22-12-2006 13:06:51

What the hell how people are in the military in this house, no better yet the whole brotherhood? I was in the Army, 18 months in the litter box.


23-12-2006 01:11:54

What's this topic about? lol

I'm 19 years old in the Navy. o.O;



23-12-2006 04:50:25

Hmm, military, love it. Btw Esca, you arent in HEK, are you?


27-12-2006 05:36:39

Army National Guard combat medic coming up on six years. Gotta love it man.


28-12-2006 15:37:36

uhh.. Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps... :)

Enlisting in the Air Force in like 6 years.


29-12-2006 02:57:14

Unless your gonna be an Air Force grunt ( Security Forces, Combat Controller, Pararescue etc. ) go to collage and become an officer. The Air Force treats you like a king but itís a highly political environment and support EMís are expendable >_<


29-12-2006 17:17:06

I know, I'm planning to go to college and major in Accounting then enlist after taking ROTC in college


04-05-2007 12:48:17

NAVY?? Air Force JROTC...well can't knock there i was there in high school...but what the hell man? Oh yeah go army and ha i am already out >:)

That's all i wanted to know


04-05-2007 14:00:48

I was in the Dutch Royal Marechausee for 2 years. It's kinda like military police but we also trained in spec. ops and anti-terrorism.

I was glad to get out thouh. I didn't like the "shoot first, ask questions later" method very much.


04-05-2007 14:36:00

Oh really?..That's cool! Anyone else from a over sea's military


09-05-2007 19:44:39

<<<< I didn't like the "shoot first, ask questions later" method very much. >>>>>

What did your guyís ROE look like? Iím with an MP company now and we shoot first if an individual presents a threat (has a wepon and is pointing at us or has fired) otherwise we move into control (*mussel thump* get down! Show me your hands! Etc.).

Klars Matol

20-09-2007 03:55:36

I'm Canadian Air Force


21-09-2007 06:20:15

Wait a second, the Canadians have planes? WTF?! who gave you guys planes?!


22-09-2007 06:20:19

Welcome to Galeres and Arcona Klars, let me know if you need anything. email is


27-03-2008 18:55:32

Wooo for resurecting the Military Topic? Anyway, 2LT in the Green Berets (Army Special Forces for those who did not know).


26-12-2011 15:09:05

I'm in the VA NG Chem corps lol gotta love every bit of it lol


09-01-2012 02:56:52

Just got out of the Marine Corps. The last 2yrs were in Japan and all over the Asia Pacific with the Navy on LHD2 Essex :twisted:


23-03-2013 00:02:57

I'm going to ressurect this topic... :D
So anyway - I'm a Combat Engineer from the IDF, currently serving in my mandatory 3 years service.


03-05-2013 04:43:47

Ex-Army of 4 years. Worked in Communications as a 25U. Made Sergeant. Not much else


12-05-2013 10:39:28

5 years 101st Airborne, 2 deployments to Baghdad, left as a Captain. Was stuck in the Operations Center for most of the time so no cool stories about kicking in doors :(


29-04-2014 17:06:49

I took the test for RNC, got good grades, but I pulled out to study at LJMU Zoology. Didn't think a guy with glasses could go far.