Temple of Oriens Obscurum


16-04-2006 20:07:34

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With the great Exodus from Emperor’s Hammer’s space, a new home needed to be found. Arcona settled in the Dajorra System and deciding on the planet of Selen as it’s permanent base. House Oriens Obscurum originally choose the moon of Selen, Boral, as it’s home and built their own Temple, reminiscent of the sprawling Arcona headquarters.

The Temple, in reality a great space-faring vessel that appeared to be a pyramid of ages long past, much like that of the one on Selen. While not nearly as large or powerful as the home of Arcona, it is still a fantastic piece of modern mechanics.

For its home, a large section of barren rock was blasted away from Boral, allowing the Temple to settle in. The “hole” was large enough and deep enough for the entire first level of the Temple to be hidden from view.

In recent times, all three Houses of Arcona had been re-located to the planet of Eldar. With their mobile home, Oriens Obscurum moved the entire Temple to the planet, once again carving away a chunk of land in which to settle their base in, hiding the first level once again.

Level 1: Engine Room

The entire first level of the Temple is buried beneath the ground on Eldar. Four massive engines provide lift for the Temple should it ever need to escape from the planet itself. The power core is also located directly in the middle of the engine room, just below the control area.

There are also four heavy turbolasers at each “corner” of the first level. Hidden behind panels to make it seem a part of the Temple itself, they can be used to help the Temple escape, as well as defend itself while in space.

Ground Level 1: Habitat

The ground level of the temple provides the barracks for the crew and Dark Jedi within. When one walks into the temple they immediately encounter a monument to the Lord Firefox, the first Quaestor of Oriens Obscurum as well as the leader of the great Exodus.

If one were to take a left from the statue, they would come to another hallway. To the left are two suites reserved as Summit offices and quarters. A small waiting room is kept to allow a guest to sit down and relax. The right-most hallway leads to the trophy room. The trophy room contains every valuable artefact and award that Oriens Obscurum has been awarded or have gained from the spoils of war. Further down the hallway leads to the communications section.

If one decides to take a right from the main concourse, they would walk straight into the barracks of pilots, soldiers and crewmen of the temple. A simple right turn from the barracks leads to the mess hall and kitchen while a left turn leads to the sick bay. The sick bay has a full medical staff and modern equipment. Going further leads to the Temple's armoury, stocked with weapons of all classifications from across the known galaxy. From the armoury one can return to the main hallway where the meditation chambers and House archives are kept. Turbolifts are kept directly in the center to access the rest of the temple.

Although not a part of the Temple itself, an small, enclosed hanger has been erected for any landspeeders or ground vehicles that are used by the Temple, or from visitors. A simple connecting walkway leads to the front entrance from the right-side.

Level Two: Hangar

On the second level one steps off the turbolifts only to be surrounded by a dimly lit cavern. Their ears would be bombarded by the sound of metal on metal and droids skittering about. To the relative 'north' of the turbolifts, machinists work in their shops fixing starfighter parts and droids. Soldiers can bring their weapons to idle machinists and have the machinist work on their weapons as well.

To the left and right of the turbolifts, stairs lead to the hanger catwalks allowing pilots to enter their fighters. The hanger is split into two areas. The first houses a squadron of fighters for use by Oriens Obscurum. The second half of the hanger is for any support vessels as well as craft used to bring in visitors, guests and members of the Clan. Giant magcon fields hold the atmosphere in. To the side of each hanger is a loading bay where supplies can be loaded onto shuttles and serious repairs of starfighters can be made.

Level Three: Training and Recreation

The third level of the temple holds the recreational and training facilities. To the left of the turbolifts resides the weight room and sparring area. These areas are of the highest quality, and are regularly evaluated for any possible improvements. The left side of the exercise room contains full array of weight and exercise machines. To the right a small hot tub is kept for a break in workouts. Sparring mats are kept on the far wall. Training weapons and some pads are kept close by, as is a constant first aid medic for when trainees get a little rough.

Across the hall from the exercise room is the bar where drinks of many kinds are made. The bartenders are trained in exotic mixes to suit anything a Dark Jedi may need. A complete database of drinks from across the galaxy is kept in data terminals behind the bar. Also more tasty meals than the mess hall food are provided at reasonable prices. Droid servers scurry across the ground and bring food and drink to people at tables. Along the far wall is a small performance stage, which can either project holo-bands, or even live entertainment, should it be available.

To the right of the turbolifts is a small, yet fully outfitted simulator suite, containing a handful of flight simulators for use by pilots, crewmembers and by people who just wish to try them out. The simulators can recreate the cockpit of any single person starfighter whose schematics have been loaded into the simulator database. There are two "administrative" simulators resting separate from the rest. These can be used by instructors to command simulated capital ships, or other large craft. In the alternative, they can also be used to train in the operation of said larger craft. A computer in the corner and a large viewscreen allow trainers to program battles scenarios, and can also give pilots a chance to review their performance after a session.

Level 4: ComCon/Bridge

The fourth level of the temple is strictly off limits to anyone but bridge crew and House leaders. Anyone else would be killed on sight. Two guards stand by the turbolifts at all times ready to attack any unauthorized personnel.

When walking into the bridge one could easily become disoriented. The walls are made of strengthened durasteel and transparasteel allowing one to look out at all angles. Also, the level is cut in half. A ladder is used to get to the second portion of the bridge where the pilots and navigators are kept should the Temple be used for flight. The gravity in the area changes due to how the temple flies.

Crew pits are very similar to a Star Destroyer's. Five crewmembers are kept in each pit with a gangplank separating the two. Next to the crew pits is another turbolaser battery. At the end of the gangplank is the only holonet transceiver sitting next to the captain's chair.

Since the bridge is filled only when the Temple is in flight, an extremely rare occurrence, the entire space is then used as both a War Room and strategic planning room. The leaders of the House meet here regularly to discuss the future direction of Oriens Obscurum. Although sparse in furnishings, a wide-range of information is readily available.

Offensively, the Temple itself has few while on the ground. Although there are Five hidden turbolasers, four of them are located underground and can only be used should the Temple have to move it’s positions. The fifth is located at the very top point of the Temple.

However, hidden around the perimeter of the Temple are four more turbolaser, one at each “point”. In between each of the turbolasers are two quad-lasers for anti-starfighter protection or to be used against ground forces.

Defensively, the Temple is well protected. Its shield generators, located near the power-core, are rated at Dreadnaught-strength. It’s hull is also two-fold: the entire outer shell is made of heavy stone, while underneath lies a layer of Imperial grade starship armour that’s nearly 4 meters thick.

Temple Statistics

Primary Purpose: House Oriens Obscurum Headquarters and Base
Class: Arconan unique temple
Manufacturer: Arconan Driveyards
Length: 350 meters
Width: 350 metres
Height: 100 metres
Crew: 600
Troop Capacity: 50
Sublight Speed: 14 MGLT
Atmospheric speed: 800 KPH
Hyperdrive: Class 2
Backup hyperdrive: Class 4
Shield rating: 2,560 SBD
Hull rating: 1,219 RU
Cargo capacity: 2,000 metric tons
Fighter capacity: 1 squadron
Support craft: 2 Lambda class shuttles
Weapons: 5 turbolaser batteries