Character Posters!


11-04-2007 10:14:02


Juda here, your friendly neighbourhood Soulfire medic!

If anyone wants me to draw their character for them like the ones below just email me ( with their description (to the last detail, including stances/poses) and prefrences and I will imediatly get back to them with an approximate date they can expect the drawing.

Only one drawing per person i'm afraid but it all depends on how many requests I get so, you can always try your luck!

The posters will be entirely free wohoo! only drawback is I request to put the JS Comics logo somewhere on the drawing, kudos.


Poster of Juda on a training mission on Dxun.

Poster of Rho on an a mission to assassinate the AED of CSP

Poster of the sexay Sash.

Drawing look alot better downsized but I'm not sure how to do it on here....

But like I said, if your intrested, give me a mail..... an a lil head ;)

Kaine Mandaala

11-04-2007 15:47:55

Do not post large images.
Next time link to an external site. I have changed these.


11-04-2007 16:17:01

Ok, I apoligize I didn't know I was violating any codes of conduct... won't happen again!

/me gives a cheesy grin :D


11-04-2007 17:28:14


<3 The one you did of Welsh, dude!

Cheers :D:D:D:D:D


12-04-2007 10:09:33

Having just seen my own...brilliant! It looks awesome! :D

Thanks a lot!



12-04-2007 18:53:56

Mine Rocks! thanks Juda!


15-04-2007 16:23:46

DUDE! That's uber-sweet man! mine definately pwns!

Thanks bro!!!!1111!!!


16-04-2007 12:53:41

Mine are cool too ! ! ! !


Hel-Pa Sklib

16-04-2007 19:59:38

Those look awesome.

I'd like to get one for my character, seeing that there aren't pany pics of my species on the 'net. Here's a pretty good page detailing the species:

I'd like a pic of that species (you can take a look at what he looks like in one of the sections to help you as well.) I'd appreciate if he could be wearing my robes, found here:

Any questions or comments, shoot me an email at or catch me on IRC. Thanks!

Hel-Pa Sklib

17-04-2007 22:12:47

Just got it, and it looks GREAT. Everything I wanted and more. Good work, Juda!

Xayun Erinos

18-04-2007 09:28:03

Got mine, it looks awesome. If you could draw pwn, this would be it. :P


06-05-2007 10:36:07

Hey Jude, can you create mine? I'll appreciate it, from what I have seen, all of them looks great!


RagNar Sklib

07-06-2007 16:33:46

Hey. can you do a poster for me. i'm Sklib's brother. we are the same race. could i maybe look a little different and have a training saber cuz i dont have one yet. my rank is APP.

Kor VanTil

09-06-2007 23:35:35

Seems like he hasn't done any in awhile. Must have gotten busy ;)

All of the ones posted were great though. :)