Galeres Bowl 2007!

Karan Callidus Entar

15-01-2007 18:28:55

Ok people, this is it, Galeres Bowl 2007. Although sign-ups are closed, if people want to join in from now, pick your team and join in properly. Even though the winning team gets shinies, Im not gonna reccomend medals if your contribution amounts to one crappy post.

Ok, the game is basically going to be played in a rugby/american football style. We have 2 teams (feel free to write in people from the house) and one rule; you get the ball to the end zone. The winning team will get 5th level crescents, and a special shiny shall be awarded to the best writer.

The teams are:
Blue Team- Selene and Etah

Red Team- Malidir and Nadrin.

I'll be judging on style and humour. Let the games begin!

"Welcome to Selen for this hugely exciting match! Im your announcer Valnir and im sitting with a large beer and a great view of this newly built stadium. It seems all of Arcona, including the non jedi personel, have turned out to witness this spectacle. Its two teams, one ball and no rules for the Galeres bowl!

And here come the teams, the Blue Team captained by Selene and the Red team captained by Malidir. This is going to be a tough match. Who will win? We'll have to check the body count. And look at that? Isnt that Kosk in the east stand with his mother? What a lovely lady. Oh...thats

And the players have taken their positions. The referee today is Mejas Doto, an Elder of the clan and a complete head case who im sure will go on a homicdal rampage into the stands before the end of the match. We can only hope, eh folks? The ball is down, the whistle is blown, lets play ball!!!

Orv Dessrx

19-01-2007 17:23:28

Orv Dessrx adjusts his robe beneath his blue colored football padding (Durable, yet stylish) as best as he can as he bolts down the hallway. He's late for the game and the halls echo with each foot fall. 'Maybe they haven't started yet.' He thinks to himself while turning a shoulder to barrel through the door.

There's cheering but the brightness of the stadium are too much for his eyes which were too well adjusted to the darkness from using a dimly lit 'fresher' for too long. He can't see but the cheering directs his movement and he increases his speed towards the field.


The ball is snapped to Etah, who jukes left and right, the opposing team trying to rush the Jedi Hunter - turned - Quarterback. Malidir is barreling through Blue's defense and Etah gasps as he sees a lone figure running near the middle of the field! 'Sweet! An open blue stylish padding!' He thinks in his mind as he hurls the ball towards his target.


Orv stands still as his eyes focus and his ears adjust to the noise. He hears a shout from his right about 30 yards away and turns to look. His eyes lock with Etah's and notices a look of hope and worry on the Sakyian's face. And then it hits Orv. 'Where's the ball?' And then it really hits him.

Right between the eyes.

Thank god for the helmet.

Red cheers. Blue sighs. Orv aches.

Mejas Doto

22-01-2007 12:09:32

Mejas had zero tolerance for the crazed games of the younger Arconan's, yet he agreed to participate if only so he could slaughter the Yeomanry who'd been annoying him most recently. The Zabrak Shadow Master was dressed from head to toe in black... for a change and his copy of the Doto Doctrine has been swapped for the rules of the Galeres bowl Mejas was sure that he could enforce them as equally and unfairly as he did the Doctrine.

As Orv lay dazed on the floor Mejas let rip with a flick of Force lightning, "This is the Brotherhood Orv, not the Senate. Get up off your arse and let me see some of that killer instinct."

The teltior leapt to his feet, clutching the burnt patch on his robes. Orv was ready to prove all these Jedi that that what he lacked in Force power he more than made up for in cunning.

"Game on my Children of Chaos, and if I don't see more blood soon I'm gonna have to crack out ole Bloodfang....comprende?"



22-01-2007 16:25:28

Luckily for the blue team Orv had the sense and sound mind to retrieve the ball. Unfortunately for Orv he was creamed by Mali and SeeSee, both Dark Jedi landing on the Acolyte with the full weight of their bodies. Ohhhhhhhhhh that’ll leave a mark Etah thought to himself. On their own 40 yard line they had 60 yards to go.

Huddling the Jedi Hunter instructed Orv to hike the ball to him and then run a passing play while Etah would follow behind and beside him defending his flanks. Getting down with the ball, Orv looked through his legs at the Jedi Hunter behind him in something resembling a homoerotic pose, before snapping the ball and taking off running.

Mali seemed to be heading towards Etah while SeeSee was heading toward Orv. As SeeSee reached him Orv juked left, and ran completely past the Dark Jedi Knight. Looking back at Etah just before Mali reaches him, moved back and snapped his arm throwing a perfect spiral.

