Arcona Open Run On


22-01-2007 12:04:38

Heres the lowdown.

This RO is open to the Clan for fictional purposes, and from time to time if a plat actually develops, I'll make comps based off of it (both fiction and RO based), otherwise, have fun, interact, and try not to hurt eachother too much eh?

Consider this open ended, and note that your activity here will be monitored and figured into future promos and shinies, so....

Get ta posting maggots :P

Karan Callidus Entar

22-01-2007 13:58:12

"Come on Valnir! If Kosk finds this in my room he'll kill me! I ORDER you as your TET!"
"Oh by Mejas's lob sided spikes fine! But what the hell do you do with them Etah?"
"Well, you see that porcupine in the cage and that metal pole over there-"
"Nevermind!!!! Forget I asked!"
Valnir and Etah hauled the body out of the room and threw it down the garbage shoot. This was the third time this month Etah had recruited people for this, and Valnir was starting to suspect that Etah had some issues. Very, very strange issues.
"Thank you Val, now, remember what happens if Kosk finds out about this?"
"The next twi'lek gets replaced with me?"
"Well done! Somebody paid attention to my report."
"I'd love to see you try."
"Well I do have this..." Etah grinned evily and produced a mango from behind his back. Valnir was reaching for his blade when Kosk's voice boomed down the corridor.
"Etah, Valnir, what are you doing?!"
"Um..." Valnir pulled out his sword "I was just going to cut Etah's mango into pieces for him."
"'s are extinct! Where the hell did you get it?"
"Well sir, it has something to do with HOO, a Krayt Dragon and a company of new republic soldiers going into battle naked..."


22-01-2007 16:00:37

Etah nervously waved hello to his master, his DJB robe sleeves pulled up over his hands hiding the blood stains and defensive wounds.

“Sooooooooooo how are you doing today Psyko?” Etah asked while whistling innocently.

“Ummmm we were just leaving” Valnir said slapping Etah in the back

“Ummmm, ya. What Val said” the Sakiyan said as he began to move toward the exit.

“Just one second” Koskian said putting his hand up, thumping Etah in the chest

“I didn’t know it was like that Kosk, maybe we should talk about this in private” the Jedi Hunter said glibly with a wink and a smile.

Kosks eyes blazed as he was openly mocked “Start! From the beginning!” he stated authoritatively.

“Well you see” Valnir began “It was liiiiike this” Val Paused “Um, Etah how about you tell him, about that thing that happened . . . . with those people . . . . at the place.”

“Well I would first like to say that one hundred percent of the blame lay with Orv and he should defiantly be punished. And WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!” the Sakiyan said and then yelled throwing the mango at the proconsul and making a beeline for the exit.

Dropping his sword Valnir escaped, if barley. Etah and Val were laughing as they passed Orv in the hallway. Stopping Val spoke to the Acolyte “The Pro-Consul would like to see you. When you see him just tell him that your responsible for the Twilek. It will impress him, truuuust me” Val said to the stunned ACO who felt compelled to follow the orders of the Dark Jedi Knight.

Val ran after Etah who had not stopped and was about twenty feet in the lead.

Meanwhile Koskian ran straight into Orv, knocking him on the ground as he pursued his Apprentice and his apprentices co-conspirator. Giving up on the chase Koskian realized it was Orv he had knocked over. “Hello Acolyte." he began "What do you know about Krayt Dragons, mangos and dead hookers?” The Proconsul asked, cocking his head to the side.

Orv Dessrx

22-01-2007 23:37:58

Orv Dessrx, Acolyte Extraordinaire -alright, not really...but Acolyte all the same- was floored. Quite literally. He stood and brushed himself off as he puzzled over the extremely odd question, his brow furrowing in thought. "Well," he began as his eyes drilled into Koskian's, "I don't know what a mango is. All I know about Krayt Dragons is they are large and don't live here. And as for dead hookers...well, Jedi Hunter Etah and his bosom buddy, Val over there...HEY"

The Primarch cocked an eyebrow. "Ya?"

"If the dead hookers have anything to do with Twi' wasn't me." The Teltior waved Koskian's look away with his arms. "Wait a second....what's that?" Orv pointed in the direction the leader of his Phyl and cohort had come from. There was something sticking out of the garbage chute.

