02-10-2006 19:04:05

“Thank you all for getting here on such short notice. We know you were all on training missions, but this mission is far more important than anything you have undertaken so far in your careers.”

The group of assembled Dark Jedi seemed to grow even more attentive at these words, eager to hear what was so important as to bring Arcona’s two most active Battleteams together. A spectator looking at the meeting wouldn’t have noticed much animosity between the two groups of Jedi apart from the fact that they sat separately. However, there was much ill feeling between the groups, which anyone who was associated with either would know. One of the oldest Soulfire members, Nadrin Jubolt, cast a venomous glance over at the opposing battleteam before speaking up.

“If it’s important are you sure you want to trust Bas-Tyra with it? Just send Soulfire and we will more than make up for any absence they may have left in the mission.”

The comment caused the Bas-Tyra group to stand up and shout over at the other battleteam, which in turn caused the Soulfire members to jump up and face off with the opposing Jedi. A strong voice cut through the racket that had erupted between the two groups.

“This is not the time for egos. You will sit down and listen to this briefing, you will work as a team and you will complete this mission together.”

The Jedi, glancing malevolently over at their opposite numbers, sat down once more, although there was now a low rumble of muttering. Quejo ignored this however and pushed on with the briefing.

“As you may or may not know, two of our senior leaders have been taken by Taldryan, and we want you to go and get them back. Now, you will be split into the two parts of a whole mission, and it will go like this…”

* * * * *

Selene and Nadrin walked out of the briefing and were the first out into the corridor, their heads pressed together as they discussed what they had just heard.

“I can’t believe we are being made to baby-sit these clowns. We could accomplish this on our own and everyone knows it, so why have them?”

“I don’t know Nadrin, but I don’t like this. I get a strange feeling. We will just have to put up with this and prove our worth by being better than they are. Get your equipment and wait for my signal.”

The Knight nodded at his commander and branched off towards his dormitory as Selene continued on the route to her office. She had some things to sort out first…

* * * * *

“My Lord, you know my feelings on this matter and still you team me up with her?”

Quejo looked at Scyrone with a furrowed brow, his anger barely contained.

“This mission is imperative and I don’t care for your dislike of your fellow commander, you will obey and no fighting between your squads.”

“This is more than dislike, we are always at loggerheads and if it were not for her skill in leading I would have challenged her to a duel long ago.”

“Enough. Leave me, prepare for this mission and do not return until you are victorious.”

Scyrone stalked from the room, fuming at the indecency of being teamed up with one of his worst opponents.

This won’t be fun.


OOC : Standard RO rules apply.


04-10-2006 00:05:28

The young Dark Jedi stood toward the back of the room as they were being
briefed by Quejo. Etah could sense the tension in the room but did not feel
it himself. Bas-Tyra was an amateur unit full of Krath scholars; they were
clearly out classed by the experienced Obelisk warriors of the Soulfire Strike
Team. Each Battle team had a number of people from different orders but
the team’s different focuses were clear and few could match the
professionalism and dedication of Soulfire in ground based operations.

The dark skinned Dark Jedi warrior cringed as Quejo continued to brief the
gathered Battle teams. Quantifying the missing former Arcona leaders as
being “ taken by Taldryan ” when indeed their status is unknown was an
extremely irresponsible action on the Proconsuls part and could easily lead
to an undue escalation of violence between the two clans. The Sith were
supposedly the leaders of the brotherhood but the young Sakiyan thought
they sometimes lacked subtlety and tact.

As the briefing came to an end the Obsidian skinned humanoid rose and
silently followed his battle team leader towards the Soulfire conference room,
observing the immediate area in a Z pattern looking for snipers and other
signs of an impending ambush.


04-10-2006 19:00:28

Selene watched the new member’s antics with an expression of stern amusement. She managed to hide the amusement as she spoke up to let the other Soulfirian know she was there.

“It’s OK Etah, we have our Security Chief to make sure there are no ambushes in the base, you’re safe.”

The new recruit smiled nervously as he moved forwards.

“Old habits die hard. Where is everyone anyway?”

