Feud Ro Team 1


05-02-2007 18:50:49

This is for the Run-On Team #1 of the CSP vs Arcona Feud.

Standard RO posting, don't repeat yourself, and kick ass.

Team 1: DJM Mejas Doto, KE Alex d'Tana, OT Drodik Va'lence al'Tor, JH Etah, and GRD Joshua Santhe

Topic: The CON-man has given you a mission vital to the efforts of the War with CSP. Go accomplish it.


07-02-2007 23:48:13

Those Dirty Rotten Sonsofbitches

Alex paced up and down the deck of the Long Bong, having served as Captain of the Ship he knew every inch of the space, and was glad to see that not a whole lot had changed since he left those many years ago.

Not much, but enough. How can they have gotten rid of all the different casinos and fine dining establishments! Savages!

Just as he was working himself into a magnificent rage, his comm beeped and he snatched at it.

"Who the hell is it?" he spoke with a steely edge to his voice

"Al, it's Mejas, good to hear your voice, even if it is without the slurring effect that I so fondly remember." The Dark Jedi Master's voice crackled through the comm

"Mejas, sorry, but it seems somebody did a little redecorating in my absence. No worries, I've brought along a little goodie box that should sustain me for our duration hanging about in space while these talks work themselves out."

"That's why I'm calling, I'm feeling a little uneasy about this whole..."

Before Mejas could finish his sentence klaxtons began to sound throughout the ship.

Drodik alTor

09-02-2007 00:26:02

Meanwhile, Drodik awoke to a surprising rapping on the hull of his ship, his YT-1760 was situated in the hangar bay, the light jedi had made a home of the ship as he refused to bunk in the House quarters, that would be suicide. Laying on his fold down bunk in the lounge area. Groggily waking up he activated the lights on the nearby panel and made his way down toward the dark corridor of the entrence ramp. Turning it on, the ramp lowered, the light pierced the Nagais eyes and stunned him for a while as his retinas began to fixiate themselves to the changed contrast of the bright light. Creepily, up walked a protocol droid.

"Master Koskian has asked for your attendance to a meeting in his office as immediately as possible." As if designed for just that sentence it walked off. Keeping the ramp down, Drodik walked toward the cockpit after stopping to get a quick bite from the autochef. Upon enterance to the cockpit, the whiring of lights and various other buttons puzzled the half awake, half asleep Jedi.

Grabbing his clothing off the floors, Va'lence dressed himself, grabbing his lightsaber, he placed it in his holster and departed his ship.

Coursing through the various other ships located in the hangar, Drodik came by a few non-force users who were more than reluctant to talk to Drodik, rather than his dark sided clanmates. After a few unimportant social interactions he unstopably continued to walk toward the lift that led toward the main house offices. Upon arrival to Alex's office Drodik felt a disturbance, something was happening with Mejas, nothing the Shadow Master couldn't handle, but nevertheless, he sensed his dark power. Inside the office was not Alex, but Koskian. As he could tell from the others inside the room, there was obviously something important to discuss.

Mejas Doto

18-02-2007 09:31:36

The explosion was immense and while the vacuum of space hid any sound, the physical effects were felt by all in close proximity. The "Shadow Weaver", a modified Marauder Class Corvette and personal starship of MejasDoto, was positioned closer to the blast than most others and as the ship wretched violently in the blast, the Dark Jedi Master relinquished contact with Quaestor Alex.

"Captain Jodbro, report!" barked Mejas through the ships comm channel.

"Negligible damage Master Doto. We appear to have experienced a velocity drift from the explosion, but nothing more." replied the ship's captain, Tamedi Jodbro.

"Is the shroud in tact? Have we been detected?" presed the Arconan Elder.

"Negative Master Doto. Position has not been compromised. Request to adjust location." asked Tamedi, the sound trepidation in his voice more than apparent.

"Denied Tamedi. Take me in." snarled Mejas, raising his hood through the Force as he spoke and making his way to the ships dock.

"Understood Master."


"What the hell just happened?" roared Alex.

Before anyone onboard could answer, Strategos voice came through the comm relay: "Arcona, the meeting has been compromised. Schoale Palatinae have attacked. I want an extraction team di9spatched immediately. All free fighters to flank the CSP exit and destroy any strays." spoke Strategos, his voice authoratitive but clearly shaken.

"It shall be done Consul." replied Alex before opening channels on his terminal and addressing the waiting fleet. "Extraction team release ghranted, the cargo requires uplift. Support and attack from all free units - Oriens squadron ignore last command. Intercept and destory any and all Scholae ships or shuttles."

"Take the us forward Captain, I'll be in my chamnbers. Engage and support all units. As soon as the last Arconan leaves the base, I want it destroyed."

Storming down the corridor to his chambers, Alex reached out through the Force to contact Mejas "Doto, where are you. I've dispatched all unit, but the base will be destroyed within minutes."

"Alex, I told you there was soemthign wrong going on here. I'm supporting the extraction unit, they've just docked. As soon as they make their way back I'm going after the Scholae summit." replied Mejas, hios gravelly voice reverberating throughout Alex's mind.

"Acknowledged Mejas. I'll hold off the stations explosion as long as I can. Just let me know when you're a safe distance." replied Alex.

"Agreed. Keep monitoring sub space radars. I need to know if the shroud breaks and I'm detectable." said Mejas.

"Very well. For Arcona Mejas, slay them all." spoke Alex, punching in all available sensor systems and smiling as the Shadow Weaver remained unseen by all.