Psyko grimaced and looked in the direction that Orv was pointing...sure enough, there was something sticking out of the chute. It appeared to be, well, an arm. As Koskian turned and approached the lifeless appendage, the sound of footsteps began echoing through the hall. With a quick glance behind, as Psyko had expected, Orv was nowhere to be seen. "What a pansy Acolyte!" Kosk said to himself, "What did he think I was going to do? Cut him down with my saber?" Although...upon reflection, the Primarch thought that would have been somewhat enjoyable. But back to the matter at hand....or rather, the hand that mattered - his eyes once again found the arm.


Malidir hummed softly to himself as he paced down the hall, but stopped short as he saw a figure crouching over the garbage shoot. 'What? Is that Psyko? Is he arm?!' he thought to himself. Malidir picked up his pace and sure enough, there was Psyko, mumbling to himself and holding the hand of what appeared to be a dead body!


23-01-2007 10:06:56

Callus woke up and decided he had to relive himself. He made his way to the toilet and used the force to lower his shorts and control his urine flow.

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thats better." he said pulling his shorts back up. He heard somthing going on outside. He grabbed his flashlight and lightsaber and made his way outside. He poked his head out of the door and shone his flashlight down the hall left and right.

"hmmm..." he stepped out and a random novice came barreling down the hallway. Callus jumped back into his room and tripped over a pile of dirty clothes. "I guess I should clean my room somtimes."

He again stepped into the hallway and took a left out of the room. He shimmey'd down the hallway and was shocked to see Psyko stooped over a garbage shoot.

He walked over and tripped over himself in shock to see the PCAN rubbing an arm. "ummm... errrm... Well... Heh whats that arm doing in the garbage shoot?"


23-01-2007 21:13:25

Koskian slid his hand across the pink skin of the dead twi'leks arm. This one had been one of his favorites to. Quite flexible if he recalled correctly.

Hearing a shuffling sound, Koskian's head swung around to see Callus peering intently at him. A wave of his hand pinned the Knight to the wall.

"I'm tired of everybody I ask questions of today running off, so I'm sorry for this offense, but if you know a damn thing about this dead hooker, you better speak up. And if you know anything about mangos, kryat dragons, and naked republic soldiers, I might want to know. Not so much that last one, but I would like the mangos."

Callus just blinked dumbly, trying to comprehend the gibberish that had just streamed from his PCON's mouth.

Sighing, Koskian lowered his hand, dropping the Knight to the floor. Turning, he headed towards the mess area, calling into his comlink for a special surprise.

Etah heard his comlink beep at him, answering to hear that a large order of rum and choclate had shown up at the mess hall with his name on it. Stopping dead in his tracks, he turned to his co-consipriator Valnir, he blinked. Then broke into a dead run headed for the mess hall.

Koskian grinned at the mess servant, tossing him a few credits before sitting in a corner, waiting.


23-01-2007 21:28:29

"Psyko what in the name of all that is holy are you doing?" Alex levitated down the hallway sipping from a highball glass and staring quizzically at the crowd by the garbage chute.

Psyko glanced up at the audience gathered around him and started mumbling about dead hookers, Etah, and a cage.

Alex produced a large bag of garbage and stuffed it down the chute not waiting to let the PCON remove the severed arm. "Nothing to see, get back to your damn rooms and hit the sack people, besides, does anybody really want to know?"

The small group of individuals broke up and started wandering back down the halls as Alex smiled at Kosk and led him towards the bar to get the scoop on what seemed to be troubling the PCON.

Place this before PSYKO's Post in Continuity!!

KE Alex


23-01-2007 21:44:33

"AWIXXXX!!" Callus cries as he runs up to his Quaestor and hides behind him.

"mean man put me against wall with majick!! He make me sound dumb too!!" Callus' tounge felt like a giant cottonball. "my toungge is Faltt. Wuh woahh" He flaps his tounge around and slowly regains some of his senses.

"That wasn't nice!" Callus whipped out his flashlight and switched it on to quite a few snickers. "well uh... Atleast I got a laugh huh?" Callus grinned and placed his flashlight back on his belt and stepped back into the group.

It seems that everyone who was there was just as stumped as Callus, waiting to see what would happen next.

