Any Tips To One Wanting Acheivemment


01-03-2007 12:19:47

Well as my attempts in the shadowacademy to pass the tests I hve failed in all my standards. I need some help...... yes help...... I need a rank besides new recruit of "fresh meat" Been in the brotherhood for months and havent succeeded. Help me out ill tell the head master or any of our high councils of your deeds..... the good ones at least :)


01-03-2007 19:49:55

Yo Sparda, how goes? :P

Go check out the promo guidelines - mail your QUA/AED with what you have done and what you haven't done yet, so they can get you sorted out :)


01-03-2007 23:11:44

It goes well, although trying to keep lore and stuff kept in order in my mind comes to be difficult............... is there anything here on the ancient sith race itself?

Thx for the tip and answer and link. Once I get what what i want sent to the QUA then Ill be good. but anyone else wh have any other helpfull links please im open to your posts.



04-03-2007 00:08:36

your very own CBO made this guide. Figuerd I'd share


It's on my old BTL's web page but it still goes


04-03-2007 10:08:28

I sent you a mail Sparda, so if you want any help or whatever let me know.



05-03-2007 23:03:38

Thanks every one for the help and tips. Ill be sure to help any of you in the future.