Hello Everyone


09-03-2007 15:54:09

Hello Arconans,

Though I've been officially "back" for about a week or so now, I thought I'd touch base on the message boards.

My name is Vassan Rokir (aka Chanlin Marr), and I have been a member of Arcona (off and on; life, college, etc.) since the Fall of 1998, though nearly all records of my membership prior to ~2001 have been lost over time. I have *1* VERY OLD EHDB roster from that time to prove this, though it's not really that big a deal to me.

The point is, I've been with Arcona since just before it became a Clan. I've served twice as a Tetrarch, (Hell's Gatekeepers, Dark Orb), Aedile and then Quaestor of House Qel-Droma, and then Proconsul and then Consul of the Clan itself. I've been Praetor to both the Oracle and the Herald, and researched/written several Clan history items as well as the Clan's Shadowcrafting powers.

I know, you're thinking: WTF? Is this guy just bragging? What a l0s3r!!1!!!11!

Not really. I just wanted to let everyone (especially any new members) know that if you need any advice, Clan information, or any other help in your DB careers, I am here to help.

Though I am uncertain at this moment (given real life stuff) how supremely active I'll be in the regular competitions, I have made myself available to the Galeres and Clan summits for any needed help with special projects, and I'll always try and make myself available to new members seeking any mentoring on the Clan, or the DB on the whole.

Anyway, hello again! Looking forward to working with you. Take care.

In darkness thrive,

Vassan Rokir


10-03-2007 22:58:17

Ah welcome Dark Brother. Its good to hear about one who has served with the dark council.

I will e a first to welcome you back here. so welcome and may the Darkness bring you strength.



10-03-2007 23:21:58

I came across your name quite a few times during my study of the history of the House Qel-Droma (conducted shortly after I became Tetrarch of the Qel-Droma phyle), It is good to have you among the living once again.


13-03-2007 01:03:36

Hey Vassan


04-06-2007 16:01:30


Take care of this one guys... best TET I've ever had!

Hell's Gatekeepers ftw!