House Run-on Competion!


16-09-2006 18:09:11

Obelisk Primarch Koskian d'Tana-Arconae laughed as he knocked back another shot of the foul tasting local brew. The new Consul, Strategos Entar, had sent him to meet an official of the Sardinians, supposedly to acquire guides to more enriched areas for future spice mining. Having little in the way of landing sites, the Quaestor had a swoop bike parked outside, something of an oddity to the locals who were still using carts pulled by a six legged mammal with large ears and covered in shaggy fur, called a Dastion by the locals.

The trip was going to take him at least two days going, so stopping for a night here, with hard currency that the locals very much enjoyed to see. A pair of pretty, by Sardinian's standards, young ladies sat across from him, giggling and drinking as he continued to purchase rounds. The pair could tell that the potent alcohol was finally taking an effect on the Obelisk, and made a slight motion to the bartender, that the very inebriated Koskian didn't notice at all. Another set of drinks came to the table, and Koskian slammed back his glass, emptying it in one gulp.

Five minutes later, the two women carried him out the back door, tossing his drugged body into the back of a dastion pulled cart. Wrapping dark shawls around there head as they slapped the reins on the animals hind quarters, and the cart wandered off down a primitive dirt road.

Okay, standard RO rules, no double posting.

This is Galeres, a House of warriors, so go ahead and get bloody.

Basically, I've been kidnapped by some as of yet unknown faction of Sardinians, on Eldar. So, find me, eh?


17-09-2006 22:40:57

Devani smiled smugly, all her plotting was coming to fruition. It was times like these she appreciated the bit of Krath training she had was defintely worth her while. All in all however she felt more comfortable as a Sith, there was great pleasure in seeing the betrayal and anger played out in another's eyes. For those rare souls that crossed her, she reserved the most painful tortures she could imagine or that Macron might teach. Her thoughts wandered back to her current prey, well prey wasn't the word. Koskian was a formidable opponent, her former Master, her Quaestor, an Equite who'd been in the Dark Brotherhood for nearly as long as she was alive, if not longer. No, prey wasn't the right word however, he was caught in her trap.

It had been easy to manipulate the Sardinians into doing the dirty work for her and if push came to shove and Koskian was found too quickly, it could never be traced back to the Dark Knight Devani. Was she power hungry? Yes...perhaps but mostly she loved being in control, moving people around like the pawns they were in her great game of life. A complicated woman with many faces, all used perfectly in her schemes. Only one person had an inkling of who she really was...and he had no idea.

Standing up quickly, the Aedile pulled the hood over her head, sinking her face in shadow. It was time she made sure the Sardinians were doing the job right.


19-09-2006 17:19:21

The call came as Nadrin was just raising his first shot glass to his lips, ready for a heavy day of drinking which now would not be. He contemplating downing the shot before reading the message, but a nagging voice in the back of his head told him that it was likely to be a mission, and Selene didn’t take well to inebriated members of her squad on the eve of what could likely be an important mission. Setting the glass down with a grunt of annoyance, the Kuati picked up his comlink and listened to the message that was waiting for him, his expression darkening the more he heard.

No way I’ll be having that drink now.

“For frells sake, you have got to be kidding me.”

Slapping the drink from the table in a burst of anger, Jubolt rose quickly to his feet and ran from the cantina, his cloak swirling around him as he ran towards the last known location of his sergeant.

* * * * *

Skidding around the corner that led into the library, Nadrin nearly sighed with relief as he saw his commander and friend slumped asleep at the main table before the entrance to the library. He ran up to the woman and shook her awake, nimbly dancing away from the clumsy blow she made at him as he awoke her from whatever dream she had been experiencing. She turned groggily to him and would have smiled had she not been so angry about being woken prematurely.

“This had better be good Jubolt.”

A grin finally crossed the Krath’s face, but it disappeared almost instantly.

“Ouch, my family name is only used when you are grumpy, and you have reason to be. However, it is nothing compared to the call we just received. Check your comm and you’ll see what I mean.”

Selene scowled as she plucked her comlink up and checked her message. As she had finished, she dropped the comlink and laid her head back onto the large book she had been using as a pillow before.