“Getting their gear together, I suggest you do the same and meet up in the shuttle bay. If there are any last minute plans to discuss, they occur there generally.”

Etah nodded and headed towards the door but Selene called out before he got there.

“Etah, it’s good to have you with us. It’s been a while since a new person showed any motivation. Hopefully you can rub off on some of the old guys and get them moving faster again.”

The Protector smiled and walked out of the room as Selene headed towards the door so that she might also get prepped for the mission ahead.

Wes Biriuk

05-10-2006 09:20:43

Hidden in the depths of his hooded cloak Jet Kasto silently followed his Tetrarch out of the meeting. Soulfire, so he had heard, were the best in Arcona, perhaps the best ever. Rumours ran abound that these wariors of darkness were so efficient that even other Consuls secretly feared them. Jet had never seen the truth behind these absent-minded claims, most likely created by the members themselves. "Why is there such hatred between our two teams? Even our two houses? We are all Arconan." One of the younger Acolytes, Granack, asked.

"It started out as a little friendly competition some time ago. In recent months the little competition has escalated to rivalry and hatred. Soulfire belive they are the best because they have been around longer. The history of the team, though intimidating, does not mean they are all they say they are." Scyrone replied, "I just hope you guys are ready for this. Soulfire will not let us help and We can't do much about that. My plan is to get both our leaders back without Soulfire even realising it."

"I realised a little while ago that both Halcyon and Ma'ar have a long history in Oriens." Xar said, "It is our mission to bring them back home." Xar smiled as he saw the newer members beam at news thatsuch great Sith had once been part of their house. They felt special knowing that they had been picked for the task that lay ahead.

Xar slid over to the only Jedi equipped with a lightsaber in the team, Dark Jedi Knight Kalika. "How are you feeling this day?"

"I am quite well thankyou. And yourself." the female Falleen replied.

"I feel invigorated. Todays events have got me going." Xar grinned and shot a wink at the red haired seductress.

"Well, don't waste your energy now. The children will need you at your best later." She smiled and turned her head, glancing at the Bas-Tyra crew. "We will all need you." Xar stopped smiling and was suddenly serious again. This was not a time for flirting or fun, seriou business was at hand.


06-10-2006 06:16:47

Etah nodded as they walked along. “ Roger that, all my gear is together
with my three day assault pack, so I won’t take long. But I do have some
questions about our upcoming mission ”
the young Dark Jedi responded.
Etah, Jubolt and Selene parted ways, to collect their gear. Grabbing his assault
pack and his Krath war blade the dark skinned Sakiyan headed down the
corridor toward the shuttle bay.

Etah spent his first eighteen years within the walls of the Chuch of the Sith’ari,
but spent the last three years on the Sakiyan homeworld. After traveling to Saki
he joined the Sakiyan Army, where he was commissioned due to his level of
education and served in both infantry and reconnaissance roles. While apart
of the Sakiyan Army he honed his natural senses and picked up the general
paranoia of the Sakiyan people.

Stepping through the hatch into the shuttle bay Etah looked around for other
members of the Soulfire battleteam.


06-10-2006 10:55:37

Bas-Tyra walked over to the armory. Scyrone always wanted his team to go to the armory before they left on a mission. They never know what they might need.

Scyrone had remembered the few missions the team members had gone on. He remembered the sixth Great Jedi War, when Jet, Keno, and JScumm were the only members in the team. But over time the team grew and grew, until there were many members on the team. Many benefits come with a larger team. More members, more friends. When you are in trouble, you got at least five others to back you up. You got so much talent and so much challenge in a team. And the best part of all . . . you don't have to use those wimpy shuttles anymore, now we get are larger shuttle for a larger team.

"We are going to the armory first," stated Scyrone with his team flowing behind him, "there you will pick a weapon to take on this trip. Try to choose a light-weight gun, I think it would benefit all of us if you didn't bring a rocket launcher or a massive repeater gun."

Scyrone strolled up to the door of the armory and entered the proper code to access the door. The door shifted open and there gleamed silver guns and repeaters, lined all along the walls.

"Take what you need . . . not what you want."