Mali jumps an impossible fifteen feet in the air, snatching the ball mid-flight. Agitated Etah waits from him to land and punches him in the face, taking the ball and running.


23-01-2007 10:39:15

After being throttled in the face by the Jedi Hunter from the Blue squad and losing the ball, Malidir turned and began to plead his case to Mejas.

“Come on! Isn’t there something in your precious Doto Doctrine that covers blatant infractions like this? Seriously, that’s gotta be a foul!”

With the slight tightening of his own throat the sole answer that the Obelisk Templar received from Arcona’s Guardian and appointed adjudicator of today’s football contest, Malidir shrugged off the effects of the earlier blow to both his face and pride and turned to watch in disgust as Etah ran the ball into the endzone. Zandro “CC” Erinos quickly ran back down the field to where Malidir was standing and decided to get on his Sergeant’s case.

“Wtf, Mal? Why did you feel the need to bitch and complain when what you should have done was run after him and tackle his ass? Come now, I know you’re made of sterner stuff than that, so let’s get this done. For ze Bruddahoot!”

After the perfunctory PAT kick had sailed through the uprights, CC and Mal took their positions and got ready to receive the kickoff for their next drive attempt. With the score currently standing at 7-0, both men knew that scoring now was of the utmost importance. As DJM Doto blew the whistle and Orv took a few steps and booted the ball high into the crisp air, CC settled under it and made ready to do his best to secure positive yardage with a solid kickoff return.

Karan Callidus Entar

23-01-2007 19:28:58

And there seems to be a fight breaking out in the north stand...and Mejas has stepped in...with his lighstabre. Oh gods its a massacre! Theres bits everywhere!!!! And theres old ladys in the crowd watching!!!

And they love it!


24-01-2007 10:46:27

Callus saw that the Blue team had an unfair advantage with an extra man on their side. He snapped up his helmet and ran out onto the feild at the cheers of the entire stadium.

He saw that CC had recived the kick-off from the Blue team. He ran out infront of the returner like a human sheild. He sees Orv running down the feild trying to make a tackle. Callus caught the Acolyte by the throat and slammed him into the ground creating a small crater.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Callus whooped as he looked over the body of the Acolyte. As he's celebrating CC keeps on running down the feild.

Before he knew what happened Etah and Sel were in a Pile ontop of CC. "Sorry..."

"1st DOWN!" Mejas called after dealing with the brawl in the stands. It was indeed 1st down and 10 on the Red 40 yardline.

Orv Dessrx

24-01-2007 11:20:48

Orv rubbed his helmeted head as he crouched at the scrimmage line. It still throbbed from a direct hit from the ball, compounded by Callus' most recent 'attack' which rendered his hearing useless. Was that even legal!? The Teltior glanced at the referee, Mejas Doto, and sighed. The Dark Jedi Master had returned to the stands and was once again killing unruly fans. The Acolyte sighed.

Malidir called the play. "Blue 32, Pink 51, Chartreuse 819, Puce -4, HIKE!"

The ball was snapped! Yet so confusing was the play that: Selene and Etah fainted on the spot; eight birds flying overhead at that precise moment fell to their deaths; CC sat down on the field in stunned silence; and Callus, his mind a buzz with a mixture of colors and numbers, ran towards the stands.

With no one to throw to, Malidir held the ball close to his body and began his shield-less run. Against...Orv, whose impaired hearing turned out to be more of a boon than hindrance. He seemed blissfully unaware that the most complex play in football history was just shouted out by his Obelisk opponent!

With a shrug, Mal bolted down the field with Orv hot on his trails.

"You're no match for me, Orv!" shouted the Obelisk Templar from over his shoulder.

Orv, of course, couldn't hear what was said but that didn't matter. He had his own plans. He followed Malidir over the 30. The 20. The Teltior was gaining, albeit slowly. They were at the 10, a meter apart, with no chance of a tackle.

Malidir grinned to himself, mentally preparing his touchdown dance when he heard the sound of a snap-hiss behind him then felt a stab of pain in the back of his legs, forcing his knees to the ground. He swore.

Orv, smiling, de-activated the training saber and tucked it back into his padding. Orv hadn't stopped Malidir as soon as he would have liked...but it would have to suffice, not to mention, the sheer adrenaline rush from downing the Templar brought Orv's hearing back to working order.

Mejas strolled over from the stands - obviously oblivious to Orv's actions - spoke loudly: "Red Team, First down and 7 yards to go!"