“Let him rot for all I care. Time for some more sleep, so I suggest you leave me be.”

Nadrin nearly cried aloud with frustration. This was more important than it seemed, and the facts were beginning to worry the Kuati Knight and make him suspect some foul play being afoot.

“Selene, I don’t quite think you get the gravity of this situation. We have had our Aedile and Quaestor both go missing, both at different times. I suspect foul play, and the only one of them that we know who is suspected as abducted is Kosk. We don’t know why Devani left, but we know she isn’t in trouble yet. If Koskian is killed, who will likely become Quaestor? Think!”

A look of puzzlement quickly changed to anger on Selene’s face, and Nadrin knew she finally understood.

“So you see, we need to do this, not for Koskian but for Soulfire. You know what will happen if we lose Koskian don’t you? We will cease to be, and that can’t happen. You of all people shouldn’t be averse to thwarting her plans, should you?”

Selene had an angry look on her face, and Nadrin was glad that he wasn’t on the receiving end of it.

“Let’s rock this joint.”

Nadrin let a feral grin spread across his face, his eyes glinting malevolently.

“You want to call in the troops, or head out first and let them know where we are so they can join us?”


19-09-2006 18:08:39

The anger she felt at the mere possibility of what Nadrin has suggested threatened to overwhelm the last bit of common sense she had. Selene was so incredibly tired, her attempt to find some information had taken much longer than she had anticipated and the resulting two nights without sleep was the only reason why she was actually asleep in the library.

Sighing to herself, the young girl pondered her options. She knew she should wait for the whole team to get together, but who knows how long that would take. Yet another consideration was if she really wanted to go after Koskian. Soulfire had a strong bond with him, yes, but on a personal level…

Everyone had by now picked up on the strong undercurrent of hatred; she couldn’t really hide her feelings, even though the Obelisk himself seemed to misread her clear signals. Lifting her tired body from the uncomfortable seat, her sharp voice instructed the Krath to get his gear.

“We do this now. We are a team. I’ll get the rest of those that are available to meet us at the shuttle.”

Nadrin took off in a hurry, he knew that his Commander detested waiting, especially in the state she was in. He grinned to himself as he remember previous mission they had done together, Selene coupled with sleep deprivation and irrational anger, not something anyone wanted to mess with. If nothing else she’d pull a typical female trick on you and send you running into the shadows feeling guilty over something you sure as hell don’t remember doing. The comlink made its clear bleep as the message transferred itself to the rest of the team.

“Soulfire. We have an emergency. Those of you that are available meet me at the shuttle in 15 minutes. Full alert, don’t waste my time gentlemen.”

She took a moment to take in the books that she was leaving on the table, so close to finding the information, but yet so very, very far. And now with this, who knew when she’d get back to these.

A quick visit to her quarters and she had most of what she needed, the only missing items on her mental inventory the rest of her team. Karel was ready to go, he would fly the shuttle as always. Soulfire took care of itself; they had everything and everyone they needed to make their work flow seamlessly.

As she entered the hangar bay, she found Nadrin ready to go. Karel and Kresh'taa ran in moments later, both indicating their readiness. She frowned as she waited for Malidir, he had a tendency to be tardy, but she knew he’d be here. Two minutes slowly ticked by before he made his disheveled appearance; clearly the call had interrupted one of his escapades.

“I’m sure Jeax will join us sooner or later, but for now, this will do.”

A quick update on the situation was followed by five minutes devoted to questions, answers, wild theories and the agreement that they would go find Koskian. Despite all that Selene held against him, he was still their Quaestor and that would be enough for now. Soulfire entered the shuttle, strapped in and waited for Karel to give the heads-up that they were good to go.


20-09-2006 16:05:31

“You know, I’ve never really been comfortable in a spacecraft unless I’m the one flying it. I have to be in control or I worry.”

Nadrin’s attempt at lightening the mood in the shuttle was slightly successful, but brought forth nothing more than a slight grin to his companion’s lips, and even then they didn’t all smile. He sighed and leaned back, as a troubled thought hit him like a telekinetic strike to the temple. He reached out with the force to send a message to his sergeant.