The veteran members slowly passed Scyrone to get to there usual guns, but the young members rushed past them all the check out all the cooler guns. Scyrone went the the melee rack and picked up the sharpest Katana he could find. He sheathed it and quickly grabbed a side-pistol. Scyrone loked over to the side. To see Jet, Keno, Kalika, and JScumm walking towards the hanger already, while Scyrone and the rest followed behind.

"So what do we do now?" asked Jaxion to the Ithorian.

"We go to Taldryan space. Hopefully we won't run into any trouble. And if we do . . . we'll try not to kill them."

Jaxion fell back to the rest of the newer BT members. The team enetered the large shuttle. The walls were quite dirty, and they looked really old, but the seats were quite confortable, and they lined the walls, each with there own belt. In the back of the shuttle there was a small food storage place and two bunkbeds. JScumm was already in the cockpit, along with Jet as the co-pilot, and Keno on navigation. Kalika sat in the remaining cockpit seat. The seat was usually reserved for security, but there wasn't really a security so Scyrone didn't care. The Ithorian leaned over JScumm and whispered to him and Jet, "Go to Taldryan system, pilot out of the atmosphere at a slow rate at first. Then go fast once out of the atmosphere."

The Ithorian trailed over to Kalika, "Can you contact Taldryan authorities and ask if we could possibly arrange a meeting on one of the Taldryan planets? And after that tell Venquis and Odin that we are on our way."

"Where are you going," asked Kalika.

"I'm . . . going to prep the new members. Then I'm going to sleep. Keno, you know where to go."

With that Scyrone went into the back to prepare the newer members for this mission, and they took off.

Wes Biriuk

06-10-2006 11:46:47

Jet sat at his controls and scanned them making sure everything was fine. He had full trust in JScumm but, he had learned nevee to be too careful so, he checked everything again. Assured that the ship would reach its destination, lest an unforseen obstacle block it, the Nautolan swiveled his chair to gain some room. He pulled out his katana and fira swords. The first time Jet had seen a katana he was in awe at the sharpness that was achieved. Even the best blacksmiths on his planet could not forge such a thing. The fira however was similar in almost every way to the swords he used growing up. The Guardian was an excellent swordsman and would hope to soon challenge for the title of best in Arcona after this misison. He checked his swords for any imperfections and once satisfied sheathed both swords and placed them next to his chair. Standing, Jet moved to take out a pack of pazzak cards, but Keno had already beaten him to it.

"How about a game?" Keno asked Jet.

"Sure. Fifty credits enough?" Jet replied.

"Sounds good." Both of them reaced for the credits and placed them on the table. Jet pulled his cards out. Selecting his side-deck Jet waited for his opponent.

The best of three game was over quickly, Keno proving the better player, but Jet wouldn't give up. All in all he lost around one thousand credits to the hairy brute. When he decided to surrender, Jet made a retreat to the habitation bay and had a light nap. It wouldn't be too long before they arrived.


09-10-2006 08:05:09

Everything was seen to move quickly once the shuttle entered hyperspace. Keno had set the navigation very well. A long jump to New Holstice system, nearby the Perlemian Trade Hyperspace route which they could use it to the the Donovia system, and then a short jump that would bring them to the Taldryan system, also known as Kr'tal system, home of the Clan Taldryan.

The Kr'tal system consisted of five planets; Karufr, where the Clan Taldryan headquarters located. Taruma, homeworld of House Ektrosis, and Altur, homeworld of House Dinaari. The 4th planet was Volcanus, once was under control of House Archanis, but after they merged with House Dinaari, they abandoned their former planet and moved to Altur. Lastly, the uninhabitated planet Kaltace, due to its extreme cold temperature.

After the third jump, a short one, the shuttle popped out of the hyperspace and they were in normal space again. Keno and Jet Kasto had returned to their seat. Keno made sure that they were on the right coordinate while Jet performed a quick equipment checkout. After that they reported the shuttle status to JScumm.

JScumm cleared his throat and said over the P.A., "May I have your attention please. This is your pilot speaking. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Taldryan system."

