Planet Expansions


29-05-2006 14:22:27

Hopefully, some of you still check this space, as there's been scant action since it's inception other than a few of you. However, for those that do actually look in, there is some "work" that needs to be done.

You can see all of the "current" descriptions on the Arcona website. However, that is only the basic overview of each planet. What we need now is more specific places (cities, towns, major facilities, etc..). Quejo is working on the Galeres HQ and the Sith HQ is done. I'm going to look around for the Arcona HQ description and see what I can gather before working on that.

However, some of our planets are populated by certain races. Even the races themselves have no "real" description, other than a few lines. As such, I am asking for volunteers to work on a few of these create "places" in the Dajorra system...making it a real and living place. Anyone who's interested, just respond. If you have your own ideas on what to work on, post them as well. We'll discuss and get things rolling


29-05-2006 14:47:42

I can work on some native buildings, such as temples, villages, cities. Blah blah.


29-05-2006 14:53:43

Since you're working on the Galeres HQ...perhaps also fully explain the mining facility and also surrounding village/town/city...not sure how big you want to make it, but some sort of "civillized" area close to the mining facility.

Ylith Pandemonium

29-05-2006 19:02:49

I can do HOO HQ, and get some towns and villages down in the area of the base.


29-05-2006 19:14:07

Well...HOO HQ is done, unless you wanted to expand on what's there...but a close-by places would be good.