I’ve been thinking about that theory I had about the reason for Koskian’s disappearance, and something doesn’t seem to fit.

He saw Selene knit her eyebrows together in annoyance before she sent him a reply.

Nadrin, I’ve been thinking about it too and it doesn’t work at all. Why would Devani try to get rid of someone who she was seemingly on good terms with? Betrayal may be key to some of our orders teachings, but betrayal on that level? It doesn’t make sense.

One thing life has taught me is that things don’t have to make sense to be true. I just don’t know, no other reason or possibility seems to present itself.

Damnit Jubolt will you stop thinking that everything has an answer right now and no alternative?! No, life doesn’t make sense, but we cannot let personal feelings cloud our vision. Are you telling me that you won’t follow my lead? Do you trust my judgement or not?

You know I trust your judgement, and thinking that I don’t is completely wrong. I am not letting my personal feelings get in the way, but if you feel that we don’t have any culprit yet, I’ll leave my thoughts alone as they must be so evidently wrong.

Selene glared over at him, a mad glint in her eye that warned Nadrin how close to insubordination he was.

Sarcasm isn’t one of the best things to use at this moment in time trooper.

If it makes you feel any better, I don’t want to find Koskian for his sake, I’m in this to get Soulfire and myself some more experience and a better reputation. I think we all know that my relationship with him is, to say the least, forced. Let’s just find him and get this over with.

Selene’s expression softened as she remembered the circumstances that had first brought Koskian into Soulfire to begin with. They both knew that this debate was over and that once again they had no possible culprits, but at least they had an understanding. Before their conversation could continue, Karel’s voice came through from the cockpit.

“We are here, get ready to leave this shuttle so we can get this mission started.”

Nadrin went through the motions of checking his equipment, but at the back of his mind was a growing anger at the injustice that still burned within him from the actions he had suffered mere months beforehand.

* * * *

“So, this is the Sardinian City where Koskian decided to stop off? It’s certainly dirty and seedy enough for him, so let’s see if we can find anything. You all have the squad comlink channel, so if you find any clues let us all know and wait for us to meet up.”

Nadrin smiled, his equipment a welcome weight on his body that reassured him as he and the rest of the team split up, heading out to various parts of the city that they now found themselves in, trying to find any clues as to the possible whereabouts of their lost Quaestor.


20-09-2006 22:36:30

Devani lingered in the old shop glancing over the various illegal goods as she waited for the signal. Few knew of this particular shop's existence though there were whispers of it if one listened close enough. When she had first been given the job of Aedile for House Galeres, she knew few of them trusted her and that she trusted even fewer of them. So she cultivated her contacts carefully, all the meanwhile maintaining the pretense of a young, inexperianced and naive girl. Underestimation, arrogance, and complacency would be the downfall of any that might oppose her she knew...especially those in Soulfire Brigade.

Devani didn't hate the hate is far too close to love. But she had a strong dislike for its elitist members. Anger flared up and she spit, slamming her fist into the closest wall before turning and leaning back against it, taking deep breaths. Some of the worst decisions she'd ever made were when she let her emotions hold sway and this operation was too delicate to be fooled around with.

Devani felt him before she saw him, the Sardinian obviously believing he was too sneaky for a Dark Jedi. In fact she didn't hear a sound and only saw a flicker in the corner of her eye before he tapped her shoulder. The Force was a useful sense he didn't have however as she spun, hands clasping around his neck and pushing him up against the wall.

"Never, EVER approach me without using protocol, do you understand?!" The Xyler glared, piercing the man to his depths. Throwing him aside she tapped her foot impatiently as he shakily rose to his feet, straightening his clothes as he nervously glanced at her.

" me Dark Jedi," he mumbled, touching a hidden spring, an invisible door opening silently. He stepped into the darkness and rushed forward quickly, hoping, she assumed, to get rid of her as fast as possible. But first...the meeting with his Master.


21-09-2006 16:37:02

Nadrin was strolling down the main high street of the Sardinian City that he was in when his comlink bleeped at him.

“I know where the Quaestor is! He’s at the following co-ordinates.”