Scyrone approached the pilot and said, "JS, head to Karufr and land us on the jungle continent, not far from the Taldryan Headquarters. Kalika has made contact with Taldryan authorities, and we have been granted a permission to land."

"Aye, aye Sir," JScumm replied and headed the shuttle to Karufr, the main planet in the Kr'tal system. The planet was filled mostly by ocean, but there were three landmasses on Karufr as well that varied slightly. One was quite mountainous, one contained a very large jungle, and the third was made up of mostly plains with a large canyon in the middle. Clan Taldryan's Headquarters was located in a large clearing on the jungle continent.

"Entering Karufr atmosphere" Jet announced over the P.A.
"Everyone please return to your seat and fasten your seat belt. It's gonna be like riding an enraged bantha!"

"Maintain speed. Shield to maximum. The friction with atmosphere will lower the shield real fast!" JScumm said to his co-pilot.

"Maintain speed. Shield to maximum." Jet set the shuttle's speed and shield as JScumm told him to and added, "Double front!"

The shuttle began to shudder and pitch as it hit the wall of gas, and a thick mist immediately obscured their vision. There was a light red glow surrounding the shuttle and it became darker as they dived deep into the atmosphere. After a while, the mist surrounding the shuttle began to thin.

"Report shield status!" JScumm asked the co-pilot.

"Shield status 75%!" Jet responded.

And then suddenly there was a big bang on the rear of the shuttle. Something hit it. They felt a jolt, like a strong punch in the back. The lights inside the cabin went off, the red emergency lamp turned on automatically, followed by the wailing of the emergency sirene.

"Alert! Alert! We've been hit!" shouted Keno.

"Turbolaser! We've been hit by a turbolaser" JScumm yelled.

"A turbolaser? Who shot us? We've been granted a permission to land!" Scyrone shouted to his pilot crew.

"Dunno, Sir! But our engine was partially hit by that shot for sure!" JScumm shouted back to the Ithorian.

"Jet, report engine status!" JScumm asked to Jet Kasto.

"Engine drops to 80% and we keep losing power!" Jet replied.

"We keep losing the altitude too!" shouted JScumm as he fought the shuttle, leveling out so as not to dive directly down into the planet's surface.



09-10-2006 15:12:11

“So, how does it feel to know that a Krath is a better pilot than you?”

Nadrin grinned as he sent the comment through the intercom towards Karel, the former Soulfire pilot. Guiding the shuttle towards the planet ahead the Kuati noticed that the hypercomm indicator was beeping, meaning that someone was hailing the shuttle. Pressing the button that let the user connect, he spoke into the microphone before him.

“You have reached the shuttle Enigma, how may I help you.”

The reply came back quickly and was rather hurried, immediately putting Jubolt on his guard.

“This is Alanna, hailing Soulfire. I need you to tell Selene that this is off, it’s too damn risky for me. Tell her I’m sorry, but my Clan comes first. Alanna out.”


Before his shout could get through the line had been cut and Nadrin was left with a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Keying the intercom once more, he prepared himself for a tantrum of rage.

“Selene, we have a problem. Come up to the cockpit now.”

He heard his Sergeant scramble from her seat and move up to the cockpit and was ready for her as she walked through the door into the cramped piloting area.

“Alanna has pulled out, and with her gone our window is gone. What do I do now?”

Selene stood for a second, her anger defeated by her need of a new plan and Nadrin could tell she was thinking hard of a way to get Soulfire out of the mess they were in.

“Give me the comm.

Letting his leader move forwards, she keyed in a set of numbers and dialled, hoping for an answer which came surprisingly quickly.

“This is Vardar here.”

“It’s Selene, time to call in those favours you owe me…”

Nadrin sat back in his seat as he listened to Selene outline her plan, his mind on the journey ahead. If something could go wrong this early, things could end up getting very sticky before too long.


17-10-2006 10:58:21

“What a surprise…nice to talk to you again, Selene…Now, what do you want?”

“I need to see Halc and I need safe passage to get that done.”

“He never said anything…”

“He is not supposed to know that we’re coming...”

“And I’m important how?”

“Get me clearance to land.”

“The whole team?”