Karan Callidus Entar

24-01-2007 10:04:27

Valnir stood in dumbstruck silence, watching the form of Etah run to the mess hall faster than a Dug on heat.
"He really IS that dumb isnt he?" Valnir said aloud. He was in trouble of his own now though. Somehow he had to concieve a story that concerned an extinct fruit, a krayt dragon and naked soldiers, just in case Kosk did eventually catch up with him. 'Well' Valnir thought, 'I may as well head to the mess hall and see Etah get the stuffing beaten out of him.' He wandered off, mumbling to himself.
"Well kosk, there was this ancient cloning facility in the new replubic that the emperors hammer wanted, so they invaded on spa day..."


28-01-2007 13:58:29

Koskian smiled, sitting in the corner of the mess hall and watched his Apprentice run in at full speed. The young Sakiyan tripped up as he caught sight of Psyko watching him, and realized he'd made a big mistake.

"I already confiscated your porcupine, Etah, now would you mind telling me why you comprimised our agreement with the Hutt agency providing us with those twi'leks?"

Etah stood for a moment, dumbstruck, torn between worry for Porky his porcupine, and the punishment coming his way.

Valnir stood back in the door way, trying to melt into the wall as he watched his Battle team leader start sweating.

Koskian growled, jumping to his feet and walking towrards Etah, murder in his eyes.

"I'm gone for a few days, and you start worrying about hookers Koskian? That's really sad." came a female voice from behind.


29-01-2007 09:43:47

“Ready my ship.” Bellowed the Quaestor, snapping around and walking down the hall of Castle Tarentum. He seemed in a far more odd mood than usual, he was anxious, meeting his friend Koskian on the Arconan planet of Eldar was normal for him, but his feelings were different this time. He should've been used to this, meeting with leaders from different Clans. Officer Meldar saw the Human and ran to him.

“Sir, you forgot your lunch!” He yelled. Archean's eyes closed as he heard the bounding footsteps get closer.

“Damnit.” The Officer handed the box, which contained a sandwhich and an apple.
“ least he knows what i like.” The Quaestor thought.

The Sith closed the box and slowly walked quietly to his personal shuttle, to transport him to the Creeping Death. As he went through the big metal doors, he turned to one of the officers.

“Everything ready?”
“Yes sir, just waiting for you to board.” Archean nodded and walked up the ramp.

Archean sat down and prepared to unpack his food when his gaze met the pilots.

“Leaving now, sir.”

The Sith took a bite of his sandwhich, his facial expression turned into a disgusted one.

“Salami instead of ham...damn him to the fiery depths of mustafar.” He threw the sandwhich in the bin and sat back.

“I hope Arcona has better food than this.” he thought.


Archean came down the ramp of his shuttle, which safely docked inside the Creeping Death. One of his Officers stood at the blast doors, awaiting his Quaestor's arrival.

"Glad you made it, sir."
"No time for chit chat, let's go, already." The Officer nodded and ran through the doors to relay the message.

A few moments later, the ship set off to the planet Eldar.

Archean's stomach began to grumble.

"I hope they'll have food...i could eat a taun taun."


14-02-2007 01:09:12

Just before Rho came into the mess hall to have his meal, he stepped out of his quarters just seconds after Etah and Valnir walked by while dragging the dead Twi'lek's body. He wasn't sure what they were doing at first, but as he walked stealthily closer he saw exactly what was going on. 'Yup, I know that W.hore. What a waste... I thought I heard something coming from there. Oh well.' Rho thought, then shrugged his shoulders and went to the mess hall for some well deserved food.


Rho was sitting in the back of the Mess hall eating... the Force knows what... and watching this interaction between this Master and Apprentice take place.

'I was hoping for some entertainment today' Rho thought while taking a bite. 'nothing like a dinner show.'

Then all of a sudden he notices Valnir trying to hide in the corner and then Selene comes in from the far door just behind Koskian. Selene looks at Rho and winks, then she over hears what is being said.

"I already confiscated your porcupine, Etah, now would you mind telling me why you compromised our agreement with the Hutt agency providing us with those twi'leks?"

There was a slight pause...

Then Selene cut in and surprised Koskian, "I'm gone for a few days, and you start worrying about hookers Koskian? That's really sad."