New To Arcona...

Kant Lavar

12-02-2007 02:34:39

...but not to the DB. I was around some pre-split in House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow, went on ELOA for personal reasons and came back right at the end of the split, went with the EHDB until I had to go Rogue to join the Army, then came back, found the BHG had left the EH, quit the EHDB, and now after a year I'm back here.

So... yeah. Good times.

Orv Dessrx

12-02-2007 07:28:28

Welcome aboard!


13-02-2007 05:56:35

Welcome :)


13-02-2007 14:15:42

Yes, most definitely welcome. You will find Arcona to be a place where you can have a lot of fun .. and the people are great.... So... welcome...:P


14-02-2007 19:31:29

Kant from the BHG? You'll fit right in here then buddy.

*nods hello from Derik Loran*


21-02-2007 10:54:39

Hidy Ho!

So you wanna be in a good Battle Team? BAS-TYRA's looking for new blood


21-02-2007 11:16:43

If he wanted to be in a good battleteam, he wouldn't join Bas Tyra. Unlucky :P

Hey Kant, I remember you from the BHG but I doubt you remember me. But yeah, welcome and all that jazz


21-02-2007 12:03:05

PSHAW! He definatly is looking for a goot BT, as you see he's in HOO :P