“Yes, Vardar, the whole team. I want Soulfire with me. I don’t trust you lot.”

“No way. There is no way I can get clearance for Soulfire to land on Karufr.”

Vardar, I don’t care if it’s difficult, I don’t care if it’s damn near impossible. You will get me clearance to land. Understood?”

“Sel, there is no way I can let this happen, if it was just you, maybe. But Soulfire? …The whole Strike Team? I cannot let all
of you land!”

“Which part of ‘I’m recalling favours’ did you not quite understand?”

“Selene, you can’t make me do this…”

“I can and I will Vardar. My team and I will land safely on Karufr, you will see to that.”

The young Sergeant's voice dropped to a whisper

“I am sure I can find the time to explain certain things to Duga….”

“You wouldn’t!”

“You know I would, I will and I can. Make it happen Vardar, I hate flying.”

Nadrin’s eyes narrowed as he realized what Selene was referring to.

“Would you really do that Sarge?”

She just laughed, blue eyes sparkling with mischief as the reply came over the comm.

“Enigma, you have clearance to land. Proceed to hangar bay 9. Your escort will be waiting.”


The rest of the flight was spent in barely contained silence, each team member consumed with their own thoughts, worries and suppositions. The Priest felt her stomach tighten with stress, if this failed on her… She wasn’t just responsible for her own life, but for the lives of every single one of her team members. Trusting Vardar was not one of the smartest things she has ever had to do, but there was no help for it now. They were landing inside the Tal base, whether that was a good or a bad thing, remained to be seen. She just desperately hoped that she wasn’t leading Soulfire into danger, even more, she hoped that Bas-Tyra would keep themselves nice and quiet. Explaining one team was hard enough, to find enough excuses to explain Bas-Tyra’s appearance would be impossible.

Nadrin smiled as he settled for a nice safe landing. It might get rough once they landed, but until then, he would enjoy piloting this shuttle…as a Krath no less.


18-10-2006 15:12:56

Setting the craft down softly, Nadrin moved to switch off the systems and power down the shuttle.

“OK guys, we’ve landed. Get your gear together and let’s go.”

Grabbing his lightsaber and hooking it onto his belt, the Kuati Knight stood up and walked from the cockpit, heading out through the passenger compartment and down the ramp that had lowered to the floor allowing the squad to exit the shuttle. He moved over to where the rest of the team was standing with Selene who was having a small argument with a man that Nadrin realised must be Vardar. He was able to finally overhear some of the words that were flying between the two Dark Jedi and let a smile creep onto his face as he noticed how irate his Sergeant was.

“Look, just take us to him. We won’t be here long, but we have a mission and if you keep getting in the way with this avoidance crap then we will just go without you.”

“Look Selene, it’s not that simple.”

“I don’t care. You either take me to Halc or take me to Duga and I’ll share some home truths with him. Your choice genius.”

Vardar visibly sagged in defeat as he walked off, the squad following and knowing where they were going. Something finally seemed to be going right with the mission.

Now we just have to hope that Bas-Tyra crashed too far away to make any problems for us before we get out with the information we need.

Several minutes passed in silence as they made there way further away from the hangar and closer to their destination and the man they had travelled all this way to see. As they rounded yet another corner, they came face to face with a security detail who had evidently been heading their way with some haste.

“Warrior Vardar, we have orders to apprehend this group of Jedi. They are part of a two-pronged infiltration attempt on the facility, as we have just received word that another group of Arconan troopers are attempting to break into the building.”

Kriffing Bas-Tyra!

Selene darted forward before anyone could react, her arm slamming out into the side of Vardar’s neck and knocking him out instantly. The rest of the team reacted quickly, hands darting for weapons which were then hacking, shooting and slamming into the small group of security guards who had barely had enough to time to blink before they had been cut down. Soulfire quickly deactivated their individual weapons but kept them close at hand. Selene spoke up, quickly taking authority that had been stripped by the momentary interruption.

“Looks like we were right about leaving Bas-Tyra behind, but no matter. We have a job to do, it’s just going to be a bit harder now. We will still get it done though, because we are Soulfire and that’s what we do best. Now come on, I can sense Rokir already and he doesn’t seem to be best pleased. Stay alert.”

