Galeres Trivia


01-12-2006 20:04:39

Due date: 23 January 2007.

1. What was Anakin's first reaction when he found out Padme died? (2)

2. How did Yoda die and how old was he when he died? (2)

3. What fighting style(s) did Darth Maul know? (2)

4. How did Obi-Wan kill Darth Maul? (2)

5.Who said, "The boy is dangerous. They all sense it. Why can't you?" and when was it said? (2)

6. Who said, "Sometimes I amaze even myself." (2)

7. How many lines (speaking parts) does Boba Fett actually have throughout the entire original Star Wars trilogy? (2)

8. What real life person played the character: Jango Fett? (2)

9. In what Episode was Jango Fett's first cinematic appearance? (2)

10. What is Jabba The Hut's real FULL name? (2)

11. What did Jabba the Hut's palace used to be and who did it belong to? (2)

12. How old was Mace Windu in Episode III? (2)

13. What planet was Mace Windu originally from? (2)

14. Which Jedi Masters did Emperor Palpatine kill in the first battle that we see with him in it? (2)

15. Who was Stass Allie's cousin who was also a Jedi Master (2)

Thanks to Rho for these :)

Due date: 16 January 2007.

1. Who founded House Arcona? (1)
2. Name the last three Quaestor’s of Galeres. (3)
Selene d'Tana, Koskian d'Tana, Quejo Bandon Xyler, Magus 'Tsurugi' Lionheart - any of these four were accepted
3. What does “JST” mean and who is the “JST”? (2)
Justicar, Firefox (at the time)
4. Which DB society destroyed the infrastructure on Gethsemane, and who was their last commander? (2)
GMRG, DA Khobai Wrathraven Arconae
5. What is the “Proving Ground” used for in the ACC? (1)
Qualification Battles
6. What will your GMRG rank be when you first join the society? (2)
7. What are the upgrades for a Silver Sash? (2)
You can only receive a Silver Sash once, so there is no upgrade
8. What is the length of a year on Selen? (2)
454 Local Days
9. Who is the SWG Tribune? (1)
Maximus Raidoner Mandalore
10. What are SoL’s and how can you obtain one? (3)
Seals of Loyalty, they are awarded twice a year; on the Anniversary of the Split (April 13) and on the Day of the Fox (Nov 6) for allegiance and service
11. What does the acronym “KAB” mean? (1)
Knight Adjutant of the Brotherhood
12. How many Elders are in Galeres? (1)
13. What does [CFS] stand for (ACC) and who can use this power? (2)
Create Force Storm, Grand Master(s) only
14. Two members have earned the title of “ACE” in the ACC, who are they? (2)
Halcyon Rokir, Dark Sabre
15. Which game is the newest one to be added to the DB's official list of supported games? (1) (edit: this Question didn't make much sense, hope it works now)
EaW : FoC (Empire at War : Force of Corruption