Xyler Family History


21-04-2006 12:34:30

Krath Priest Ktulu Mizheray Xyler, 27th Count of Gothengromer, Son of Qel Droma.

Journal Entry: #247

At the behest of my brother Quejo, who is also my Quaestor, I am attempting to create a written history of our family. A task made difficult as the family history was passed on orally and was never written in a journal, whether it be electronic or a piece of flimsi-plast. What makes this difficult task all the more difficult was that my father, the 26th Count of Gothengromer had never passed much if any of the family history on to me. I was not accustomed to the history of our great family, nor did I have a fancy for it. At the time that I had become Xyler, it was during a critical time of both Arcturusí life and myself.

It was during the Exodus when my father adopted me. The Brotherhood as a whole had departed Emperorís Hammer Directorate Territory and left for what we now call home in the Antei System. I had lost an arm in during the Exodus, but had gained a family. Arc had taught me the ways of the family and what it meant to be a Xyler.

When I was asked for this information, I had no clue where I should start. Curiously enough, most of the information I was able to get a hold of was within a fingertips reach for me. I had not even left Arcona space and I found it. Stored within the databanks of the Antei Combat Centre was information about the family and some of the possessions that I as a Xyler was able to lay claim to.

Below I shall make Xyler history and be one of if not the first to pass on the history of our family by means of a hard copy.

The Xyler dynasty was created on the planet of Mantessa. A planet that is located in the far reach of the Outer Rim. Situated distantly from any major or minor hyperspace route, Mantessa was an isolated planet in a system of four planets by the same name. Seemingly untouched by humanity or any other species, Mantessa was a well of life and unabated vegetation.

Millennia ago, Avarus Montacue Xyler, a mercenary with Cyris Oscura's Black Brigade thousands of years ago had come upon the planet and had named it in memory of his deceased wife. At the time known only as Avarus Montacue by those in the Black Brigade. Only after finding the place and forsaking his past did Avarus create the Xyler family. Having taken with him a sizable portion of the Black Brigade, Avarus had the man power to create his own haven, one where his new family, the Xylerís would be able to flourish and live without fear of retribution from anyone.

With the aid of the Black Brigade troops, Avarus had enslaved an armyís worth of sentients from neighbouring systems and began work on the fortress he would later name Gothengromer. After nearly a standard years worth of work and nearly a thousand deaths incurred by the slaves, Castle Gothengromer was completed. Erected literally within the face of cliffs, Castle Gothengromer was an imposing sight. With the backing of the Cliffside in which it was built and the surrounding jungle on all sides of the castle, Gothengromer was a fortress built to withstand almost anything, even time as to this day it still remains an imposing structure with updated equipment.

Avarus declared himself, Count of Gothengromer, Patriarch of the Xyler family. A title that has been passed on through the generations, a title that which still carries respect in some parts of the galaxy.

Little else is known of the first Count of Gothengromer and even less is known of the Counts that succeeded Avarus. What is known is that Morkan Creon Xyler; the 11th Count of Gothengromer was the more sadistic and brutal of Counts to rule the family. Morkan however could not be considered a Count that was deprived of devotion towards protecting the family. Such was his devotion that it had turned into an obsession. Strongly feeling the need to protect not only the family but the family assets as well, Morkan had created a special throne room for himself that suited his needs.

It was rumoured that he had depleted nearly half of the Familyís credits to create his grand throne room. Nearly the size of a hall, it included everything from communications equipment to and armoury and even the means to create imaginative interrogations. A top-notch torture chamber if you will. The only thing that the throne room seemed to lack was decoration. Bared down to only the stones that made the wall, the only apparatuses that adorned the wall were hanging chains among other torture devices.

In a corner of the hall, the makings of a lab could be found in which the Count was able to conduct experiments of a vile nature. Again little else is known of the 11th Count. Only that his, was a legacy that could not be matched, even it seems by a Sith Lord gone mad.

Sith Lord Sharkelli Fangoru Xyler was a Count of Gothengromer though which one he was is unknown. Like Morkan Creon Xyler, Sharkelli was a sadistic man and can only be unique apart from Morkan in that he had lost his mind. While Morkan was a Count of cruel and cunning thought, Sharkelli was a man of no thought at all.

Rumours have abounded that Sharkelli was one of the earlier Counts, having ruled the family before Morkan was even a thought. This rumour would imply that Morkan had wanted to live up to the image of Sharkelli and would have seemed to take his sadistic ways a step farther.

Another rumour, states that Sharkelli ruled centuries after Morkan. This rumour would imply that it was Sharkelli who had tried to live up to the image of his predecessor and obviously failed. Obvious by the fact that Sharkelliís sole reminder of his legacy is a shrine located within the northern part of Isuípang Jungle near Castle Gothengromer. Sharkelli also has the distinction of wanting to protect his family and had placed a dark side curse upon the living Isuípang jungle. Having already served the purpose of a natural line of defence, Isuípang Jungle became a living nightmare, deterring all those who were not family from entering the grounds of Castle Gothengromer.

The rumours of Sharkelliís time of existence are mundane, as it no longer matters in which time period of the familyís history the crazed Sith Lord had lived. The only significance of this information is that, a force adept in its history had indeed ruled the Xyler family.

