Galeres RP

Jeax Zirv

20-05-2006 13:29:17

***Boring Rules and etc crap.***

Okay, first of all, above all else, HAVE FUN. Don't drag us down lol

Now, like I said, this is just to have fun with, don't go all rar and stuff, and no bashing other clans/houses/people. Make fun of Galeres people if you absolutely have to lol, like that retarded Jeax kid, god I hate him...

This RP is just to have fun with. Walk around the Arcona/Galeres/SoulFire/Qel-Droma bases and stuff. You can hang out with people, talk, eat, drink, fight (Training only, no killing), you name it really.

Try not to use other people’s characters wrongly too. Unless you either know how they would act for about 90% certain, or if you have asked them how they would act, or something along those lines, please don’t use other’s characters until you have gotten a REALLY good feel for them and how they work.

Maybe if we're active enough and stuff, we'll get lucky and Quejo/Dash/CC/Ktulu will make a Comp involving this ^_^

Anywho, keep it IC as much as you can, let's have some fun!

***End of Boring crappy crap crap***

Jeax walked down the halls of the Arcona base, looking around for his Apprentice Kryd’r. He sensed around for him, then spotted his signature near the entrance.

~Probably back from challenging another Jedi…~ Thought the Priest, smirking to himself.

Jeax knew his Apprentice had a drive for fighting, but to such an extent, the Krath worried the Guardian would kill himself before long.

~Kryd’r, want to go grab something to eat? ~ Thought-Spoke the Equite.

~Sure. ~

Jeax made his way towards the cafeteria, watching several members walking down the hall talking to one another, planning ACC battles, test flights, and assorted other activities. He was glad that Arcona was becoming so active, and that activity would only increase as the Fued fueled the fires about to erupt as the Great Jedi War approached.

As he entered, he spotted the Obelisk already sat down with a drink and a sandwich. Grabbing himself a meal and drink, the warrior made his way towards the table and sat down across from the journeyman.

“So what’s up?” Asked Jeax, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

“Nothing really, I checked out the battle specs for the next round of the Arcona Ladder.” Replied the blind warrior.

“Yeah, sounds like it’s going to be fun, eh?” Smirked the Priest

“Yeah, definitely going to test my abilities, especially since its against Ktulu.”

“Well, good luck with that.”

“Thanks, same to you.”


Jeax glanced around the room, his mind still a little nervous about looking his Apprentice in the “eyes”, since he knew that not only was he blind, but the cloth he wore made it hard to focus.

“Still working on the team battle?” Asked Kryd’r

“Heck yeah.” Smiled the Equite “I’m trying to make this a memorable battle. Maybe we’ll get lucky and be Archived?”

“Who knows? We definitely have a lot of skill split between two teams.”

“Yeah…Still think it’s funny how we somehow managed to get the remaining 8 Arcona Ladder warriors.”

“Still think you planned that.”

“I wish. Who knows, maybe it was fate.”

Kryd’r shrugged. “Well, nonetheless its going to be fun. You still trying to get Halc to judge?”

“Yeah, hopefully we’ll get lucky again.”

“Well, I’m finished, and looks like you are too. Feel like training?” Asked the Guardian as he stood up.

“You’re going to get yourself killed you know? And yeah, let’s go.”

“You’re the same way, you just have the excuse of doing too much.”

“Shush, now let’s go.”

The two stood up and through what little they had to away, then quickly exited the cafeteria, walking towards a training facility.


22-05-2006 21:54:44

"Ya know, Jeax. I am not gonna kill myself. I am a skilled warrior. I mean, seriously, I am great." Kryd'r said, maybe a little cocky. He may be kinda full of himself, but had skill with fighting, and lived for it. Fighting was his specialty. He looked at Jeax.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, apprentice."

"I will beat you in battle one day, and become the master, ya know." Kryd'r said, in responce to his Master's statement. Jeax just smiled his 'yeah right' smile, and they kept walking. They reached the training facility, but found it to be quite crowded.