The message was followed by the over-eager Galerian Dark Jedi reading out a string of numbers that had to be the co-ordinates he believed their Quaestor to be located at. Thumbing the channel over to Soulfire's secure one, Jubolt keyed the device over and spoke into it, signalling his comrades.

“If anyone else got that message, I suggest we don’t follow it up. This guy is broadcasting over an open channel and it could too easily be a trap. I can’t order any of you, only Selene can, but I suggest none of you deviate. Don’t forget to call if you find anything, and keep searching until we hear from one of our own Soulfire members, I’m not sure how much we can trust everyone else.”

Paranoid I may be, but it’s saved my life before and it probably will many times more.

Clipping his comlink back to his belt, Nadrin set off once more, even more vigilant than he previously had been after hearing what could have been the first of many traps aimed at him and whoever else was searching for their lost leader.


21-09-2006 17:02:16

It was dark in the room. Gavin woke in a cold sweat to find himself tangled in his sheets. He'd had the dream again. It was always just before the climax of the battle that he was stirred from slumber. He peered thru the darkness, half expecting to sense a presence, but no, it was the same as always. He was alone. Slightly disoreintated, he tumbled from the bed seeming to unravell from the sheets in one swift motion to land on his feet in a battle ready stance. Years of training and submerssion in the teachings of Darkness had honed him into a fighting machine ready for trouble at a moments notice. Something had pulled him from his sleep and he had a vague perception of things being amiss. Reaching out with a thought he powered on the room's lighting system and summoned his tunic and robes.

Dressing quickly, he reached into the force and tried to touch the mind of his Quaestor, brother and friend, Koskian. Images of the recent kidnapping flashed thru his mind, ending abruptly with a feeling of heavy sedation and then, blackness. Attaching his comlink to his belt and drawing his saber to hand, Gavin Dahl heaved a sigh and touched the door's control panel, sending the door sliding into the ceiling. As he strode into the hallway he gathered the Force to him, cloaking himself in Darkness.


26-09-2006 17:20:09

Soft murmurings accompanied Devani on her trek down the candlelit passageway. Light spilled from one room whose door was cracked open revealing one of the seedier aspects of the her contacts organization. Arching an eyebrow, she merely shook her head and hurried on, the sooner she talked to Sajah the better. It was interesting how much the two were alike, both innocent-looking and hiding their darker personalities underneath. It was easy for others to underestimate them, the downfall of the last leader of the Ker and soon to be the downfall of Koskian.

Devani didn't feel bad one bit for her Quaestor, as her Master, the one who grew to know her the best, he should have seen this coming, should have been wary and on his guard. Pretty girls and booze were vices he liked to indulge in and the young woman had used them to her advantage. But now, the meeting with Sajah.

The man gestured her into a small room and into a chair, begging her indulgence just a little longer as he told his Mistress of her arrival. Frowning, the Dark Jedi nodded brusquely, tapping her fingers on the chair impatiently. Patience was not one of her virtues.

"Devani, a pleasure to meet again," Sajah smiled warmly, sitting in a chair opposite the Aedile as she leaned back and crossed her legs. "Rok, get our guest a refreshment," she demanded. "I suppose you're wondering where we're keeping the d'Tana? As per our agreement we have kept him sedated until you arrived to dispose of him."

"Good, lets keep it that way. First however I need to tap into your communication network and relay a message to my House, so they don't get suspicious." Devani replied, accepting a cold shot of vodka from Rok.

"But of course and then I will take you to our little captive," Sajah rose quickly, motioning her guest to follow. She led her to another small room, a console waiting on a desk. "I will be back for you in a moment, I assume you've brought our payment?"

Devani bit back a retort, a bit annoyed at the question. "Do you think me a cheat? I have the contract as well as the years worth of our finest Garconian Spice. The contract comes only after everything goes smoothly however, I'm relying on your men to make sure of that."

Sajah laughed, "You need not worry of that," and she left the Aedile alone in the room.

