Dajorra's New Home


21-04-2006 14:54:10

Hello everyone. Today the Clans have received word that Antei, the Dark Brotherhood's "home" is actually going to change where they are located in the Galaxy in general. The had originally wanted to be located in the "Old Sith Empire" but decided to play it safe and stay in the Unknown Regions. However, they will now go to where they had always wanted to be, the Old Sith Empire.

As such, all of the Clans have been given the choice to move their own systems to anywhere else within the Galaxy. Antei and the other Clans were all located in the same general region of space, except for Tarentum. However, we can now go anywhere we want...within reason.

Here is a link to the Galaxy map we're using, that details the old Antei location and the new one: http://home.cogeco.ca/~halcyon/dominionmap.gif

Khobai actually came up with a reall good place for Dajorra (we keep all of the planets the same, we're just located somewhere else, so the work we're doing stays the same :P). Basically, he said we should be located near the Maw, which is a region of densely packed Black Holes. This is in keeping with our "Shadow" abilities, since the visuals are very similar. You can located the Maw in the bottom-right corner of the map, near Hutt Space

This location is also good since we're basically right next to the very "underworld" of the Star Wars universe, with both the Hutts and Kessel near us. This is perfect for what Galeres is currently developing. I'm thinking of placing the Dajorra System just slightly North of the Maw/Kessel. We can also use the Maw itself for our purposes, since as Dark Jedi, we can navigate the black holes and find the "clear" space in the middle of it all. Anyone who's read the novels will know about this.

I'm also thinking about incorporating all this in with some other ideas such as the "ancient civilization" we currently have on our planet. Maybe they're the ones who created the Maw through a large war and were wiped out? Lots of possibilities.

So, comments? Suggestions? Other ideas?


01-05-2006 11:27:01

Very complicated, this decision is. Drink about it I shall.

Agree with this, I do, on one condition. Slightly altered the Order of Battle must be. Normal pilots we have, to fly in between the black holes. Pilots with a very small sensitivity to the Force, we need.


01-05-2006 11:41:20

Agreed, Denyoda :P

Technically, this is now "official"...and I'll work on tweaking a few things after the Feud and before the GJW, to bring things into line.