"I have a better idea." Jeax said, but Kryd'r cut him off.

"Soulfire Hangar." The Miralukan said. Jeax smirked. Being Master and Apprentice, these two had started to think alike. This helped them tremendously in battle, and served to freak out quite a few other members of the Dark Brotherhood.

Once in the hangar, the two Arconan's went into fighting stances. Kryd'r had his patent Klarin Chi gauntlet, the veins pulsing blue, while Jeax opted for his Kusari-gama. They did a quick little mock fight, and then decided to figure things out.

"So, still going for the whole 'Daleem' fighting ring idea-thingy?" Kryd'r asked Jeax, referring to the upcoming 4 Vs. 4 match.

"Yep, you bet." Jeax stated plainly. "But............we have an advantage. We are making it."

"yeah, I know. Cause we rule." Kryd'r said, standing up and striking a 'victory' pose. Kryd'r was a natural born joker.

Jeax whispered something.

"I heard that. Remember, super senses. No eyes." Kryd'r said in a 'duh' voice. Kryd'r could hear the breathing and footsteps of someone very familiar to both of the Soulfirians.

"Hey..." She started.

"Hey Selene, what's up?" Kryd'r cut her off.

"You always do that, and know it's me. How?"

"Cause I hear you, your distinct footsteps, and your defined scent." Kryd'r said, turning and smiling.

" are you two? What are you up too?" Selene asked the two warriors.

Ark Dowell

24-05-2006 10:13:03

Wind blew through the courtyard of the Galerian's base as Ark rose from his meditative position. He had been meditating for the past 4 hours. And, truth be told, meditation was all that he did lately. His blasters were in his room, collecting dust. Ark, whose mind was deeper into the Force than ever, breathed a sigh.

"The Force serves me and not the other way," Ark muttered. He put up a hand and instantly, a dozen rocks the size of a wampa's teeth were lifted off of the cemented ground and began circling the scholar [TE]. Pleased with his mastery of the Force, Ark made his way towards the kitchen.

"I think the fastest route would be through the sidedoor in the Hangar," thought Ark.

As he entered the hangar, he percieved three figures underneath the platform he was standing on. He nearly jumped when he sensed one of the beings below- Kyrd'r. Though he had never met him, he could feel something familiar about him- he had an Alpheridian feel about him.

'Well, I'll be,' Ark thought. 'I won't be the only Miraluka around Galeres.'


24-05-2006 19:08:38

Koskian cursed, his fist slamming down on his alarm clock as it went off for the fifteenth time of the day, almost four in the afternoon. Sitting up, he groggily rubbed his bloodshot eyes, rolling out of bed to clamp his hands over his ears. The cacophony of falling cans that were sitting on the edge of his bed was mind numbing to his hungover brain.

"Oh....gods....what the hell happened last night...."

Shaking his head, the Exarch walked to the refresher, cleaning himself up and drinking a beer for breakfast, the cottonmouth going away at the taste of sweet, sweet alcohol. Pulling on some pants and a loose shirt, Kosk hung his lightsaber from his belt and walked out the door. Hungover and pissed off, Koskian's head hurt, muttering about taking it easier next time, he headed towards the medical station for some aspirin.

Rounding a corner, another Jedi ran right into him, falling to the ground after hitting the human wall that was Koskian. Glaring through blurry vision, he thought it might be the Krath Nadrin Jubolt. Reaching down, Kosk grasped the Guardian's robes and lifted him up, slamming him against the wall.

"Watch where your going, little Krathling." he growled.


25-05-2006 05:38:14

“You can smell me? What the hell Kryd’r!” Selene laughed as she finally realized how her friend had always been able to greet her before she had done so.

“What are you two up to..? Oh, wait, never mind. I'm sure that whatever it is, I really, really don't want to know." The Hunter grinned at the two men in front of her, knowing that the innocent looks they were trying to maintain were anything but.

