Galeres Bowl Sign-up

Karan Callidus Entar

08-01-2007 17:19:47

As you may have read from that little link above, were going to have a little American football style run-on. What fun! XD

Heres the place to sign up for it, if you want to be in it just post your name. Please dont spam this thread, this is purely to see who wants to be part of the run-on.

This is just for a bit of fun, but theres shinies in it for the winning team, and an extra shiny for best writer!

Two teams, one ball, no rules.
Galeres Bowl 2007


09-01-2007 23:36:23

See...the 'no rules' part got me. I'm good :P


10-01-2007 11:06:10

I'm game. Sounds like some fun.



10-01-2007 11:40:20

Blue-22! Blue-22! Hut! Hut!

*goes back to his corner*


10-01-2007 11:43:45

...k, see, we're gonna have to clear something up here. Are we gonna do rugby or sissy football? :P


10-01-2007 12:18:38

Sissy football? No, he's talking about American football (yes, name isn't right, deal :P), not the "real" football (ie. the sissy version where they get touched and fall to the floor as if they've been shot in the back :P)


10-01-2007 12:23:44

Sissy Football!? I take offense at that QUA-Lady.

Dude you shoulda made this an ARCONA comp HOO vs HG in the "Brotherhood Brotherhood bowl, presented by Spam" We all know who would win but it still woulda been fun


10-01-2007 13:18:28

bloody Americans :P

okay, so I have no clue, but since there are no rules, it's all good :D (yes my logic is flawless)

and CBO
*sticks her tongue out at you*
There, deal :P

Karan Callidus Entar

11-01-2007 18:21:36

What did I say about not spamming?!?!?! It says it quite clearly in the first post!!!

GITS!!! :P


11-01-2007 20:15:54

I am down >.< :P

Also in case you didn't know guys don't weat tiny shorts in Football (as opposed to futball >.<)


11-01-2007 23:32:17

It's not spamming, it's me figuring out what I'm supposed to be doing ... oh and getting everyone enthusiastic :D

Mal, get the rest of your team to sign up, they need the practice >.>


Karan Callidus Entar

12-01-2007 10:55:09

Ok, we'll give the sign-up till Sunday, anyone who reads this please join and get the rest of your battleteam/friends in this.

Wes Biriuk

12-01-2007 18:43:12

I am down >.< :P

Also in case you didn't know guys don't weat tiny shorts in Football (as opposed to futball >.<)

You just wear ball hugging lycra.


12-01-2007 21:30:50

cup hugging lycra and the ladies love it. Just ask CBO >.<


15-01-2007 17:58:29

What the hell. Sign me up.


17-01-2007 19:40:55

Im in. this would be my first run-on :)

Oh and whoever loses their soul you have to pay me for uit :P

Karan Callidus Entar

17-01-2007 20:37:58

Ok people, the run-on has started. Theres a forum on here for it. Go post!


18-01-2007 04:26:25

G.O. P.O.S.T :)

Orv Dessrx

19-01-2007 18:53:24

I'm in...I've already posted though :D I called Blue Team! w00t!

Orv Dessrx

21-01-2007 11:26:02

Anyone else plan on posting?


22-01-2007 11:33:39

cup hugging lycra and the ladies love it. Just ask CBO >.<

Yes Cup hugging lycra it is! It has saved my future family many times.



23-01-2007 14:23:22

oh crud did i miss it??? i need to stop playing those online mmorpg's :)

Orv Dessrx

23-01-2007 14:49:54

Its still in progress for 3 more days. Post it up! :)