Tapping a few keys, she opened a link to Galeres Headquarters, making sure it appeared she was transmitting from Selen. The image of one of the Novice's appeared on the screen, looking intensely relieved to see her. "Ma'am, where have you been?! Koskian has gone missing and presumed kidnapped and we couldn't get ahold of you and Soulfire has gone off to try and..." He paused to take a breath, intending to launch into the rest of his tirade.

"CALM DOWN," Devani spoke forcefully. "Now I am on Selen, for my vacation which I told Koskian of MONTHS ago." She sighed, "Soulfire has already been dispatched to find him? One whose orders?! Nothing should have been done without my approval, I am VERY displeased," Now the anger began to flash in her eyes as she stared down the young man. "I want you to contact Selen IMMEDIATELY and tell her that I have ordered her to stand down and return to base, do I make myself clear? I will return to Headquarters immediately and we will sort this thing out. It isn't that unusual for our dear Quaestor to disappear for days at a time, really." She remarked irkfully, "I will contact you again when I've reached orbit...Devani out"

The screen went black as Devani grinned, while she didn't really expect Selene to stand down, she was much too headstrong for that, it did give her an alibi for her time gone. It was an easy part to play, especially on the young man, inexperianced as he was. She was more worried for when she faced those such as Gavin who were far more experianced and adept in the Force.

A tap on the door alerted the Xyler to Sajah's return, "We've retrieved the Spice, as you promised."

"Take me to him," was Devani's only reply.


02-10-2006 01:40:08

Etah stepped through into the area where Selene currently was. He looked around as he began
walking toward her. He was very new to the brotherhood and new to their ways. He was learning
a lot however. In his very short time here he surpassed all of his peers and attained a level of
recognition some had taken quite some time to reach. It wasn’t that he was a natural. It was
that his entire life had been dedicated to study, practice and meditation

The Church of the Sith’ari worships the Dark Lord, Darth Vader as both the Jedi Chosen one and
the Sith Sith’ari. Furthermore they seek to emulate him in all ways. The core of the teachings is
that development of core discipline which is required to develop mental and physical power. They
believe that with the first three, political power and fortune will come without effort. Most enter the
church as older men, but Etah was left on their door step as an infant. He is the zenith of their

As he approached his battle team sergeant his expression was dour, he did not understand politics
and plotting. His education and experience thus far had been more academic and less practical.
However he knew enough about this situation to smell a rat. Someone who pulled strings from
within the shadows to achieve power because they could not find it in their own mind or their own
body, or perhaps possessed the power and lacked the courage to utilize it.

Along with his training in the force Etah had also been learning a lot about ground based military
operations and took to those studies with the same gusto as he had his force studies. Etah nodded
as he stepped to Selene’s side. “ So what’s the plan ? Are we searching in a recon pattern, like
area or route reconnaissance ? Or gimme a fire team of soldiers and we can start going door to door,
kicking in doors and clearing rooms. ? ”
the Sakiyan offered.


04-10-2006 18:46:48

“We are searching where the force guides us, and kicking down doors would be the worst thing we could do at the moment. Along with the fact that we don’t have any soldiers for you to use in such an obvious and possibly suicidal mission means that your last plan is definitely not feasible.”

The words drifted from a doorway through which Nadrin Jubolt was now stepping, his expression amused as he walked through the door and out into the square.

“And what about my other plans, why aren’t we using them?”

Nadrin reached out with the force as he walked forward, attempting to sense any nearby life forms as he replied to the new member.

“Because like I said, the force will guide us. However, I didn’t come here to argue with you, I have news.”

Finding nothing out of the ordinary, the Kuati ex-Telbun turned to his Sergeant, a dark expression on his face.

“We just received a direct order from base. Devani has called for Soulfire’s immediate return as the Quaestor is apparently not in any trouble. I got another message too though, apparently Koskian appointed me the new Head of Galeres security just before he left. I have a plan, follow me to the nearest comm centre.”

* * * * *

“Confirmation code accepted, you are patched through and communication may now commence.”

Nadrin looked up at the display before him as a member of Devani’s personal staff came onto the screen.

“Knight Jubolt, we have been ordered to tell you to return with all haste to Base after the mix-up with the supposed kidnapping of your Quaestor.”

