cause us to shift again, we don't know, that's the beauty of a run-on, we make the story as we go along :P


24-04-2007 02:49:17

What Xar said.

Also, I'm not egotistical, I was just liking that post :P

Wes Biriuk

24-04-2007 08:08:35

Fair enough... Arrogance is beautiful :P


24-04-2007 09:37:17

I am posting a gigantic post at some point tomorrow about the attack on the citadel :P


28-04-2007 21:43:43

I'll post tommorow >.< I can't seem to get it from pad to computer >.<

No one bother the citidel or all this effort will be for crap >.< pleeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeee ? :P