The team nodded and moved forwards, fanning out and covering any possible sites of ambushes as they headed off towards a vastly more powerful member who they had just inadvertently annoyed.

I can think of better ways to spend my time, but since when did I ever get what I want?

Shaking his head with a rueful smile, Nadrin moved out with his squadmates, his lightsaber dormant and ready in his hand.


18-10-2006 19:40:54

The shuttle crashed into the dense foliage with an almighty impact, the sound of ripping durasteel echoing in the silence. The emergency lights flickered on, providing a dull illumination for the inside of the shuttle. Scyrone shook his head clear, quickly inspecting his body for possible injuries, relieved to find none. His voice interrupted the silence that had settled after the crash.


One by one the team members all reported in, the various cuts and bruises they had sustained quickly taken care of. Slowly picking their way out of the busted shuttle, Bas-Tyra headed into the forest, gathering in a small clearing.

“We were shot down.”

The simple statement was followed by a soft murmur as everyone tried to establish their own theories behind the unsuspected attack.

“Something went wrong with our arrangement, I don’t know what yet and we don’t have time to figure it out now. We have a mission to complete and I’ll be damned if Soulfire gets it done first. It’s not much further to go, we will get to the base, find Ma’ar and Halcyon and get out, understood?”


Sirens and alarms screamed in the Taldryan base, the announcement system blaringly alerting the inhabitants to the threats in their midst. Soulfire needed to get this mission done as soon as possible, there was no way they could evade capture inside the Taldryan base forever. Selene just hoped that somehow this wouldn’t turn out to be a complete disaster with Bas-Tyra getting in the way all the time.

“Karel. Go back and get Vardar. Carry him if you have to, but I need him. We’re gonna need some leverage in this chaos.”

“I’m on it.”



The Priest stopped dead in her tracks as Scyrone’s voice crashed through her concentration.

“What the hell?”

“Help us!”

“Dammit Scyrone, everyone Force sensitive soul in the galaxy can hear your hopeless attempts. I can’t help you. Soulfire has a mission to complete, so I suggest your stay out of our way.”

The team snickered as they heard the short conversation. Proving Selene’s point that everyone in their vicinity had heard them… and that would mean the Master they were trying to get to would also know they were close.

“Keep it moving guys, stationary targets are dead targets.”

The team made their way through the compound, quickly taking care of the smaller guard details that they encountered. The biggest worry was that someone would report the commotion and be able to identify their exact location. She hoped that in the confusion all efforts would be focused on the team outside the base, instead of in.

Another silent thought gently touched in her mind, blue eyes widening as she listened to the quiet whisper, the sheer intensity of the connection siphoning all her thoughts and emotions from her mind. Unable to resist the power of her last Consul.

“What are you doing here Selene?...ahhh…well I’m waiting…”


18-10-2006 21:14:38

After bandaging a small wound on his arm from the short scuffle Etah
replaced his Krath War Blade on his back. Moving behind Nadrin and
Selene, the young Obelisk kept an eye out on Soulfire’s rear, knowing
an ambush would catch the front and back and the assault would take
out the middle where the leader generally is. This was his environment,
this was his home.

He was an infantryman, a combatant and a scout and this is what he
lived for. The last three years of his life have been spent knee deep in
mud and blood and he saw no reason to change it now. The new Dark
Jedi’s advanced Sakiyan senses where working over time as he felt for
any signs of ambush or other kinds of disturbances.


29-10-2006 09:37:24

--Posted on behalf of DJM Halcyon Rokir--

The man let out a long and tired sigh, sitting back in his seat as he idly rubbed at his temples. The warning klaxons still sounded in the room, annoying both dark jedi that sat within it.

“Do you know these people, Halc?”

“Yes. And I apologize for their intrusion, Duga. It would appear they have not yet gotten over my decision to leave”.

Looking down at a pad he held, the Consul of Taldryan read over the incoming details concerning the attack against his Clan headquarters. “Looks like two separate teams. We have one pinned down, while the other is making there way here. Do they understand this is a declaration of war?”