Before the man before him could continue any more Nadrin cut him off mid-sentence with a sweep of his hand.

“Were it that I was an ordinary member of the Clan, I would come quietly of course. However, under my new mantle of Galeres Security Chief I am investigating this disappearance with all due scrutiny. Thanks to the aggressive nature of the natives, I have taken Soulfire under my command to help with my investigations.”

“You can’t do that.”

Nadrin’s gaze grew even colder as he surveyed the man on the screen before him, his anger rising with every word.

“You are in no position to tell me what I can and cannot do. I have my orders, to safeguard the security of our House, and that is what I’m doing. Any infringement will be considered treason and will be dealt with as required. Do I make myself clear?”

As he bit out the final five words, he could tell from the other mans expression that he understood Nadrin very well.

“Yes sir.”

“Thank you, now I will be continuing my investigation, and you may tell your boss what I have told you. Jubolt out.”

Keying off the comm unit, he stepped away from the cameras view and turned to Selene and Etah.

“You do know you have no power to take us as a guard for yourself right?”

“Of course, but they don’t know that do they? We need to head to that bar where that other Galerian was making such a ruckus. I don’t know whether he was right, but we have no other leads so let’s go there.”

They all nodded in agreement and set off, a briskness in their walk as they began to realise how desperate the situation was becoming.


06-10-2006 05:54:23

Etah chuckled at Jubolt. Dark Jedi were some of the most powerful beings
in the galaxy they could also be some of the most naïve. He followed behind
Selene and Jubolt sensing their sense of urgency. Etah again felt the invisible
strings of a puppet master. Rear your head just once puppet master, Etah
thought to himself, so I can cut it off.


07-10-2006 03:05:20

Koskian hung suspended by a Geonosian Containment Field, a specialized device created by the Geonosians that is capable of disrupting the prisoner’s connection to the force. It had come at great cost to the Aedile, nearly impossible to acquire secretly but through her contacts, she had accomplished such a feat. Devani eyed him critiqually, he was still knocked out, the drug still doing their job, though it looked like he was beginning to fight the effects. He was strong in the was only a matter of time.

Sajah coughed slightly, regarding the Aedile expectantly. "Your sources are waiting at the cantina? Make sure they lead Soulfire here...but don't make it too obvious. I want you to make SURE the bomb goes off with as much of Soulfire in the room as possible. Now...there is nothing here that could possible link me to his disappearance, is there?" Devani questioned.

"Absolutely nothing, now your shuttle is waiting for your journey back to Galeres Headquarters. Follow me, if you will."

Devani nodded, glancing at her Quaestor one last time. "Goodbye Master," she grinned, before following Sajah from the room.


As soon as she was in the air, Devani sent a short transmission to her office at Galeres Headquarters. "Inbound, have my chambers made ready. I want the commander of Soulfire waiting in my office. That is all." She cut it before the young novice could reply, leaning back to catch some much needed sleep.


10-10-2006 17:19:32

The comlink bleeped again and Selene felt her blood pressure rise another notch. Every single message that had come through in the last couple of minutes had been a variation on the theme of "Get the hell back to base". If it wasn't that she needed the blasted link to keep in touch with the rest of the team, she would have gotten rid of the thing. The incessant inane orders coming from the Galeres base was just serving as fuel for her already short temper. As far as she was concerned, Devani could wait, she'd deal with her little tantrum for disobeying her orders later, for now she wanted answers. The Priest shook her head as yet another message set the com unit off, she truly despised mindless followers, especially if they were following orders that made no sense…unfortunately, that seemed to be the exact types that staffed the posts in the Galeres security center.

"Mal, you got anything for me?"

"Not yet, I'm working on something though… I'm at the bar"

"We're on our way. Don't get into trouble, I can't afford to lose you now."


The silent thoughts traveled between the two d'Tana's, the Force aiding their quiet communication. Their worry was compounded by the fact that it was not only their Quaestor that gone missing but also a member of their family. If Selene had to be honest with herself, she didn't really hate the Primarch, it was more of a 'moral' thing. In fact, he was quite amusing in his efforts to corrupt her.