Virtually nothing is known of the Xyler Dynasty after the 11th count, or if you may the demented Sith Lord Sharkelli. It seems as though the family virtually disappeared from existence and had thrived within the shadows of the universe. Much of the family history that can be gleaned is from the 26th and 27th Counts of Gothengromer. The two most recent Counts to have ruled the family and both, followers of the Dark Side of the Force who also have history within the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi, an organization that is led by the Grand Master Jac Cotelin. Both Counts also have resided within the clan Arcona which is now located in the Dajorra system within Brotherhood space.

The 26th Count of Gothengromer was none other then Arcturus Gadeskin Xyler. A Sith Battle Master within the ranks of Dark Jedi, Arcturus was a giant of a person who had blood of both human and an alien species running through his veins. Arcturus had not spent all his time within the Brotherhood within the halls of Clan Arcona. At one time he resided within the halls of Clan Scholae Palatinae. Where he had met his adopted son Ktulu Mizheray. Both had spent their journeyman years within the halls of Clan Scholae Palatinae in the house of Acclivis Draco.

Just as Arcturus finally adjusted to controlling the reigns of the Xyler Dynasty, destiny brought her foot down and tore apart his world. The Brotherhood had erupted into civil war and had split into two. A large part of the Brotherhood had grown irritated by the ministrations of the Executive Officer and the Fleet Commander of the Emperorís Hammer Directorate and had requested sovereignty from the Directorate.

Feeling threatened by the sudden loss of power, Executive Officer Ronin had declared the discordant members of the Brotherhood enemies of the state. By doing so Ronin had declared a self-fulfilling prophecy. Enraged by his actions the Brotherhood had erupted into civil war. The Brotherhood had split in two, a small faction who had supported the Fleet Commander and those who were appalled by the actions of the Directorate as a whole.

Arcturus was a lone nerf in the midst of a herd stampede. In direction he could have followed his loyalty and stayed within Clan Scholae Palatinae. In the other, his friends that he had held closest to him as possible a Dark Jedi could. In the end his selfishness had got the better of him and he followed the group known as ďThe SevenĒ a small group of Dark Jedi who had wanted sovereignty for the Brotherhood. In his wake, a lowly Jedi Hunter, an orphan by the name of Ktulu Mizheray, followed Arcturus. Together they made their way to Clan Arconan space and had met with and old time friend and former Quaestor Mejas Doto.

It was during the Exodus that Arcturus had adopted Ktulu and taught him of the ways of the Dynasty. Arcturus had taught Ktulu how to hold his own within the battlefield that was known as the Universe. Together the two engrossed themselves in the growth of the family and the growth of their ability to control the force.

After over a year of celebrating Sovereignty from the EH Directorate, Arcturus and Ktulu found themselves in another battle, one that meant their very own survival. Within the Clans of Arcona, after taking a leadership position within a house of Arcona, Arcturus found himself at ends with the Consul of Clan Arcona, Vassan Rokir. What should have been a simple disagreement between comrades had erupted in a feudal war between families.

The feud had devastated both families. The Xylerís had been decimated. Leaving only Arcturus and Ktulu as the lone survivors of the Family. During a relative peaceful time during the feud, the Consul and Patriarch of the Rokir Family, Vassan, targeted Arcturus for assassination.

Narrowly escaping the ordeal with his life, Arcturus left Brotherhood space and had contacted Ktulu informing him that he was now Count of Gothengromer, the 27th and latest in a line of counts that ruled over the Dynasty ensuring its survival through the ages.

Ktulu Mizheray Xyler, 27th Count of Gothengromer saw a predicament. He was the latest to rule over the Dynasty and had no family to lead. Although within the feud against the Rokirs, both families were wrought with devastation, the Rokirs had the upper hand. The lone member of a dying Dynasty, Ktulu faced the only three remaining members of the Rokir family. They were also the most powerful of the family as well. They were all adept in the ways of the force and the Patriarch was considered the weakest of the three as he only had the rank of Epics which considered him an Equate, rather then an Elder like the last remaining members of his family.

Considering his options Ktulu had arranged a meeting with the Rokir family and had called a truce, stating that the feud had been between both Vassan and Arcturus. Not the families as a whole. It was a ploy that had most likely saved the young Priests life.

After conducting the meeting, the 27th Count had gone into seclusion and had maintained an out of sight status. Faced with being the lone member of his family Ktulu bade his time and watched as his foes dwindled down so that only the Adept Halcyon remained before resurfacing in the halls of Arcona.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Ktulu has once more begun his mission of reviving the Xyler Dynasty, adopting the Galerian Quaestor Quejo Bandon into the family giving him the status of brother. Together they are working on building a strong family and watching the toes of their potential enemies, ever cautious that they do not start another feud until that they have gained the strength to survive.

The Xyler Dynasty has no direct bloodline, as members of the family tend to adopt. Since the days of Avarus, the Xyler family have preferred to adopt their heirs and choose the adopted sons and daughters to their own flesh and blood to rule over the family. This tradition has ensured that there is never a danger to the future of the family as the adopted brethren have the best interests of the family at heart. It is also a fail safe against bloodlines becoming jealous of each other and driving the Dynasty to a downfall through means of a feud amongst each other.

As there is no direct bloodline to be traced, the importance of passing on the family history through oral means was deemed of most importance. The ideology behind this trait being that the importance of family was impressed upon every member of the Xyler Dynasty. Thus it was deemed that the next Count was chosen on a basis of who had the familiesí best interests and security in mind to rule the family.

End Journal Entry.