Feud Ro Team 3


05-02-2007 18:53:09

This is for the Run-On Team #3 of the CSP vs Arcona Feud.

Standard RO posting, don't repeat yourself, and kick ass.

Team 3: KPN Strategos T. Entar, OP Lucius d'Tana, OT Malidir d'Tana, GRD Rho, PRT Orv Dessrx, and ACO Yadar Shyk

Topic: The CON-man has given you a mission vital to the efforts of the War with CSP. Go accomplish it.


07-02-2007 13:38:16

“Mal. I surmised that you would be in here this evening. You must come with me at once. There is a storm brewing, and I require your assistance.”

The Galerian Quaestor looked quizzically at the tall man who had just come up beside him and sat down at the bar. A smile slowly spread across the bearded human’s face, as he grabbed the attention of the bartender and motioned to his new guest.

“Something to drink, CON-man? Whatcha want? They got everything here.”

“You had better sober up quick, you drunken bastard, and listen closely to me. We’re going. Now!”

Slapping a sizable amount of credits that he had procured from within the folds of his cloak, Pontifex Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae grabbed the right arm of the younger Templar and yanked him forcefully to his feet.

“Your tab is settled and we must be gone. Come.”

Realizing that there was no real chance of convincing his Consul to allow him to finish his lum, Malidir d’Tana submitted and walked with the taller Spectral to the entrance of the cantina. He reluctantly tapped into his own personal affinity with the Force and allowed it to flow through him, eradicating any stalwart remnants of his own intoxication. Malidir knew that if the big boss was seeking him out in his favorite watering hole after hours, there must be something important afoot.

Strategos led the younger Equite to a luxury-style speeder with an open cockpit. Malidir started to object to this, but then decided against it. He recalled his lessons on how a Dark Jedi should not feel hot nor cold.

Bah, it’s definitely a cold night tonight, but I guess I’ll make do.

After a short ride to a structure that sat adjacent to the Arconan Citadel on Doto Rock, Malidir’s head was fairly bursting with the news that his Consul had relayed. Evidently, a cloaked ship had entered Dajorran space, dispatched a number of shuttlecraft and then escaped away to hyperspace. According to the surveillance satellites, all of the shuttles converged on a single island on the opposite side of Selen. The only other intelligence information available was the logo on one of the shuttles. The captured image of a sword and a dragon could only belong to Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Alighting from the speeder, both men hurried into a heavily armored structure and proceeded into a briefing room that lay within. Almost immediately, Malidir thought back to his days spent as a servant of the Galactic Empire. Excluding Strategos – who at least ‘looked’ human – the room was filled with a wide array of alien species. He counted a Wookie, a Zabrak, a Nagai and a Teltior. He was quite certain that the Emperor would be turning in his grave at witnessing such a mixed species group working together on something.

“Ok ladies, you all know the story; here is what we are going to do about it. Two other handpicked groups from our Clan have already been dispatched on secretive missions. Ours will be to launch a direct assault on the location that our rival Clan has selected here on Selen. Report to the hangar and man your fighters. May the Force be with us all.”

Running with the rest of the rabble toward the hangar bay where a number of craft were fueled and waiting, the only question on Malidir’s mind was which craft to select. He had the choices of B-Wing, E-Wing, TIE Phantom or TIE Interceptor, so he knew he had better choose wisely in order to do his bit for House Galeres and Clan Arcona.

Yadar Shyk

07-02-2007 14:28:27

As Yadar climbed into the cockpit of his TIE Phantom he decided he had better follow the spectran, Strategos, in the flight. Soon everyone was starting their engines for take-off.Just then evryone was off. Soon after they were flying Strategos came over the comlink announcing the arrival of some TIE Fighters flying under CSP's flag.

As the batle started Strategos took out two in a spin right as Yadar was able to destroy one's right wing. Malidar then finished off the handicapped TIE. Lucius fired his blasters elimanating a TIE Fighter right as Orv destroyed a TIE fighter. RHO then destroyed a TIE Fighter. Finally Lucius did a spin move destroying the leader a TIE Interceptor.

"This is just the begining," said Strategos.


07-02-2007 15:27:21

“Wake up, Yadar! What are you staring off into space like that for? Get moving and pick your ship!” Rho commanded and continued. “If you're going to be part of this team, you have to get your head in the game! Now, come on!”