Selene and Nadrin walked close together, Etah following on their heels. His eagerness again brought a smile to her face, it was good to have new blood on the team. Quickly, quietly, the three Soulfire members made their way through the narrow streets, an air of desperate urgency urging them on.

"Nadrin, work with me on this…"

Selene's quiet voice brought the Kuati to a halt, an enquiring look on his face.

"So, we get a call saying Psyks is missing."


"You tell me Devani is also gone, strange coincidence, but nothing new. Won't be the first or the last time she's disappeared without notice."

"So far so good."

Selene thought for a moment, unsure if she should even be thinking along these lines, let alone saying them out loud.


"mmh, now suddenly we get a call saying 'false alarm' and Soulfire has to return to base. Why do they want us back there? Devani knows I won't come running and if anything she should be licking her lips at the opportunity to see us making fools of ourselves if Koskian did turn up on base somewhere."

"I'm not even going to attempt explaining female actions to you, we're staying. I've taken care of that much, get to the bar, find out if Malidir has anything for us."

"If he's not drunk.."

The young Sergeant grinned as she thought about the penchant Malidir had for getting into trouble. Woman, wine and song. A pure d'Tana the older brothers jokingly named him. The thought of her brother in a bar brought a pang of regret, they had had some good times. Now one was missing.


13-10-2006 12:55:01

They soon reached the bar and as they entered Nadrin could feel the relief that his Sergeant exhibited when she saw Malidir over at the bar, chatting with a couple of females as usual. He saw the arrival of the group and waved them over to a booth by the side of the bar where the rest of the squad was sitting. As Selene, Etah and Nadrin moved over to the booth they saw Malidir slip away from his admiring group to join them at the table where they all sat down.

“OK, so I have some information that those girls over there gave to me.”

Selene cast a sceptical look over at the women who were still staring at the group before replying.

“You sure they can be trusted Mal? I mean, we don’t know who could be gunning for us at the moment, so you sure we can just trust them?”

“I don’t know that we can trust them, but we don’t have any more leads so I guess it doesn’t hurt to try this one.”

Selene sat back and thought to herself, while meanwhile Nadrin was paying more attention to the women who were still looking at the group, and an uneasy feeling began to rise within him.

“Mal, what exactly did that group talk to you about?”

Malidir had a curious look on his face as he cast another look back at the group he had previously been chatting to before replying.

“Just about me and what I’ve been up to. Why?”

“Was the team mentioned at all? Anything about a mission?”

“Only briefly, they didn’t seem to interested in it to be honest.”

The feeling in his gut exploded into an icy fear that swept through his veins.

“I don’t like this, we need to leave righ…”

The rest of his sentence was cut off by an explosion that ripped through the bar, hurling tables into the air and slamming shockwaves into the patrons, killing several instantly with falling debris and injuring others just as quickly. As the dust cleared, Nadrin raised himself up and flung the piece of debris that had landed on his left arm away. He looked at the damaged arm and gritted his teeth against the pain as he reached out with the force to try to find the group of women who he suspected had been behind the bombing and sensed them running from the bar.

Think you can bomb my friends and me and get away with it? Bad move.

Nadrin leapt up, blood boiling as anger swept through him and fuelled his muscles as he ran towards the exit the group had taken. Not stopping to see how his allies had fared, he merely followed the perpetrators, knowing that they held the key to the completion of this mission and trusting that the rest of the team would be OK.


18-10-2006 23:22:07

The explosion rocked the bar sending Etah tumbling back and
slamming into the wall behind him. The young Sakiyan jumped
up so fast the blood rushed straight to his head causing him to
stumble a bit before he quickly moved to check on Selene and
Nadrin, finding them to be fine.

The Obelisk cursed himself, he knew he smelled something
funny and now it turned out to be Trinitrotoluene, also called TNT,
a primitive explosive. Had it been a more powerful explosive they
would have all been dead.

He silently cursed himself as he removed his War Blade and looked
around in a tactical pattern, preparing to protect his comrades from
any kind of attack at least until they get back on their feet.


23-10-2006 11:42:15

This ended on the 17th,b ut due to my absence, I'll take the last post from the 19th into judging, expect results soon