“You two done with this yet, cause I could do with some practice runs?”

“Nah, we ain’t done yet Sel, you can join in, just don’t get killed.” Jeax smiled impishly, “You know we don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Yes Jeax, whatever Jeax.” Selene stuck her tongue out at her fellow Krath, she could afford such childishness around here, especially when Jeax and Kryd’r were the only ones to see it.

Unaware of the person watching them, the three friends spend some time training together, testing new styles and ideas against each other. Getting a feel for what they are capable off.

“Jeax, when I get hold of you!!” Selene yelled an empty threat at the Priest, while struggling to get up. He had somehow managed to move in behind her, his legs kicking her feet straight out from under her. The trio collapsed in laughter as Selene made a lunge at Jeax and managed to collapse herself on top of him, her steel-tipped boots getting tangled in her robes.

“Right, so today will be one of those days it seems.” Mumbling to herself about the unfairness of life, the girl got up trying to be graceful about it, to save herself some further embarrassment.

Selene and Jeax stared in confusion at Kryd’r as he spoke to no-one in particular, his usual clam, emotionless voice dripping with sarcasm at the new, as yet un-identified arrival.

“Come down from there Miraluka and introduce yourself, no need to hide…”

Ark Dowell

26-05-2006 16:51:13

"Ermm... no one's up here!" Ark spoke in surprised shock. Then, he realized how stupid he had just sounded. He had forgotten that Kryd'r who also happened to be Miraluka, could sense Ark as easily as he did. Then, he grabbed the railings with both hands and jumped off.

Fortunately, the fall was a short one, for a longer one would've crippled the frail one. Ark landed on both feet and lifted his head up at Kryd'r.

"Well met, Galerians." He rose to his feet and he felt the Dark Jedis' presence in the Force.

For a moment, Kryd'r and Ark stared each other down in the Force; they could see almost a whirlpool of emotions emanating from the other. This projection in the Force seemed so life like that it would have been impossible for Jeax and Selene not to see what the pair could.

"So, what's up with y'all?" Ark spoke after a long silence.

Jeax grinned. "Not a whole lot. We're friends who had just had a practice battle." He noted a twitch in the corner of Ark's mouth. "What's the matter? Don't like to fight?"

"If I can avoid it," spoke Ark.

"Is that why you were hiding up there?" the other Miraluka joked.

Ark reeled from shock at this suggestion. "Hide? Me? Pffft, I was just momentarily stunned to see another Alpheridian here..."

"I've been here for quite a whiles," objected Kryd'r.

"Well, it's odd that I've not sensed you around, then. But then again, I rarely talk to others..."


29-05-2006 22:53:38

"Yeah, well.....maybe you should." Kryd'r said, looking the Miraluka up and down. "Pin number please." Kryd'r asked nicely. He would input his data into the scanner he had.

"5708." Ark said. Kryd'r input the data into his scanner.

"Jedi Hunter Ark Dowell. Krath. Tyro of Qel-Droma. ACC learner: CL3" Kryd'r read the base information. "Well met Ark." Kryd'r bowed to Ark, and acted as though they have been friends for a while.

"So, how have you been?" Jeax asked Ark.

"Well. A lot of meditation. You three?"

"Good, a lot of fighting." Kryd'r answered.

~Typical, a Krath who does nothing but meditate, while we Obelisk run the combat spectrum of the Brotherhood.~ Kryd'r thought to himself.

"Good, been doing a lot of stuff lately." Jeax answered back.

"Pretty good." Selene answered.

Out of the four there, Kryd'r was the only Obelisk. It seemed most his friends were Krath. They suited him better, unless he got sadistic.

"Well, whadasay we all go take a break, and grab something to eat. I am hungry." Kryd'r said.

"Kryd'r. You just ate before this." Jeax remarked.

"So, what's your point? I worked up an appetite." Smartly responded Kryd'r. The four laughed.