Aedile's Office


13-06-2006 21:34:34

The new Aedile stretched wearily, it had been a long day. After recieving the good news of her new position and congratulations from many members, she had been put to work right away. It was only much later that she found the time to move into the Aedile's quarters and to set up her office. Now she sat in front of her holo-net terminal, typing up a message introducing herself to those members who had not met or did not yet know of her appointment. Sighing, she forced her fingers to move, the sooner this was done, the sooner she could sink into her new bed and sleep.

Dark Greetings Galeres,

As Quejo has already informed you, I have been chosen as your new Aedile. It is an honor to be able to serve you and I am excited about the position.
While I have not been in Galeres for very long, I have served in HOO for nearly a year and have already met many of you. Now for the cheesy yet true part
of my email: remember I am here to serve you, not the other way around. As such I welcome any comments, suggestions or criticisms you have. I am online
most of the day and if you can't find me on mIRC (my connection is famously dodgy) feel free to reach me at: (yahoo messenger) (msn messenger) (aim via trillian)

The Great Jedi War is starting soon and here is what I need for you. I need to know who plans on participating in any writing competitions. I expect everyone to
reply and say yes, for participation counts even if you think you have no chance of placing. If you feel your writing is weak, we have several members who can
help out with suggestions, editing, etc. Send me a story or two and a poem so I can look at your writing. I'll be looking up ACC battles as well so I can get a feel
for your combat writing. That said I look forward to working with you all and making this the best damn house in the DB.

In Eternal Darkness,

Aedile Devani Maharet


15-06-2006 13:51:32

*Places a vase of flowers on Devani's desk*

Late congrats on your position, and good luck in the war.



16-06-2006 20:45:38

Congratz Dev! I hope I dont prove to be too big of a handful for you.


16-06-2006 20:59:17

Thank you both :)

I'm sure you will Windos but I can handle it :P

Wes Biriuk

17-06-2006 00:07:33

*Xar dances*


17-06-2006 08:18:34

*gives a stern look at Xar*

That is not going to be tolerated in my office, you can save that for the Cantina. Please, no spamming.


04-07-2006 11:20:51

Though it may be late, congratulations, Dev. ^_^



04-07-2006 22:11:49

Thank you Esca! :D


07-07-2006 23:54:49

Gratz Dev!, and nice avator ;)


11-07-2006 18:38:11

Why thank you Windos ;)


11-07-2006 19:36:53

Well well well, Huntress rises through the ranks of leadership.

Congrads Devani.


12-07-2006 07:27:48

Thank you Windos, though I won't be Huntress for long ;)


12-07-2006 13:15:12

Congrats Dev on making Aedile (I think I congradulated you before, but in a way it sounds so much better in words)!
Youll be a Knight soon enough, most probly.


16-07-2006 13:52:21

When hell freezes over...I mean yeah, yeah she'll be Knight.


19-07-2006 21:33:35

*glares at Galaphile*


20-07-2006 00:01:17

*glares back, while eating a samich*


20-07-2006 02:59:16

*Galaphile falls dead* Poison works every time...


20-07-2006 03:13:21

thats cold Devani...and thats why your hot like fire $$$

Kaelin Ring

22-07-2006 03:23:11

No spamming, huh?

Neway, what's new in the GJW?


22-07-2006 16:05:36

Did you read my report? Go do that, then work on the fiction whose due date has been pushed to the 26th.


23-07-2006 04:15:54

i love it when she gives orders like that

*is hungry*

*hunts Devani*


25-07-2006 04:53:42

And I love it when people post in their battles....


27-07-2006 00:51:37

.....RL, hurts so much. Especially whne their interuppting your battle with a sexy Huntress.


27-07-2006 21:02:33

*laughs* Thank you...I think :P

On other news, I'm a DJK now ^^


27-07-2006 23:45:46

congrads Devani.

*gives Devani a big kiss*

Kaine Mandaala

28-07-2006 08:35:43

*laughs* Thank you...I think :P

On other news, I'm a DJK now ^^

Ah - you're slightly harder to Congrats.


28-07-2006 16:09:43

should be equally challenging for me.

*kisses Devani again*


30-07-2006 18:11:09

No more kissing! *brandishes her whip*

And Kaine I'm just happy to have a lightsaber :P


30-07-2006 21:55:15


Isnt this thread supposed to be for questions (not make out sessions Galaphile?)? :lol:


31-07-2006 19:05:49

Indeed....why does the world demand perfection???


31-07-2006 19:22:07

I dont think the world demands perfection. Alot of people in it do though.


02-08-2006 04:49:52

I demand excellance.


03-08-2006 17:12:02

when i say the world I mean the majority of humans, inlcuding some like Devani.

Wes Biriuk

03-08-2006 21:48:36

Gal, shut up before you die. Keep opinions to yourself.

Dev... You go girl... Come back to HOO... We miss you :P


03-08-2006 22:05:33


Trying to steal my AED are you?


04-08-2006 03:39:04

I don't believe in Perfection, only our best effort and excellance.

And Quejo, they can't steal me ^^


04-08-2006 15:00:13

im goin to die regardless, but in schools alot of students demand perfection from each other. Thats why they call people names and all that good stuff. If said person was popular, they would have nothin but good things to say about them.....most of the time.

Kaelin Ring

03-09-2006 04:01:48

No spamming, eh?

DEV! Help me! Call when you get this.