custom lightsaber

Dark hunter

19-02-2005 20:16:51

Greetings Arcona
I am Darkhunter #4754.
I make lightsabers for collectors, fans and many others.
If you have a design or a picture of a lightsaber you want just email me or make a post here. Please note that i will not do Count dooku lightsabers.

Tarax Kor

20-02-2005 16:04:35

Lan's sabers are the best. :D


20-02-2005 22:25:46

Haahah yes Lan's sabers are by far the best. Lan, post up Tarax's pic!

Kaine Mandaala

21-02-2005 01:06:16

Dark Hunter's talking about making actual props, guys.

Dark hunter

21-02-2005 07:24:05

thanks you clearing that up Herald Kaine.
Yes i can take images and make them into real life props. The certain lightsabers i cannot do for example count dookus and copyrighted designs by lucasarts.


20-03-2005 23:03:07

My lightsaber is Silver!