New guy


24-10-2006 17:35:16

Hey, I figured better do this so you all can see meet me :),

Im Kirek just joined DJB about 3 days ago, I was recruited by Etah, and I recruited Kreth to House Arcona.

A little about me, im not new to the whole star wars rping games, but this is a first time I have ever actually done a FS rpg and so far I like it. I like to consider myself a good writer aswell a poet and a good roleplayer. I like Star Was always have, also I have my own real life replica's of Clone Commander Cody and Jango Fett's armor, I like to collect ;).

Other then that just wanted to say hi!


24-10-2006 21:19:57

HI THERE NEW GUY! I'm not so new but I'm still a guy. Great to have you!


25-10-2006 15:15:13

halllllllllllllllllllllllo, hi, welcome,

Good to have you :)


25-10-2006 22:28:34

Kirek, you should change orders cuz krath are kinda gay.


26-10-2006 06:14:45

lol, thanks guys and NO to Kho, I will switch if you give me 20 logical reasons why I should leave Krath and using gay is not one :P Good luck.



08-11-2006 22:56:39

'lo, since Kirek here recruited me, I'll just say hello here. I'm known more as a rabble-rouser, and caused a lot of trouble in another RP(Ask Kirek).


08-11-2006 23:17:55


Heya Kirek, good to have you..oh and as for getting into trouble - not without me you don't :P


09-11-2006 10:35:08

The Kreth lives :o

Mejas Doto

06-01-2007 11:00:22

Hello there Kirek and Kreth. Good to hear from some energetic new memebrs with plenty of skills to boot!

I'm an old member in this Clan, but trying to get more active again. It'd be great to see you online in IRC. There's a web applet available on the main DB site if you can't get a hold of mIRC (freeware).

IRC Webchat

I look forward to chatting in person soon - if you ever read this post!

Kaine Mandaala

06-01-2007 14:24:15

Just a quick clarification - mIRC is shareware, not freeware. They expect you to buy it eventually.


05-02-2007 05:44:10

Just a quick clarification - mIRC is shareware, not freeware. They expect you to buy it eventually.

Yeah but you don't actually have to :P