E've been gone for awhile


06-12-2006 23:07:59

Hello my brothers and sisters of galares. The title says it all but still i will ask it again. Whats happened the last few (3) months that ive been gone?


06-12-2006 23:37:07

Hey Sparda,

It's good to have you back! A couple of changes: I'm your Quaestor, Lucius d'Tana is your Aedile, Strategos is Consul and Koskian is Proconsul. That's about it for the major things.

There are a couple of competitions running, check them out here.

If you need anything else, just drop Luc or I an e-mail, addresses are listed on the dossiers :)


Edit - Clicky fixed, sorry.


07-12-2006 00:15:21

thank you for the news and i will check out the competitions right away.

all in Darkness we will blind the light.

*Edit* Um that page isnt showing. Its saying the page doesnt exist. what forum or topic is it in?*Edit*

Wes Biriuk

12-12-2006 21:34:18



13-12-2006 02:19:15

/me stabs at HTML. You know, one day I will be able to do it right the first time (without Karel saving the day :P)


right, that can't go wrong...I don't think :P


13-12-2006 20:09:11

Was wondering where you went :P


15-12-2006 01:09:30

aye... i tend to dissapear alot for a perid of time ;)


15-12-2006 04:38:15

You missed my triumphant rise to power ! and all the awesomeness contained in the entity that prefers to be known as, ETAH ! lol