The former Arconae and Elder Sith stroked his goatee, leaning over as his body seemed to grow weary from the events occurring. “I will deal with both groups. Please allow this group to come and I will explain the situation. I do not want any more bloodshed on either side. I ask this as a sign of good faith between the Clans, Consul”.

The Exarch pondered the request, his duty to his Clan’s security coming first and foremost. However, much had occurred between him and the former Arcona Consul, a bond of trust having developed between the two leaders.

“We shall allow one of the groups to meet with you. The other shall be kept where they are while you do what needs to be done”.

“Thank you. They shall both be leaving. I assure you”.


With that statement, Duga rose from his seat and made his way out of the office through a special passage, bypassing any commotion happening in the hall.


“How’s Vardar”, Selene called over her back, her lightsaber glowing menacingly in front of her as she scanned for more enemies.

“Heavier than he looks”, Karel grunted back, shifting the weight of the prone Warrior on his shoulder as he tried to balance his saber in the other hand.

“It’s gotten quiet”, Nadrin whispered over his Sergeant’s shoulder, the various security personnel having seemingly disappeared.

“We’re here anyways”, the leader of Soulfire whispered back, eyeing the door cautiously.

Enter, Priestess. You have come this far.

The familiar voice echoed in her head once more, sending a slight shiver of apprehension down her spine. Raising her voice enough for the rest of her team to hear, she barked out orders, “Those with lightsabers, line up at either side of me, weapons at the ready. Karel, stay farthest back. The rest of you, keep an eye on our backsides. I don’t want any surprises sneaking up on us”.

Soulfire formed up on their leader, all of their drills making their movements automatic. The door opened before her, the room dimly lit. As she entered her violet saber cast an array of shadows to play against the wall. Slowly the other members entered, their own weapons illuminating the room further. A form rose from a seat not too far from them, his long hair and billowing cloak visible.

“Why do you come here”, the gravely voice spoke, slowly turning to face those he once led.

Pushing through any doubts Selene stepped forward with confidence, eyeing the Elder, “You’re coming back with us to Arcona. You do not belong here”.

“And who are you to say where I do and do not belong, girl?” the Rokir hissed back, the slight at their leader causing the other members of Soulfire to close ranks around the Priestess.

“You belong in Arcona, Master. This place is beneath you. You have no reason to be here”.

“My reasons are my own, and none of your concern. You have come this far only because I have intervened. Your presence alone is a declaration of war against Taldryan. A war Arcona would not win. You risk destruction of the Clan itself!”

“You owe us an explanation…” but her words were cut off by the sudden explosion of power that emanated from the Dark Jedi Master as every piece of furniture in the room suddenly found themselves destroyed as they smashed against the walls.

“I owe you nothing!” Halcyon spat, his eyes wide in rage as he brought forth his vast energies and allowed them to boil to the surface. “Leave this place now! Stay, and I will kill you all myself. You live because I allow it. Not run back home, children, before you get hurt”.

Although their faces were resolute, many were hesitant to face the ire of their former Consul, their own senses easily feeling the power that he emanated. Each one looked to their leader for direction, her words their direction.

Selene saw the older man’s hand reach down to brush his fingers on the emerald hilt at his waist. Her eyes met his, the intensity of his emotions causing her to look away briefly.

I could break you mentally and physically. I will not hesitate to destroy you and your team, but I do not wish it. Your other target is not here and I suggest you stop your search. Take the other team and leave. You will not be harmed if you go. Stay, and you will die. You have a duty to your team and to the Clan. Do not disappoint me.

Her eyes met his once more, the words ringing in her head. The overwhelming power hadn’t dissipated, but his resolute gaze flickered ever so slightly.

“Soulfire, stand down”.

Varying emotions played through the dark jedi, ranging from relief to shock as they looked to their leader for confirmation.

“Those are my orders, men. Move out”.

The members filed out, their weapons still out as they remained on high alert. As Selene turned away and headed out, she heard the slightest voice whisper in her head Thank you as the door closed behind her.

“What now”, the Kuati asked, all eyes on the Priestess once more.