KO again and longer


10-05-2006 14:27:54

Hi everybody

Well again i'll be offline for a while.. I've been offline for quite a while now, I'm very busy with work and school I hardly have time to check my regular email.

Anyways I'm guessing this situation will become easier in a few weeks, so anyways I just wanna let everybody now I'm still alive and breathing hehe and please don't kick me out of the BT or the DB, I'm not active but I'll be anytime soon.

Thanks everybody!

xx akhara xx

PS1: sorry master for not being able to accomplish the assignment. As soon as i get free time I'll get to work on it.

PS2: my java chat isn't working anymore, meaning I'll have to download the IRC chat, does anybody have the link? if so, would you mind sending it to me to my email so i can download it at home? my mail is dsdaria@hotmail.com thanks!!!!


10-05-2006 21:43:50


missing you like crazy between all these guys :P

Hurry back ya hear :)


Ylith Pandemonium

11-05-2006 00:52:49

hey there

hope to see you back soon!


take your time :)



11-05-2006 01:03:59

Hurry back Akhara!


13-05-2006 10:51:23

whatever happened to my other reply...

Anyhow I downloaded the IRC chat thingy, but I don't know how to connect :( I don't know the server, how to type in the window to connect, I don't know the commands, etc.. please help :(


13-05-2006 11:35:00


The above link should prove useful for helping connect using a program called mIRC (www.mirc.com). Not sure if that was the program you had downloaded or not, but it's the one widely used by a lot of people (including myself)

Hope that helps


14-05-2006 09:26:30

Still doesn't work :( this is the message I get

Connect retry #47 zagreb.hr.eu.undernet.org (9999)
-zagreb.hr.eu.undernet.org- [ Blocked by Zone Labs Security ]
-zagreb.hr.eu.undernet.org- [ Blocked by Zone Labs Security ]
* Identd request from
* Identd replied: 1312, 9999 : USERID : UNIX : Akhara
* Disconnected

Apparently I'm being blocked or something... help! :(!!!! :'(


14-05-2006 13:21:30

yeah you haveto allow IRC access through the firewall.....

just go into Zone Alarm and under "Programs" scroll down till you see the mIRC icon.....and make sure to allow all access to the net.