“I was just visualizing the attack, sir, I'm sorry.” Yadar growled in response.

“Sorry won't cut it when you're out there at the bottom of the Ocean, so just get with it.” Rho came back rather coldly.

Rho headed over to his prepped ship, The Dagger, and proceeded to board. All his senses were tingling in the Force and he thought, 'I have a bad feeling about this.' Rho generally trusted his feelings, but this time he had to follow orders and continued to make sure everything was ready to go.

The starfighter engines were hot and ready to fly when Strategos came on the com-link: “Alright, Red Squadron... here we go boys, are we ready to destroy this CSP trash?”

“Copy that loud and clear, Red leader.” replied Orv. “I'm more than ready for this. I was born for this!”

“Let's not be cocky about this, Red 5. They still have good fighters in their clan and we have no idea who came in this cluster of CSPs, so let's be as cautious as we can, but as deadly as we can.” Strategos came back sternly. “One more thing. Avoid fighting in clusters and spread the fight out. We've all seen what that has done to us in the past. Now, LET'S GO!”

One by one each ship followed the other out of the hangar doors. Just as Yadar and Lucius were exiting the hangar in the last ships, the doors shut behind them and they were finally on their way.

Orv Dessrx

07-02-2007 20:37:08

The whine of Red 5's engine was a sound Orv hadn't heard in far too long. His piloting was average, his life thus far spent in intense mental training rather than the skills most pilots hone for precision space and air combat. What he lacked in piloting skills, he'd overcome by out thinking his opponents.

The Teltior tightened his grip on his modified ZH-25 Questor transport's steering column, excitement coursing through his veins at the thought of ripping apart the rival Clan whether in the air or on ground. His moment of inward reflection was broken, however, as his Quaestor's voice blared over the comm.

"We'll be nearing Selen shortly. Intelligence reports mentioned there were landing shuttles, but we'll be cautious. Lets break out into flight groups; Alpha and Bravo. Red 3 and 5 with me. Red 4 and 6, with 2."

Five clicks came over the comm, confirming the orders, the ships slid into V formations with precision, the abilities of the pilots enhanced by the Force more than by group flight training. Alpha and Bravo separated so as to approach the island at different vectors. Orv could now see the land mass in the distance.

"Bravo flight is picking up some heat masses on our long range sensors," came Lucius' voice over the secured frequency.

"Are the heat signatures from the shuttles, 2?" Malidir asked, a sound of anticipation leaking into his words.


09-02-2007 01:15:07

“It's unclear whether they're shuttles or something else, sir. There seems to be some kind of jamming happening here.” Lucius answered, with some concern in his voice. “The readings are all over the place.”

Strategos came on the comm., “Don't worry about it. Just try to get a definite reading before we make our presence known on the island. One thing we know for sure is that it's the enemy, so if you see something... kill it.” Strategos said coldly, but with conviction. “We're NOT taking any prisoners!”

“Copy that.” Each one responded in turn.

“Red 2, I've got something.” Yadar said in basic. “I'm picking up what seems to be stable activity below the surface of that hill over there. Let me send you the coordinates.” Are there actually tunnels under the ground?”

Before anyone could answer... “I've been hit! I've been hit! Evasive maneuvers! I repeat.. evasive maneuvers! I took a direct hit to my right wing and I think I'm going down! Rho came bursting on the comm. “Alpha, we need your help NOW! There's about 6 CSP fighters on our tail and they're not kidding!”

“On our way, Bravo!” Red 3 came back on the comm. with urgency. “Continue your evasive maneuvers until we get there. Stay out of their way as best you can!”

“Roger that Red 3....” Lucius acknowledged the order, and his words trailed off as Rho came back on the line in much distress. “Red squadron, I'm going down, they completely destroyed my right wing with their first shot! I've turned on my homing beacon in my helmet and I'm about to eject my ship. I'm going to be alone down there. Come quickly and may the Dark Side be with us all!” As his parachute opened he thought, 'Some flight leader I am...'

And with that, Rho's voice disappeared from their communications. The Zabrak and Wookie couldn't believe what they had just witnessed. Everything was so sudden and they had no idea that the CSP scum where even airborne. 'How could this happen', Lucius and Yadar thought. They could all sense Rho's mind as he was going down toward Selen and all his thoughts of the unknown going through him. The rest of the team knew very well that Rho was well prepared for what he was about to face.